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mordo 2003-11-08 18:08

Question about oriental mythology
Anyone noticed that Kyubi is represented as a nine-tailed fox demon as for Kyubimon in digimon and as for the pokemon Nine-tail, so I'm wondering if there's a fox demon in oriental mythology?

Also, is there a female character in the same mythology named Sakura that can do some sort of magic as for Sakura in Cardcaptor and Sakura in Blueseed or does the name Sakura is just a popular name in Japan?

Tboz 2003-11-08 18:31

Correct, the nine tail fox is a mythical creature in Japanese and Chinese culture. I don't have the full details, you my want to goggle it for more of that. :p

For Sakura, I am not sure whether it has anything to do with mythology, but it means cherry blossom and its quite a common japanese name.

Vicious 2003-11-08 21:53

In Japanese mithology, there are 9 Great Demons. Kyuubi is one of them, and it's said to be the strongest of the 9. We may know yet the rest of the Great 9 in Naruto... I like the idea that the Akatsuki leader may have one of them sealed within him.

As far as I know, Sakura is cherry blossom in Japanese. Used for cute girls most of the time, just that.

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