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Hayamaneko 2007-09-01 22:58

Can't change language settings
So I've been trying to install Tsukihime onto the ol' computer but I can't seem to change the regional settings to Japanese. I tried doing the " Control Panel → Regional and Language Settings → Advanced → Language for non-unicode programs → Japanese" thing as well as "Control Panel → Regional and Language Options → Languages → Supplemental Language Support → Install files for East Asian languages" but both times it said that my windows XP install disk didn't have the proper font file (vga932.fon, among others). Is their any way of getting around this so that I can change the language setting in order to play the game?

TakutoKun 2007-09-02 12:55

Check out this website - - and see if you have followed all of the steps. It may be a situation that something when awry during the installation of the languages.

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