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Tiberium Wolf 2007-09-02 06:08

Detext and other questions
1- Detext

Detext is to remove a text from a image.

From what I have researched:
If you have a photoshop file where you got a picture composed of several layers you can remove the text if the text is in a layer. Pretty simple.

If don't have a layer picture them you just erased the text make out the parts you delete with colors of area around. If there were lines behind then wish it weren't that much complicated design. Here if your skills sux then it will result in crap.

Is there other ways to remove text from a picture?

2- Renders. I have see some of the pictures that ppl called them renders. I still don't get it. What did they do with them?

3- Vectoring. Is vectoring taking a figure from picture discarting the background?

Sephi 2007-09-02 06:58

1. Detext.
I do it with clone stamp tool/smudge tool to detext stuff.. If needed i can also use some vectoring to restore outlines. But i rarely bother with it.. since it's quite a tedious thing to do..

2. Renders
for example this pic, This would be called a stock now. If i extract the girl and post it as a png(so removing the background). With a transparant bg so they can easily use it for a sig/wallpaper than its called a render.
This is the result, and called a render.

3. Vectoring
The point of vector is that you can enlarge it without quality lose. So vectoring something just means your gone make the picture in to a vector so you can use it for something big like a wallpaper. To do so you get the pen tool and start making achor points/shapes and stuff. Example of vectoring here

Tiberium Wolf 2007-09-02 07:16

Thx for clearing up.

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