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Sh1ka9on 2004-01-21 00:45

I need some advice
Well, right now i'm watchin' Naruto, FMA, PMK, and CC
but i'm a click away to begin DLing....

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue 1
Diamond Dust Drops 1

Since i search by the number of uploads, does anyone know what these are about? I have little idea from the little info given by animenfo and the fansub sites ._.

Anything really worth gettin' addicted to? Need something to pass time..

any help?

sopel 2004-01-21 12:49

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue 1 - about a girl who is trying to get into some special marine organization but fails, even she did the best performance during the exam she doesnt understand y she failed and her friend passed. Now she is troubled with no money and a day left until her house is tooken away. After desperately searching for a job she found one at a hotel, on the "other" side of town. After being accepted for the jobwhile walking home the show ends with her getting shot on purpose by some half naked chicks chasing a villain....2b continued...

Yumeria - About a boy who What an incredible new series this is gonna be. Combines Harem ERC with Mecha-Shoujo. A guy goes to bed the night before his 16th, and finds himself in the middle of a wasteland more desolate than Arizona. An odd spaceship approaches him, only to be attacked by a cute small girl in an outfit that's half swimsuit, half jetfighter parts. When he wakes up the next morning, that girl is next to him in his bed! It looks like soon, he, the small bishoujo(Mone), and some other kawaii bishoujo are gonna be fighting these things in the dream world while fighting over the guy in the real world. If that's not enough, they finally made a cute, NORMAL American girl as one of the cast. ~Seiryuu

Diamond Dust Drops 1 - Umm...No idea...

~~~Sopel :)

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