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xris 2007-09-15 16:24

Gurren-Lagann - Episode 25 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Gurren-Lagann, Episode 25.

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Malintex_Terek 2007-09-15 18:33

Will Futaba not ban anyone? American-Lad's on his rampage again. >_>

quina 2007-09-15 18:41

Kittan~ Yoko~~, death flag raising after seeing a certain screenshots


Malintex_Terek 2007-09-15 18:43





Shiroth 2007-09-15 18:49

Lets not jump into the fire yet, and wait until its finished. ;__;

Malintex_Terek 2007-09-15 18:54



What is with Gainax and these horrible costumes? Simon looks even worse than before. :heh:

Gene Yuss 2007-09-15 18:58

ZenithTheOne 2007-09-15 18:58

Every freaking time she does that :(

Midonin 2007-09-15 19:00


quina 2007-09-15 19:01


Malintex_Terek 2007-09-15 19:02

lol wut.


Super Galactic Gurren-Lagann looks FUDGEWIN. Simon...does not.

Mr. DJ 2007-09-15 19:05

Kirarakim 2007-09-15 19:07


quina 2007-09-15 19:09


Originally Posted by Malintex_Terek (Post 1148944)
lol wut.


Super Galactic Gurren-Lagann looks FUDGEWIN. Simon...does not.

shit... Gainax's end!??

Malintex_Terek 2007-09-15 19:12

I don't understand WHAT is going on. Just look at this screencap.

And this is just hideous.

Note: Someone added dotted lines to the screenshot directly above this sentence. Wasn't me.

Shiroth 2007-09-15 19:13


Originally Posted by Malintex_Terek (Post 1148956)
I don't understand WHAT is going on. Just look at this screencap.

And this is just hideous.

Seriously, i don't wanna state my opinion on this until i've seen the episode myself --- i think we should all be like that.

Until then: .....

Malintex_Terek 2007-09-15 19:16

Watching this turn of events unfold on /a/ is quite funny. The ultimate conclusion of the moment is LOL GAINAX, but still, this looks to be an awesome episode.

Except for Mr. Patrick Star. :heh:

Midonin 2007-09-15 19:17

I see why the dotted lines were added.

Spoiler for The glasses:

Archer 2007-09-15 19:17

Well, we'll still get our good mecha action next episode.

Malintex_Terek 2007-09-15 19:22

Maybe I jumped the gun calling Super Galactic Gurren-Lagann good looking. It's borderline FABULOUS. :|

Watching now.

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