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ClassicDrogn 2004-01-21 18:10

Airmaster 24 torrent link nehaving oddly
Obviously, it's working for some people, because there's 250+ clients going according to the tracker, but despite showing blahblahblah.torrent in the staus bat when I mouse over the link, it goes to the group's own tracker page, and then clicking it on that just refreshes the page. Dur hey?

- CD

NoSanninWa 2004-01-21 19:10

should be fixed now.

ClassicDrogn 2004-01-22 00:49


Originally Posted by NoSanninWa
should be fixed now.

Indeed it is! Thank you kindly. Airmaster is a series I didn't expect to like, but turned out to be really fun.

- CD

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