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Nightcougher 2004-01-21 19:29

sketch - from Heart Shaped Box
quick sketch i did after watching Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box music video

probly wont clean it up or ink it 'cause im extremely lazy

Deralti 2004-01-21 21:14 that kobain? or...uh...michael jordan with a goatee or... uh...

Edit: removed image, and.. i don't think this art is for an anime board ;).

Nightcougher 2004-01-22 18:17

if i hadn't mentioned Nirvana or Heart Shaped Box most people would think it was my own character... (give credit where it's due)

i won't argue :argue: whether or not it's anime but just say it's borderline, and it is fanart :fingers:

- as to who it is if you have seen the video you'd know it was jesus

Raxial 2004-01-22 19:21

while the forums does say "fan art" and it is an anime forum, I don't think it should matter a great deal if people want to show something they happened to draw other than anime. Doesn't mean his next picture won't be "true" fan art.

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