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Pellissier 2007-09-22 12:37

Zero no Tsukaima (second series) - Episode 12 [END] Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Zero no Tsukaima (second series), Episode 12 [END].

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MagicMango 2007-09-22 13:45

I think this episode's going to make the series feel even more rushed than the last season.

DeshoDesho 2007-09-22 14:57

they have much to do on 1 episode,i want to think they will make a third season

Darknemo2000 2007-09-22 15:33

I am 99% sure that there will be a third season (or at least is planned to), and 100% sure that the ending of season two will be rushed... Simply because two rather big events are put into single episode... It cannot be good...

As to put them both in they will have to cut down or completely ignore quite a lot of scenes which will make the final result look rather bloody.. Specially considering the "great" "talent" the current director of the series has in directing.

Phoenix14 2007-09-22 15:41

3rd season...I hope.

Nvis 2007-09-22 15:54


Originally Posted by Phoenix14 (Post 1160318)
3rd season...I hope.



mist2123 2007-09-22 17:36

Anybody wana bet? that they will only do 1-3 mins of saito fighting the Enemy.

I hope this ep was worth the wait.

BakaOnna 2007-09-22 19:18


Raykun 2007-09-22 23:52

Im still hoping for 3rd season

anti-random 2007-09-23 03:36


Originally Posted by BakaOnna (Post 1160535)

so true (know this thanks to sushi sama)

Shiroth 2007-09-23 07:47


Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 (Post 1160315)
I am 99% sure that there will be a third season

Oh, i remember just a few weeks ago --- that you were pretty certain a third season won't happen. :3


Originally Posted by BakaOnna (Post 1160535)


Either way, i can see this last episode being rather beautiful.

Darknemo2000 2007-09-23 08:23

Once again you havent read all of my words, Shiroth...

I never doubted that third season is PLANNED to be realeased, yet judging from quite negative response from japanese viewers, makes the third season doubtful.

The reason why third season may never come could be low income due to their screw ups with this season but not beause it is planned to end here...

For me its pretty obvious that they had plannned third season and I never doubted that.. If you dont believe me - go back to reread my post again. I am sure you will see what I had in mind - as I was doubting its possibilities due to failures but not due to planned ending....

Spoiler for Last ep guess:

Shiroth 2007-09-23 10:06

No i read everything you write, i always do. I just remember a "third series won't happen because of ratings" from you. Maybe i miss-read? Maybe, though i'm just going from what i remember --- no need to act like that. :3

I do apologie if you have taken what i said the wrong way.

I'm not bothered anyway, i'm just going to enjoy this episode, and hope for a third series.

iamthebest22 2007-09-23 11:04

Honestly, despite my want to have a 3rd season of this series, I don't think there will be one, unless..... In my honest opinion, if they want to have one, then they should might as well make this into a long series like Bleach or Naruto (okay maybe not that long but at least 50 episodes) because due to the nature of this show, there can be an unlimited number of plots and antagonists (enemies) but we'll see.

Darknemo2000 2007-09-23 11:28

Well, my main point (though maybe I am no clear enough myself) was that I am 99% sure that it is planned to have third season, yet considering how this whole season is pretty badly done with bad directing, you can't be sure despite the creators most obvious intentions...

Maybe they will be hit by unpopularity of this season and it wont be very profitable to continue.

Though if third season will be released (as it is planned to) I seriously hope that JCC staff will change the director of this series... He did too much damage to second season already.

iamthebest22 2007-09-23 11:35

I agree with you that it was a bit rushed, but I honestly don't think this series is bad at all, however there are some changes I would like to see:
- a little more detail in each event (that's what made me feel that they were rushed.) but not as detail as bleach which was just too agonizing.
- I want to know the characters better, in detail (no not their body! their personality and character! Lol)
but anyways, honestly, I really believe that they should make the 3rd season longer with more episodes, at least 24, because IMO, there's so much going on right now that I don't think 12 episodes would be enough to well explain them all.

Darknemo2000 2007-09-23 11:48

I allready guessed that it will be this way after I heard that it will be 12 episode and it will cover 4-5 volumes...

Lets say Kaze No Stigma covers 4 volumes of novels and is 24 episode long anime, and some still complained that it should be longer as the ending was still rushed.

And dont forget that second season had quite a few fillers and half season focus on sub-plot that was only a small part of a single volume...

Basically ZnT = Rushed due to its poor length and due to the amount of info it tries to cover...Now add there unwisely placed fillers and increased focus on sublot (which is what I call bad directing - each filler or sublot hurst really important scenes specially in such short series), and ZnT is filled with fillers...

Basically - make longer series if you add fillers or detailed focus on not important side-stories, or if you make it short - then avoid fillers like fire...

Second season added fillers and still kept the pathetic length of it... The result - while filler episodes dont look too bad (just plain and stupid, which is not necessary bad) but stuffing them into such short series hurts the original story-telling a lot...

Village Idiot 2007-09-23 11:50

Spoiler for Hiraga Saito: Proving that one can simply walk into Mordor:

Shiroth 2007-09-23 12:08


Originally Posted by Village Idiot (Post 1161629)
Spoiler for Hiraga Saito: Proving that one can simply walk into Mordor:

Spoiler for Ohmygod:

Phoenix14 2007-09-23 14:37

Just watched it...

I loved the ending!

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