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Skyfall 2007-09-23 10:26

Nanoha - StrikerS - Episode 26 Discussion / Poll [END]
Welcome to the discussion thread for Nanoha, Episode 26 [END].

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Estavali 2007-09-23 10:36

So the final episode is still on today?

Nemesis 2007-09-23 10:56

Finally,the climax to this pain and suffering!

Rava 2007-09-23 10:57

Don't know, but it can't hurt to put it up. That way if it isn't up, they can always lock it till it is.

Deathkillz 2007-09-23 11:00

Dirty rumor be dammed! I doubt we will get another nice boat incident unless someone wants to be at the end of another SLB :rolleyes:

krisslanza 2007-09-23 11:31

Nooo it can't end D:

aers 2007-09-23 11:39

Signum/Agito unison, Subaru using both knuckles (lol barely), and..stuff.


See you--oh hey it's over. CIAO!

princesa_Ameria 2007-09-23 11:40

Keroko 2007-09-23 11:42


Originally Posted by princesa_Ameria (Post 1161614)

Geh? Wel that looks er... interesting. Not to mention completely not like something Signum would wear. Go go Agito.

arkhangelsk 2007-09-23 11:44

Spoiler for Signum:

princesa_Ameria 2007-09-23 11:45

aers 2007-09-23 11:48

Nice Boat End

Keroko 2007-09-23 11:51


Originally Posted by arkhangelsk (Post 1161619)
Spoiler for Signum:

*taps chin* wasn't it stated on one of the DVD cards that the more copatible the users are, the more their apearance alters?

holybell84 2007-09-23 11:52

Signum kinda looks like Hayate... And why the hell she tied her hair again???

Nightengale 2007-09-23 11:53


ANYTHING with a last-minute plot relevance? Like whatever Acous learned? Cinque? Etc?

princesa_Ameria 2007-09-23 11:54

Spoiler for Fate/Nanoha & Vivio *-*:

holybell84 2007-09-23 11:56

wtf? did Fate went back to her loli size????

aers 2007-09-23 11:57


Originally Posted by Nightengale (Post 1161635)

ANYTHING with a last-minute plot relevance? Like whatever Acous learned? Cinque? Etc?

Everyone's alive. Except like Zest and Regius.

And by everyone I mean Lutecia's god damn mother too.

krisslanza 2007-09-23 11:57

That's hardly loli size. XD
And nuuu Signum should keep her hair down :<

Deathkillz 2007-09-23 12:00


Originally Posted by princesa_Ameria (Post 1161636)

NO. DIE. BURN. HELL! T_T dont ever touch fate chan!!!

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