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adachis 2004-01-23 12:46

Other good anime
I'm currently watching FMA, Naruto, and Chrno Crusade and I'm looking for something else, in addition to watch. Anyone have suggestions of what they think I may like?


chImp 2004-01-23 13:16

More details would be good \o/

adachis 2004-01-23 14:30

More info
I like really balanced comedy/drama series. I like the fantasy and action elements of a series but moreso I like the human interaction and character development. Of the three I mentioned above, I think Fullmetal Alchemist certainly wins out here. Some others I like are RahXephon, Vision of Escaflowne, NG Evangelion, and Trigun (there are others but I can't think of them right now). I also like Inuyasha but it's been kind of boring since episode 30, though I've still watched up to 136. Anyway, what I particularly like about FMA is how plotlines are constantly being introduced and updated in a more realistic manner, how something actually happens to progress the story or understand the characters further in every episode (no fillers yet, in my opinion, and it just keeps getting better). It's also not as grandiose as series like RahXephon and Evangelion. It's somewhat grounded and very personal. I love the relationship between Ed and Al. I would like to see more anime like this, and that's mainly what I'm looking for. I'm really impatient, too, so series that are complete are preferable, but I'm happy regardless if the show is great.


chImp 2004-01-23 14:38

If you liked RahXephon and NGE you would certainly like Serial Experiments Lain (requires about the same amount of thinking). For drama I'd suggest Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien and for comedy/drama/ecchi either Green Green or Mahoromatic.

adachis 2004-01-23 14:43

I do like Lain, forgot about it. I'll look into the other three.


Deralti 2004-01-23 17:09


Originally Posted by adachis
I like really balanced comedy/drama series. I also like Inuyasha but it's been kind of boring since episode 30, though I've still watched up to 136.

Bold # 1: Uh... KGNE?


adachis 2004-01-23 20:14


Originally Posted by Deralti
Bold # 1: Uh... KGNE?


1) Is KGNE Kimi ga Nozomu Eien? I put it in google and that's what I came up with.

2) My friend and I get together to's become a ritual. I'm trying to steer us in another direction, though. So far so good, but she keeps "missing" Kagome...ugh.

adachis 2004-01-23 20:16

Okay I feel like a moron. I just realized chImp suggested that...ah...good thing I'm finally eating.

polymath 2004-01-24 15:35

Try One Piece...
I was turned off by the art style at first, but within 2 episodes, I decided that this is one of my favorites of all time. I think what appeals to me most about One Piece is the optimism with which the characters view the world. There are nearly no filler episodes, despite being up to ep 180 or so... and the character development is superb.

Try it... give it a chance, you'll find character development, comedy, drama... and cool fighting. Very creative fighting in fact.

Mcdonalds 2004-01-24 16:17

Not sure if people would agree with me but i think Scrapped Princess fits into what you would like. Like FMA i found it very personal and that there is a lot of character development in it.

dom02 2004-01-24 18:58

Yea i agree with the scrapped princess suggestion. Definitly seems to fit in your description.

wsheit 2004-01-24 20:35

I third that recommendation for Scrapped Princess- it is my favorite series (tied with Naruto) and has some really great characters!

And, I have to slip it in here....I can't help it...a recommendation for anyone who likes a great story and is open to a new style of animation....Gilgamesh! :D

dom02 2004-01-24 20:49

yea gilgamesh does look pretty good.

7thMethuselah 2004-01-24 20:57

good story : KGNE - Scrapped Princess
good laughs : FMP- Fumoffu
surprisilngly good series : Stellvia ot Universe - Asagiri No Miko - E's Otherwise - Planetes

sperry 2004-01-25 00:05

I would also suggest Scrapped Princess and Stellvia of the Universe. Both excellent series.

Scrapped Princess has an amazing story, I fell in love with it and it's characters as well. Just really good, along with some nice fighting. ^^

Stellvia- You know, I'm not quite sure what it is that I like about Stellvia... it's just damn good. The story is just alright, but the characters, wow, are they fun to watch. The interaction between them is just amazing.

Fei-san 2004-02-04 18:53

Scrapped Princess is really good, though didnt like the 3 first episodes but after those. Good action and Shannon started to get my respect :p

MrMonkey 2004-02-05 13:09

I'm gonna say Scrapped Princess too, I wasn't expecting much when I started watching, but I really got into it. It's a great series.

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