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Thrasher187 2007-10-17 14:56

Cradle of Filth
So, is there anyone out there who likes Cradle of Filth?

I have the Cruelty and the Beast album and various songs I downloaded. My favorite songs by them are:

-Dance Macabre
-Cthulhu Dawn
-The Forest Whispers My Name
-Beneath the Howling Stars
-Twisted Nails of Faith

Pendevous 2007-10-27 11:49

Go Cradle. I like this extreme metal band a lot. ^_^ Great band. It reminds me of Lamb Of God for some odd reason.

Thrasher187 2007-10-27 21:02

Alright :D! I was starting to think that I was the only one here who liked Cradle for a while! What a relief!

Anyone else like this band?

Haru~ 2007-11-01 09:01

Don't forget the songs;
Nymphetamine Overdose
Gilded Cunt
Hallowed by Thy Name
Her Ghost in the fog
Swansong for the Raven

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