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WooHyuk2Be 2004-01-23 18:14

The deal with Weiss Kreuz TV, asshole
Considering its not on your LICENCED list you fuck off, Xris, you had no reason to tell me I was at fault for posting. You know, these forums are really run shitty. Sure uphold your rules, but when it becomes dictatorial, thatrs where it uscks.

So yo uknow, I am in the process of accessing and detroying these pathetic forums. They'll be down by the 25th. Youre a dsigrace to the anime community. And as a mod yourself Xris, should make sure that your "LICENCED LIST" was up to date. So, get a fucking life loser.

Tzurial 2004-01-23 18:29

It was licensed in 2001, Animesuki's licensed page is for recently licensed anime

At the top of the Licensed page it even states-

"This list is not designed to be a comprehensive list of all licensed anime. For a more complete overview of licensed anime see the Grand High Licensing List and Region 1 Reviews on AnimeOnDVD. However those sites are not always up-to-date. For that reason this list mentions titles which have been recently licensed. It also lists titles which we'd like to emphasize on being licensed."

method 2004-01-23 18:32

:hmm: pwned

anthonyxscotland 2004-01-23 18:39

So you want the licencing list to list EVERY anime thats licenced. Oh gees grow up. If you can get it on R1 dvd then its licenced.

So live with it and group up, you l33t haxor that you think you are (gees noobs are annoying)

NightWish 2004-01-23 18:56

Feel free to question our judgments and choices if you believe them to be wrong... However we ask that you:
  • Do so without the abusive comments
  • Keep feed-back in the right place -- the feed-back forum
  • Put some effort into getting your facts straight before ranting at us... it just wastes our time and makes you look silly if you don't.

Closed and moved to the right forum

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