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Zap 2004-01-24 01:13

Mizuiro and... the "other" Mizuiro
These are two episode OVAs, sharing a similar story and same characters. One is hentai. Anyone here watch these? Discussion? Seems to me the clean version has a more complete story (as complete as possible with only two episodes).

Thelastguardian 2004-01-24 01:23

I wish I could tell you this but I havent watch the anime yet...(not exactly, I skipped the hentai part when watching the OVA -_-;; )
btw there is a translation project for this game :)

Kensuke 2004-01-24 02:44

I haven't watched the hentai OAV, but I have seen that other non-hentai OAV (which is available at animesuki) and I absolutely love it. I recommend it to anyone who likes romantic series to watch it, just make sure that there are a couple of handkerchiefs nearby, just for sure. ;)
Animation is suberb and also music is perfect for the mood. This is based on bishoujo-game, but even level of fanservice is minimum.

boneyjellyfish 2004-01-24 23:38

Ugh. The hentai OVA was terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible!


On the plus side, it was slightly more faithful to the game than the OVA released in 2003, but it really, REALLY stunk in every other area. Don't even bother watching it unless you really need more Mizuiro.

rayearth 2004-01-25 20:44

While the first (H) OVA did stick to the game story more, it still completely neglated Mutsuki (some of you might remember her better as Shindo - her surname), Kyoka and Asami (the other 3 girls), like the 2nd OVA. Being an Asami fan, I was kinda pissed when I watched the 2nd OVA :P Ah well, still, it was a great OVA and at least Asami did get a fair bit in the last Drama CD afterwards...

silviachan 2004-01-25 21:10

I've seen the whole Mizuiro 2003 finding it very nice, and the first Mizuiro 2002 ova. Thought I'm a girl, I found the hentai one good, because it was talking about an unusual love, and the direction quite focused about Yuki's feeling, so the result was quite romantic thought the "hentai" nature. About this last thing, there's only one sex scene, and you can see very few, I think this is one of the less vulgar hentai anime I've ever seen!
I'd like to see eps. two, but it's really hard to find!! (BTW, if you have any torrent, could you please tell me the link as the ova should be unlicensed?)

otaku 2004-08-10 04:19

A very funny flash movie featuring a character from Mizuiro.

Yuun 2004-08-10 09:49

I only got the 2003 one where there's no H. But i really looking forward to get the H one, anyone know where i can download them?? I mean Mizuiro 2001 the one before the 2003 which all the H scene has been cut away.

Yamano667 2004-08-10 20:28

i have the hentai :D its all about sex incest and more sex real plot
like all hentai should be :)

Backdash Sama 2004-08-14 23:58

Loved this game after playing the partially translated Hiyori part from Really sweet story, event he sidestory from the fandisc was really nice...referred it to some friends and they actually compared it to KimiNozo, as another tear-jerker.

Wish it had more merchandise though. I Only have the CMS Mizuiro capsule figures...if anyone knows anymore merchandise and where to get it, do tell!

The translation project is still on hold...he e-mailed me once saying he really needs "serious" translators to continue, and more other words, ppl who can actually translate well and more people wanting more of this game...

Spread the word ^^;

martino 2006-05-28 07:39

I played the one scenario as well. The game was really nice. It's a pity that the project is on hold. I have the japanese game version and can't do anything about it. I haven't watched the OVA far...

So how is the game and the 2002(H) and 2003 OAV related?

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