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Skane 2007-10-27 22:33

An Avatar A Day?
It occured to me that it is a rare member that sticks to his initial avatar from the day he/she registered; or at least that is my impression. More often than not, most members get a makeover as soon as a new season of anime rolls in.

For some members... they can literally "whore" their avatar slot on a episodic basis, maybe even twice in one week even. It makes me wonder how many members have an attachment to their first avatar?

What does your avatar mean to you? A personification of yourself? A means of advertising?


Risaa 2007-10-27 23:05

I'm very attached the my avatars, but in recent years I've tried to change at least once a year. The first forum I ever registered and stayed active on, I kept the same avatar for four years. I decided to change it for the season the fifth year, and even then it was simply a modification of the original avatar (I drew pumpkins on Shia's white dress for Halloween) and then switched back when it was over.

I've been happy with the few comments I've recieved over my current avatar (my favorite being something along the lines of, "stop staring into my soul!"). I don't really want to change it, but Shugo Chara has been poking at my fangirly side in recent days... Ah, since Halloween is coming up, maybe I'll change to something a little creepy temporarily.

Kyuusai 2007-10-27 23:52

I choose my avatars because they share my observations in some way. In the case of all my avatars on this site, they usually do so by showing a scene or image that I took particular note of and enjoyed, and that I judged would be an attractive avatar and represent me well. In that vein, I only use avatars that I've captured myself, as using some one else's work when I'm capable of capturing/composing it myself doesn't feel like it's "mine".

Since they only share my feelings, rather than being something I identify with, I'm comfortable changing them with some frequency, so long as they have enough time being seen. I do occasionally get attached to an avatar that I worked hard on, or that just depicts something I enjoy (being a Miyuki fan, I almost felt bad replacing my last few, which featured her).

Since I've found that I enjoy making and changing avatars (although not too often, if I can resist), I try to not make anything "clever" or anything I feel too passionate about, because it goes beyond "sharing my observations" to "displaying how my mind works", which actually is a form of "representing me". At that point I would be attached to my avatar in a different way and I would have trouble changing with any frequency, always trying to judge if the avatar represented me better rather than just feeling that it's time.

Along those lines, while an attractive avatar makes it easy to recognize a poster, a particularly clever avatar can fuse a near permanenent association in my mind between the avatar and the poster. Skane, if you ever change your avatar, I may weep. Ascaloth still, in my mind, is represented by the Sola avatar that had his name in it (I actually had the same idea with the same scene, but couldn't bring myself to do it. Good thing.) It took a long time to get over Vexx's avatar that went with his "You've surprised Tomoko-chan!" title (what is that FROM?), because it cracked me up for some reason. I also can't imagine Risaa without her starey-face avatars, but that's not only because I found it clever, but because it represents her personality so well.

There's only one avatar I've used that I've been attached to as a representation of me. I don't use it on AnimeSuki, but wherever I use it elsewhere, I can never bring myself to change it. This is not only because I see it as being me, but so do others. I believe that after seeing this avatar, I am identifiable in person.

Here it is:

Yes, that's Kermit the Frog in a suit and sporting a mullet. While I don't wear loud shirts nor have a mullet... That's me.

You know, I wish there was a way to archive avatars that posters have used along with explanations of the source of the avatar and why it was chosen. I'm not the only person who has thought so, but not many speak up about it, so when I raised the idea of starting a thread to do so, it was nixed by management.

Crystal Requiem 2007-10-28 00:57

All my avatars usually represent me in some way. Most of the time they are a part of my attitude, or my personality. It's true that there are a lot of animes that I enjoy, but if I really wanted to use an avatar from one of them, I'd use a scene that suits me best. Because of this, I create all of my own avatars, and break away from the stream of people who follow a trend. I just don't fit in.

Depending on the avatar, the site of which I'm using it on, and the personality I front to those people, I change it anywhere from every 3 days to once a month. For example, sites that allow 150x150 avatars, I'm more likely to keep with me longer, as opposed to sites that restrict it undernieth that. Also, depending on the community of people that browse those sites, I tend to keep an avatar longer if it's not as "tense" and "orderly" as sites such as AnimeSuki, also if what's "in" and popularity through "artistic design" isn't so important.

Since avatars don't really leave as much of an impression as signatures do(or atleast with the sites I browse), I can't remember an avatar that I've kept with me for longer than a month. It's just not as important to me.

The avatar I have of this moment, was a scene I really enjoyed. Sure enough, the next day it was re-created with better quality and somebody "claimed" it. However it won't be with me long. As is expected, it's very popular amongst those who enjoy the show. Another reason why being unique is so hard here. Thank god, I haven't encountered many like me, else I'd be just as much a sheep as everyone else is.

Ice Climbers 2007-10-28 01:04

My avatars are usually things I enjoy (like CR mentioned above). I dont think they actually represent me in any way; they are just the things i find particularly enjoyable at that time.

I do still miss my first avatar though, which was also my first creation ever. I remember it was Asa, and I probably still have it :heh:

Edit: here she is :heh: my first creation ever!!!

WanderingKnight 2007-10-28 01:07

It depends a lot. I got really attached to a particular Lucky Star avatar (Tsukasa blowing her flute), and now I'm in love with my current one. They mostly stem from shows I like, and they're often light-hearted and without much meaning to them other than to say "So cute/quirky/funny!". Since coming to AS, I've changed it more or less on a three-month basis... though I imagine my current one staying for quite a long, long time. I'm almost considering using it permanently till I get bored of this forum, AS disappears, or I die.

Ice Climbers 2007-10-28 01:10


Originally Posted by WanderingKnight (Post 1224400)
It depends a lot. I got really attached to a particular Lucky Star avatar (Tsukasa blowing her flute), and now I'm in love with my current one. They mostly stem from shows I like, and they're often light-hearted and without much meaning to them other than to say "So cute/quirky/funny!". Since coming to AS, I've changed it more or less on a three-month basis... though I imagine my current one staying for quite a long, long time. I'm almost considering using it permanently till I get bored of this forum, AS disappears, or I die.

By any chance are you referring to the one I made sometime ago ??

---> this one?

WanderingKnight 2007-10-28 01:13


By any chance are you referring to the one I made sometime ago ??
Yep, that's the one :D I still like it. Kudos for making it!

KholdStare 2007-10-28 02:08

I don't know what a fortnight is, so I'll say once a month. I basically make an avatar when I see something worthy of an avatar in an anime, but otherwise I just leave it alone. I can't use ImageReady because it crashes on my poor, slow computer, so I'm limited to still ones. It's a pity, because I actually took classes on using Adobe products.

Iambankai 2007-10-28 02:27

Well, first time I got in this forum, I requested for an Avatar with Ichigo and Karija (the Bount leader), because it looked kind of cool :)
But I changed it, it didn't really make me feel 'that's my avatar!'', so I decided to get a new one, and ended up with this one (Grimmjow surprised). It looks kinda funny, and doesn't reveal so much. It's good, but I might change it to another,
because who knows, I might find some other avatar that I like much better :)
mostly, I remember people by looking at their avatars... but, well it might trouble me, since some people change it, and I will have to look at the name :p
I'm not going to request for any more Avatars, but make them by myself... well at now I am only limited to make photos, use paintshop/photoshop, and then ''re-size'' them.
I kinda am having a hard time with making ''moving avatars'' (isn't it called GIFs?), readed the guide... but didn't turn out very well, I must have readed something, and missunderstood it :heh:

EDIT: Oh and I could not choose between all the 10 voting options, didn't really know what to choose, but they didn't really fit me anyway :p!

Thingle 2007-10-28 02:33

I change my avatar when i feel like changing it.

Ledgem 2007-10-28 03:05

It contributes to the tone of my post. I went with many types of avatars before I got stuck on blindfolded girls. I'd cycle them as I got bored of them. Lacking time and resources to make many new ones contributes to my not getting bored so quickly these days :)

Crystal Requiem 2007-10-28 03:24


Originally Posted by KholdStare (Post 1224484)
I don't know what a fortnight is, so I'll say once a month.

Just would like to say, for anybody who doesn't know what a fortnight is, it's roughly 2 weeks. That's why it's between a single week and the 3 weeks that make up a month.

Sephi 2007-10-28 03:29

I use to change signature and my avatar on weekly basis. But lately i been keeping them longer. The signature/avatar that lasted longest for me would be my Aria sig and ava combo. Well over a month. Though my current shana sig and Miku ava been around for around 3 weeks or so now.

I make signature and avatar for the shows or things i like. And mainly to make it known to other people by making it interesting. So guess you can say i'm sort of advertising for the shows. :p

I think this was the avatar i was using when i joined Animesuki
Chidori and Tessa from FMP, still my favorite anime.

ChibiMenos 2007-10-28 03:31

My current avatar isn't quite a personification of me as it is of my username....really not sure how I came up with it, but it certainly is unique, which is important for me.

I don't post on here very much, so I don't keep it updated, but on another forum where I have the same username I edit the original image every week or so to go with a different theme or idea I had. I'll dig out the files and add them in a minute. :)

I like having an avatar I draw myself, because it means no one else has the same thing, but there are times when I wish I still had an animation program so I could use bits from my favorite series instead. (For instance, the scene in Bleach when Uryuu pulls out his spare cape...I have a still of that saved somewhere but it's not quite the same.) I know I can always request an animation from someone, but imo it's never as satisfying as making it yourself.

Edit: And here are the images. My current avatar is the original, and the rest of these are in the order used...
(Yes, I collect My Little Ponies.)
(No story behind this, really, except that I always wear a Kon hat.)
(My Halloween avatar. My costume this year is Nekozawa from Ouran Host Club.)

innominate 2007-10-28 03:50

Avatars...? Perhaps a way to identify yourself?

I was wondering if the lack of avatar gave one an impression of anonymity, since an avatar represents part of the user. Well, people choose avatars based on how appropriate they feel it suits themselves i.e. whether they like it or not. Knowing what a user likes already tells you something about the person.

Gee, iirc, Skane and Ledgem both haven't changed avvies since I registered. Well, neither have I... heh, I'm one of those who has stuck to my 'avatar used upon registration'. And unless someone really insists on me getting one, I don't think I'd ever. =o

*&stares at Risaa* what... characteristic avatars xD

Solace 2007-10-28 06:37

I choose avatars for different reasons. It can be because of my mood, my liking for a show or a certain scene of a show, to match with my signature better, to try out a new technique, or just finding a cool picture and wanting to frame it. Sometimes I keep them for weeks or months, sometimes it changes weekly or daily. Sometimes I'm just lazy and don't bother getting a new one! :heh:

I think most people here, they aren't necessarily attached to their particular avatars but might have some ones they've used and are fond of. It's a bit of a reflection into a persons personality but probably not something you'd want to spend time looking to deep at. :D

RavenHawk 2007-10-28 08:01

I change my avatar when I want to. The reason I change is aesthetic value. For me, avies are like graffiti; they express yourself.

Here's one of my avatars in my "black book":

:bow: KIBA!

I have a lot and working on many, but I don't do animated since I'm not adept to that yet.

Miko Miko 2007-10-28 08:20

I Change my avatar a lot, i get bored at looking at the same one :heh:

Kensuke 2007-10-28 09:32

Almost always my avatar is from the series that I'm following at the moment (a scene or character that I like), and for some reason they tend to be moe~ bishoujos. :heh: So it is not representing my mood, or myself. Or maybe I'm subconsciously doing that.

Well, I answered about every three months, maybe that is an average time.

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