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Youko Recca 2004-01-24 13:02

Bomberman Jetters
Hey can someone give me the plot on this,it's age target age here in the U.S. and if it is a good show?

Kasshin 2004-01-24 14:54

Ages 6-20 or so I guess.

It's a GREAT show... give it a few eps before giving it your opinion. It's really funny in the later episodes.

kenta_saiba 2006-05-17 15:22

What is with episode 49?

Jetterz! 2006-10-23 18:48

So...does anyone like....
...Bomberman Jetterz? I do. :D
Anyways, I look forward to the last two episodes. Who ever finds them will be my hero! ;)

Do you guys like the show?

Smokie 2006-10-23 18:52

ive neva seen the show but ive played the games :D

lommm 2006-10-23 22:31

this show is funny, but i'd maybe put the age range at 5-16.... it's less "mature" than a lot of other series, but it is very funny... if you've ever played the games, the anime will cause the games to also be quite funny... at least for my roommate and me it was

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