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Pellissier 2007-11-10 06:53

Hayate no Gotoku - Episode 33 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Hayate no Gotoku, Episode 33.

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frustra 2007-11-11 09:29

I thought it was an amazing episode.


can't wait for this to get subbed! Will rate when the subs come out ^_^

Geass 2007-11-11 09:32


Originally Posted by frustra (Post 1249059)

Spoiler for Episode 33:

frustra 2007-11-11 09:36

Answer to Geass' question:


Geass 2007-11-11 09:38

Spoiler for Episode 33:

dahl_moon 2007-11-11 09:48

An anime original episode that is actually well made and close to the Hayate comedy spirit:D. Very up-to-date parodies galore.
Spoiler for Episode 33:

CJL13 2007-11-11 14:43


Originally Posted by frustra (Post 1249062)
Answer to Geass' question:


A Death Note episode and now a Code Geass episode? They know how to make me happy!
edit: Also...

serenade_beta 2007-11-11 14:54

I knew it was Zero, but when I saw his face, I thought of xxxHolic...

Mentar 2007-11-11 16:07


Just awwwwwww.

A feast for Hina-fans. Anime-original 2-parter, but several REALLY cute Hina-Hayate shots. They fit together oh so well, and this ep shows it once more :)

GoldAlchemist 2007-11-11 22:12

Spoiler for Some Other Interesting Stuff:

ssc2good 2007-11-13 05:59


Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 1249454)
I knew it was Zero, but when I saw his face, I thought of xxxHolic...

I'm fairly certain he's supposed to look like Watanuki from xxxHolic. Jun Fukuyama also voiced Watanuki in the anime. And xxxHolic and character designs in Code Geass are both from Clamp.

Kang Seung Jae 2007-11-13 19:55

I loved how Maria "panicked" when she saw Nagi's doujinshi.

Fruitfly 2007-11-15 01:45

Chiharu finally spoke. I was wondering when she'll make another appearance.
She's voiced by Ayumi Fujimura who also did Ayano from Kaze no Stigma. I wonder if she'll ever pull out a fire sword in a future episode and Hayate do a Kazuma act.

Malintex_Terek 2007-11-15 03:40

A note to the people who mentioned "Geass", be more mind-ful of people who haven't seen the episode by putting your comments in spoiler tags. Frankly, I felt spoiled in part hearing about a certain (awesome) reference that two users above spoke plainly of while who they were speaking to used spoiler tags.

Just a friendly reminder.

poopies69 2007-11-17 00:43

is t he subbed version out yet?

Ottocycle 2007-11-17 02:41


Originally Posted by poopies69 (Post 1257498)
is t he subbed version out yet?



kimchipride 2007-11-17 18:35

dang subs are slow this week

Eviltape 2007-11-17 19:17


Originally Posted by kimchipride (Post 1258641)
dang subs are slow this week

Maybe SS + Eclipse decided to another huge movie or something again, just like the how the SnS movie release delayed HnG a few weeks back.

In any case, I'm willing to wait. It's easier than learning Japanese just to watch this and a few other shows. :p

Eviltape 2007-11-18 14:55

Oye, Static Subs and Eclipse have finally caught up with this episode. Just a tiny bit late, eh?

[inappropriate quote removed by a moderator]


Originally Posted by ellifeedn (Post 1257435)
:twitch::uhoh: Did I see something NSFW that I shouldn't have?


That's not what broadcasted on air, of course. She was fully clothed in that area. :P
Loved this episode. Absolutely loved it. Code Geass reference throughout the whole thing, plus Hayate grabbing the "This week's butler battle" sign made me lol hard. Doujinshi sales battle with Ep34? Hells yes.

Midonin 2007-11-18 15:43

Fun episode. Lelouch Butler was entertaining, as was Hina taking on a robot with a kendo sword - she'd do Tama (Bamboo Blade's Tama, not the tiger) proud. Also liked the split-second cameos from basically the entire cast at the festival, and the references to Akumaizer 3 and Zetsubou Sensei.

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