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Kaioshin Sama 2007-11-13 00:03

Favourite Major Gundam 00 Character (As Of Episode 06)
I figure just to keep things interesting (and hopefully provide an alternative to talking about Sumeragi's outfit) I'll run a poll every now and then to see what people are thinking of the characters and who there favourites are. For now I'll do a multi poll that will be open for about a week and a half and then every ten or so episodes I'll do another one. This poll is for major characters (those I feel will have a large role in the series), I'll also do one for minor characters.

Hamachi 2007-11-13 01:18

Haro doesn't count right? Or else Lockon would win by infinity.

I can't wait to see Allelujah's development.

Terrestrial Dream 2007-11-13 01:22

Ah crap forgot to vote on Lockon.

Eidolon Sniper 2007-11-13 02:04

I am SO gay for Lockon. :love: :heh: :heh: :heh: I also voted for Allelujah, Graham and Sergei. WOOT Union/HRL FTW!

Papaya 2007-11-13 02:31

Voted for Graham and Sergei. Why are the Gundam 00 "villains" more likable than most of the lead characters? It disgusts me, sometimes.

I wonder if we'll ever get to see a REAL villain in this series. Ali looks like he'll be picking up that role, though really, he's just a mercenary... not really... a villain.


I can't wait til Sergei gets some more characterization going on. I'd love to know where he got that scar.

Eidolon Sniper 2007-11-13 03:52

If Setsuna gets the development he needs by the next episode (7th) for reasons why he is acting like that, then I would probably add him up as well. I liked Allelujah and Sergei in just one episode seeing them because of what their characters did, so I guess that wouldn't be impossible for me to like Setsuna. :D Lockon is certainly the big brother type who constantly worries about his teammates, especially Setsuna, that is why I like him too. I just seriously hope Graham does not end up being a Jerrid or I will die. ;____;

Pride 2007-11-13 04:07

Lockon, Graham and Sergei.

icealchemist 2007-11-13 04:11

Ali is the only correct answer.

Duo Maxwell 2007-11-13 05:15

Is it me, or the Favorite minor characters thread isn't there anymore :confused:?

Geass 2007-11-13 07:16

Graham and Allelujah (because he has Hallelujah :D).

duotiga 2007-11-13 08:21

Lockon, Sergie & Ali for me

Shiroth 2007-11-13 09:15

Louise is a major character.. ;___;

dreamless 2007-11-13 10:17

I hope there's Felt Grace. From the available picks, my vote definitely goes to Sergei and Wang.

wingdarkness 2007-11-13 11:06

It's gotta be Graham...From his first time on-screen in a MS he just oozes that Char quality that so many blonde characters before him have staked a claim...It isn't just fighting that gets Graham's juices flowing, it's the opportunity to be apart of history...Add his cavalier approach to taking on the biggest of challenges and romanticizing nature towards the future, and you can serve me and endless plate because I'll just keep eating this $hit up...If a scenario occurs where he somehow has to wear a mask then just kill me now cause I'm gonna worship him...

ToxicNarcotic 2007-11-13 11:52

Voted for Graham. He pretty much puts every other character to shame in my perspective right now, which is sad because it's not like he's had more screen time or anything. Lockon is pretty much the only gundam pilot I like right now. I'm crossing my finger's for some Gundam pilot development, hopefully I'll be able to actually enjoy their screen time soon.

Vicious108 2007-11-13 13:15

They're all meh so far but Graham at least has a decent attitude/personality.

Demongod86 2007-11-13 15:50

Lockon--he's funny ^_^
Sumeragi--BOOBIES! YAY!
Graham--Just because he's cool.

Kiramisu 2007-11-13 18:16

No Patrick?

The AEU ''ace'' :heh:

symbiotes_021 2007-11-13 20:18

Lockon Stratos all the way. Setsuna second.

Eidolon Sniper 2007-11-13 21:46

I am pretty sure if the bearded man was Patrick his votes would be off the scale. :D :heh: :heh: :heh:

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