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ChibiDusk 2004-01-25 13:51

Fantasy/magic Anime
Looking for series similiar to Bottle Fairy, HackSIGN, hackUDEDEN [DUSK],
Scrapped Princess, and Popotan...

Is Yumeria something like these?
I am thinking about downloading it when another group
starts i, just because I had a bad experience with AJ
and hackUDEDEN...

Lambda 2004-01-25 14:41

Escaflowne and Record of Lodoss War are classics.

babbito2k 2004-01-25 15:13

This thread is about yumeria, check the thread and see if it's up your alley.

I will confine myself to unlicensed series for which torrents can be had on AnimeSuki.

Kokoro Library is one of those shows people either love or hate I think, which to me is always a good sign. I really enjoyed it anyway. The show has cute characters and an appealing internal logic.

The Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou OAVs are rather light on fantasy elements but they are charming and well-made.

Asagiri no Miko's episodes run 5 minutes each; the show features teams of schoolgirls in mystic combat. Comedy and romance are thrown in as well. When this was coming out I always looked forward to each new episode.

Psychic Academy is a yarn about a high school for psychics which also has short episodes. Its leering attitude towards the female characters distracts from the tiny plot.

"Magical girl" shows have lots of things in common with Bottle Fairies, there is already a thread in this forum with a list of titles.

sperry 2004-01-25 17:31

I second Record of Lodoss War. It's a little dated, but that still doesn't take away from the fact that it's an excellent series.

Kanos 2004-02-06 20:54

right now only aj is producing Yumeria, and the quality isn't htat bad, but i want to noe when does Yumeria air in japan so i can get a rough idea when it will be on anime suki, cuz it's really that good ^^

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