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roxfan 2004-01-25 20:35

"DVD version" label
I see that Anime-Kraze fansubs of Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki! OVA3 is labeled "DVD version", and our are not. I don't really see a point in such label for a series which came out only on DVD, but if decided you do it, I think you need to keep it consistent. So I ask admins to add "DVD Version" to our releases too, or remove it from others.
And before you ask, our release was encoded directly off DVD, not avi/wmv raw.

NightWish 2004-01-25 21:00

I've updated it for you, they should say "DVD Version" now. The version note is there because we try to include all available information with the listing. If we know it comes from a DVD source we list it as such. We do try for consistency, but this is a semi-automated process -- the only reason I can see for it being omitted from one group and not the other is the fact it was missing from the file name...

Kamui- 2004-02-16 14:06

-Our ver which are labeled with DVD are because they are from DVDsource and not dvdrip source, we don't label dvdrips as DVD.
-And a few fansub group does use the availble dvdrips instead of the dvd, so we don't want to missguide these peoples as well.

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