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Marioshinobi 2007-12-06 04:21

Code Geass season 2 -- SPRING!
CODE GEASS SEASON TWO CONFIRMED; < Click top left button for new info


'After one year...a new destiny has begun.

Knight of Rounds, Kururugi Suzaku

New Character, Rollo

And a new Zero appears

New TV series to be aired at spring '08!'

Confirmed by official sources

- 1 year time skip (official trailer)
- New character's name is Rollo (trailer, NewType January)
- Suzaku has joined the "Knight of Rounds" (trailer)
- Zero has a new look (trailer, NewType January)
- Zero might not be Lelouch (Kawaguchi in NewType January)
- New season starts Spring 08
- Season 2 will take place on a global scale

By Fake Yoshino

- Season 2 starts off with scenes that appear to depict normal, everyday life; he doesn't say whose
- Rollo is a character with an "interesting role", and that "(yaoi?) fangirls will probably like it very much" (Alluding to his being Lelouch's sibling?)
- Suzaku's new position will also be an interesting one (Most likely alluding to his joining the Knight of Rounds)
- New season will air in the Sat6 slot (currently Gundam 00's)
- Subtitle for season 2 hasn't been decided upon yet, but it'll be "mostly the same"

By Taniguchi

- Taniguchi: "Fu-kuyama will find himself in an interesting position in season 2." (NewType Taniguchi + Fu-kuyama interview)
- There'll be romantic developments for Lelouch in season 2; the writers deliberately kept them out of season 1 because they felt they needed to show what Lelouch's goals are without complicating matters (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- Season 2 will have battles after battles after battles... (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- V.V. is one of the many "key person"s in the show, along with the new Chinese character. (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- Some of the things that happened in Season 1 will come back to haunt Lelouch in Season 2; "he needs to learn that life is one continuous series of events, and that everything is connected" (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- Lelouch will meet a lot of new people in Season 2; how he deals with them and gets them on his side will be something worth watching. Who knows, there might also be a betrayal... (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- "The story has only just begun. I'm really sorry about that. (bitter laugh)" (PASH! Taniguchi interview)
- Not many characters will die from here on (Koshimizu's interview, from the Complete Guide Book; she talks about being relieved to hear it, but then realizes that "not many will die" also means "some will die".)

By Kawaguchi

- While most of the battles in Season 1 relied on Lelouch, season 2 will test the Black Knights' strength as a proper organization. Lelouch using his Geass for outrageous schemes will still be part of the show, however. (NewType)
- "I want Lelouch to continue leading a double life in season 2" (NewType)
- Not many characters will die from here on... but there will be a living hell waiting. (NewType)

By Anonymous

- 1 Year Later
- New character's full name is Rollo Lamperouge (spoiler provided long before NewType January)
- Villetta becomes an Ashford teacher in order to look for Lelouch
- When asked what becomes of Suzaku: "He's busy with his Knightly duties. From what I've seen so far, I don't know if he ever goes back to school."
- Lelouch's hair is slightly longer (not quite shoulder-length)
- Lelouch remains the protagonist; his stance hasn't changed much
- Lelouch remains an Ashford student

By animators, through their blogs

- New Chinese character looks like Yasha from CLAMP's RG Veda
- Rollo has a helmet? (Rides a bike? Unless KMF pilots are suddenly required to wear helmets now)
- There is a scene where Lelouch moves a chess piece
- "The siblings (Lelouch and Rollo) are not much alike."

New!* - A character who looks like C.C. appears.
New!* - Most of the characters on the enemy side are "good-looking".
New!* - Lelouch is as "dark" as usual (the term used in the Dark Nunnally sense), while Suzaku appears to have gone back to being Ore-Suzaku for good.

Old spoilers (pre-episodes 24+25) by Fake Okouchi

- Kallen's story* has been moved to Season 2.

(*Whether the kiss with Zero has been removed entirely or moved to season 2 as well remains a mystery.)

Strange hints from NewType

- There is a short feature on Naoto, with the question most 2chers have been asking since pretty much forever: "How did he know about the "poison gas" in episode 1, and what's happened to him?" (NewType November -- or was it December?)
- The "Live!" Geass on Suzaku is going to make him do something he really regrets, to the point of wanting to die for it, but obviously the Geass isn't going to let him do that (An old issue of NewType, pre-episodes 24+25)

Suzu just seemed to have gotten..Feminine? *Girly run in Knight Clothes*

It took me a while to realize Lelouch's hair has gotten longer.

So Lelouch is Zero...But..What about the new Zero..? O-o;

Apparently Rollo (confirmed to be Lelouch's younger brother) is living with Lelouch and they get along really well (I suppose this is what Fake Yoshino meant by the fangirls loving it). TRICKERY AND DECEPTION!

"Why is Lelouch with his younger brother, when Nunnally has been abducted? Where did Rollo come from? The existence of Rollo is the biggest mystery in R2."

Nicer Picture of C.C. =D



TEH GREEN-NEES ( C.C. please have my Green Haired Immortal Babies )

"- There will be a "premiere screening" event (that's what they call it) on the 21st (Osaka) and 22nd (Tokyo) of July. Guests: Fu-kuyama, Sakurai, Yukana, Koshimizu (the main 4)

- Both events are what you call "invite-only"; interested fans send postcards (? I'm not too clear on this; might be a card found in the magazine itself) and the lucky ones will be chosen at random. 500 people will be chosen for each screening (There will be 2 screenings @ Tokyo, so that's 1500 people altogether) The screenings will last for 1 and a half hour.

- No word on when these two episodes will be broadcasted on TV, but it'll likely happen after the screenings. Maybe early August?"

Westlo 2007-12-06 05:06

Even thought nearly everyone (smh at people thinking this could be wrapped up with a movie/ova) knew this was coming it's nice to have confirmation. Wonder if they will use a time skip sometime during this season...


Marioshinobi 2007-12-06 05:10

I just hope Lelouch survived...

They show Zero, Not Lelouch. Somebody could be impersonating him in the suit, still a mask even..

C.C. D: Where are you~?

New kid in the middle o.o; Looks Geassed too?

Westlo 2007-12-06 05:12

The upgraded Lancelot looks alright, hard to tell sine it looks blurry as shit when I zoom in on it. Yeah where's C.C :( she needed to but her way in

The Chaos 2007-12-06 05:36

I guess Lulu And Suzaku Not Gonna Die...Intel The Anime Finished...
But I wonder If Nunally Eyes Recover ....I hope So..

Jeffry2009 2007-12-06 09:27

PHEW!! Case closed!! I told you guys!!!! *excited*

ochibi77 2007-12-06 09:31

Great news!!

Waiting (im)patienly

narmi 2007-12-06 09:38

Hurray! I wonder how the introduction will be like since Lechouch and Suzaku were left pointing a gun at each other. I hope the both of them takes a shoot but misses on purpose. OHHH that would be awesome!

kira-sama 2007-12-06 10:02

thanks for that
like i thought lulu and suzaku won't die

btw the man who is in the center who is it?

second season of code geass ----> new outfit to suzaku

Blue_Mercy 2007-12-06 10:03

If they wanted to do the series justice this is the obvious choice to make. The only question now is does it plan to just go to 50 or keep going until it manages to complete the story.

cf18 2007-12-06 11:08

I hope this time they start broadcasting with 16:9 HD instead of 4:3 SD.

ashlay 2007-12-06 11:33


Originally Posted by cf18 (Post 1285951)
I hope this time they start broadcasting with 16:9 HD instead of 4:3 SD.

well, since they're airing Gundam 00 in that format, and Geass was already being animated in high definition last season, don't see why not. :confused:

alright! 4 more months! now to wait for trailers...

Meatrose 2007-12-06 11:43

Best announcement this fall for sure. We all knew it was coming and that it was probably going to be a TV-series and not an OVA/Movie, but confirmation is always nice.

cf18 2007-12-06 12:06


Originally Posted by ashlay (Post 1285968)
Geass was already being animated in high definition last season, don't see why not. :confused:

Was it true? I never saw any one released HD version of Code Geass. The wide-screen version was not broadcasted and you have to wait for the DVD release.

Valerian Mengsk 2007-12-06 12:23

Is it just me or does Suzaku look less....idealistic in that picture. It may be just me but I think he looks more jaded and cynical then he used to. If he is then I might actually look forward to his sections of each episode.

The kid in the center looks kind of soft, but it may all be an act sort of like someone else we know cough:lelouch:cough

I'm not surprised that the lancelot is upgraded, if a significant amount of time has passed I bet Lolyd has added all sorts of improvements, which it will need since there must be more
7th gneration knightmares being produced as well as an 8th generation based off that old tech they found at the various sites.

As for C.C., she is probably with Lelouch, or they are looking for each other. Note: If lelouch hasn't found Nunally then she is probably with or around the emperor or maybe a clan of witches that want to change/destroy the world.

Note 2: I wonder if Japan actually won its freedom, but I doubt it since there was a reference to the Zero incident in the description of the new series. If the OotBK had won I doubt it would have been coined an incident.

Sinestra 2007-12-06 12:41

There was never any doubt in my mind now the agnoy of waiting begins. Sigh patience may be a virtue but it sure is a bitch.

Var 2007-12-06 12:56

When was the first trailer supposed to appear? Was it this or next month?

And, let's all hope the one behind the mask is actually Lelouch.

ashlay 2007-12-06 13:04


Originally Posted by Var (Post 1286048)
When was the first trailer supposed to appear? Was it this or next month?

And, let's all hope the one behind the mask is actually Lelouch.

next month, with the second dvd magazine. :\

Takuto19 2007-12-06 13:06

Woo, can't wait, not that long to go :)

skyline^ 2007-12-06 14:00

argh... suzaku... I wanted him to die but unfortunately it looks like he will live D:

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