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NeoSam 2007-12-14 04:23

Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo
Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo

The novel (light novel) series Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo by Tanaka Yoshiki (author) and Kakinouchi Narumi (illustrator) will be getting animated.

Broadcast: 2008

Starchild's official site for the anime:

There are currently 8 volumes released of this novel (light novel) series:
Covers of the available novels:

Author: Tanaka Yoshiki
Illustrator: Kakinouchi Narumi

Five of the above volumes were released in bunko format.

A seinen manga adaptation drawn by Kakinouchi Narumi (the illustrator of the novel series) is serialized in the seinen manga magazine Magazine Z.
For now there are 8 volumes released of the manga, and volume 9 will be released on 23/1/2008.

Seinen manga.
Drawn by: Kakinouchi Narumi

Westlo 2007-12-14 05:18

I like the illustrations, don't suppose anyone could provide a decent synopsis? Didn't have much luck with google.

Woland 2007-12-14 05:54

I found this on ANN but it's a bit short


Originally Posted by synopsis
The novels and manga revolve around Ryōko Yakushiji, a 27-year-old multilingual investigator that graduated from Tokyo University's elite Department of Law, and the bizarre cases she faces while working for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Yakushiji not only has to deal with supernatural beings in her line of work, but also her rival Yukiko Muromachi, another equally talented and beautiful police investigator.


Siegel Clyne 2007-12-14 21:25

Starchild Seiyuu Likely to be Cast in Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo

Originally Posted by NeoSam (Post 1297854)
Starchild's official site for the anime:

Since this is a Starchild anime, expect seiyuu associated with Starchild Records (Hayashibara Megumi, Horie Yui, Tamura Yukari, etc.) to have major roles, if not the lead role, in it.

Starchild naturally favor their own voice actors over other voice actors in anime they produce, such as Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru, which stirred a lot of controversy after the original author of the game complained about the original seiyuu from the eroge being replaced by seiyuu from Starchild, Lantis, and RAMS.

Good luck to seiyuu who are not associated with Starchild on landing the lead role in Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo.

But then again, more power to those seiyuu associated with companies which produce anime. Connections count in the anime business, just like they do in other businesses.

Sakuya 2007-12-15 02:23

Can't wait to watch this! I'm very eager and hoping that Kakinouchi Narumi will come back as the character designer for this show.

kaito-kid 2007-12-15 10:36

:love::love::love: SEXY!

It's so nice to have something other then moe:eyespin: (Not a big fan of moe)

herbert 2007-12-29 21:56

I am surprised the series being so ignored, since it's Tanaka Yoshiki's works (he is the author of Legend of the Galactic Heroes ). But again, I realize it can very much lack elements makes an anime popular such as moe...

Spoiler for Ryoko:

Sakuya 2008-04-27 04:12

Finally, the character designs are up! Or rather, just an anime image. They're pretty. :p

Undertaker 2008-05-06 11:33

I'm a fan of the series and a huge Tanaka Yoshiki fan so I know a bit about this series.

Tanaka Yoshiki is a famous sci-fi/fantasy author in not just Japan but in Eastern/SouthEast Asia in general. His Legend of Galactic Heroes is considered as standard bearer in all Eastern Asia sci-fi work. His other famous work includes Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings, Titania [schedule for anime adaption this year as well], etc. Almost all his work have anime adaption. Most westerner will recognize him from his work in The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

He has the tendency of working really slow, often years in between volumes and only release them when you started to forget about the series and thought it was dead, evident by LoGH being his only completed work. [Arslan might be completed as well but I'm not sure as the series is my least favorite of all his works]. It become a issue when one is following his work as he has multiple on-going series which are all great read and it kills you when you don't know when the next volume will come out. Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo, for example, has always being popular among his fans, but it tough to recommand to other because there were so few books until recently and similarly tough to adapt to anime due to lack of source material, even manga adaption didn't come out until roughly 2 years ago when there are finally more than 5 books released.

Yakushiji Ryoko no Kaiki Jikenbo stands out in that it is his only work set in the morden world despise all the monster that appears and it has much lighter tone compare to his other works. While Ryoko is the main character, the book [and manga] is told from the eyes of her assistant, the self-proclaimed "Unluckiest Assistant Inspector (Keibuho) in Japan", Junichirō Izumida. He was assigned under Ryoko upon Ryoko's request [threat?] when she given control of a newly established department in Police HQ.

The series is light-hearted and the perpatrator in the case are monsters from various folk-lores, often with detailed research background on them which made the series that much more interesting.

Ryoko herself is awsome, she is talented, bossy, beautiful, egotistic, and loves crisis, think of Haruhi Suzumiya minus god-power but plus social standing and resources. She is a portrait as a genius and is good at whatever she do with cooking being the only exception. In one book, her reason for saving Tokyo was because if Tokyo is destroyed then there won't be a Tokyo for the future crisis. She often purposely make the porblem bigger to serve her own amusement before closing a case down, and given a choice, will always pick the over-the-top action over conveinent wisdom. She also holds at least one secret on everyone of her superiors as well as most politicans and is not afraid to used them toward her advntage, similar to Hiruma from Eyeshield 21. In addition, she is the only daughter and heir to the JACES international [a mostly security-for-hire company] , one of the largest company in the world, and the perfered place of work for most law-enforcement after retirement in the fictional Japan. This title pretty much solidifies her unique position in law-enforcement world and is the reason why she was given a pass no matter what she do and reason no one dares to say no to her. She is a firm believer that laws are created to be broken, take advantage of, and be abused [by her and only her], and that power are aquired only meant to be used.

Muromachi Yukiko is Ryoko's rival in the series, they are from the same class in the University and has opposed each other since then. Yukiko is the complete opposite of Ryoko, responsible, sensitive, no-nonsense, righteous, etc. She is the perfect soldier and ideal officer. Being the only daughter of the former Pirme Minister of Japan and a long-standing political family [similar to the Kennedy] she has her connections and background, however, instead of abusing them like Ryoko does she rarely uses those connections nor her background to her advantage, perfer to work hard by herself. Everytime she and Ryoko met, it always went from arguing to elementery-school bickering and name-calling. She is also sympathetic toward Junichirō and showed admiration toward his sense of duty and actions.

While Junichirō disagree with Ryoko's method [mostly during his monologues] he still follows her order to the dot and consider himself to be the last defense for the rest of the world and is his job to minimize the damages done by Ryoko. He, himself is an elite non-CAREER officer by being an Assistant Inspector [Keibuho] at his age but is still often complain about the in-equality between a CAREER [Ryoko and Yukiko] and non-CAREER. Despise being fairly intelligent with good detective skill, he is very dense when it comes to women. His girlfriend split up with him just right before the series when he commented on her diet. Throughout the series both Ryoko and Yukiko shows interest in him through their actions and speeches, but Junichirō always interpertate those as either jokes or trickery or even nuisance, when it obvious to the readers that both women have feeling for him, especially Ryoko, who often going into a jealous rage when Junichiro is acting nice to other female in the story. Junichiro often dismiss these responses as simple reaction from Ryoko's possessive personality toward her servent and slaves.

One central theme in the book is the in-equality between CAREER and non-CAREER officers in real life Japanese system. A CAREER officer are officers that went to prestigue university or college and pass a national government examination. They hold the rank of Assistant Inspector [Keibuho] as soon as they pass the exam and often only take 3-5 years to start move up the ladder. They are often considered the elite among elite, and their career path are on average 15-20 years ahead of non-CAREER and was often given more prominient position or leadership position.

Non-CAREER are normal officer that went through Police Academies and have to work their way up. Officers like Junichirō how was promoted to Assistant Inspector [Keibuho] around age of 30 are consider over-acheiver among non-CAREER as they got real chance to get promote to the rank of Inspector [Keibu] at age of 40 when most non-CAREER officer only get promoted to the rank of Inspector [Keibu] around their 50s.

The series also make it a point that Junichirō was Ryoko's superviser while she was an interm and in only 5 years she now out-ranks him as Keishi (a rank above Keibu), while he does not hold grudges against Ryoko and Yukiko because of both's ability. He does feel a little unseattle towards other CAREER officer such as Yukiko's assistant Kishimoto Akira, who holds the same rank as Junichirō despise being a rookie. Akira is being used in the series as desposable lackey to both Ryoko and Junichirō, and is often seen displaying his Otaku-ness out in the open and tkaes his job lightly, which further frustrates Junichirō since Junichirō himself is a non-CAREER elite who works hard to get to his position at his age but the same thing can be achieved by a CAREER without even trying as long as they past the exam.

Anyway, I can't wait to see this anime adaption, it's going to be awsome.

Same_Shark 2008-05-06 21:38


Originally Posted by Sakuya (Post 1562017)
Finally, the character designs are up! Or rather, just an anime image. They're pretty. :p

OMFG! I love the long legs on the characters! Beautiful!

Westlo 2008-05-11 13:07

Since this is airing this summer do we have a cast listing for this show yet?

Same_Shark 2008-05-11 18:10


Originally Posted by Westlo (Post 1586985)
Since this is airing this summer do we have a cast listing for this show yet?

We sure do! Look here:

Westlo 2008-05-12 01:08

That's a pretty awesome cast for the 4 main characters, really looking forward to this.

Shouta 2008-05-12 01:54

Oooh, that looks pretty. I really enjoy this series, manga and novels, so it'll be great to see it animated. Undertaker states a lot of the things I enjoy about the series.

I made some cheap looking WPs with some of the artwork I have. I should get around to making better ones but eh, too lazy!

Westlo 2008-05-12 06:47

More shouta more! I really like the design for Ryoko.

Same_Shark 2008-05-12 12:07


Originally Posted by Shouta (Post 1588384)
Oooh, that looks pretty. I really enjoy this series, manga and novels, so it'll be great to see it animated. Undertaker states a lot of the things I enjoy about the series.

I made some cheap looking WPs with some of the artwork I have. I should get around to making better ones but eh, too lazy!

I really want Ryoko's gun.

Shouta 2008-05-18 23:30

rawr, another crappy WP done by me. lol

Shouta 2008-06-06 02:49

Sweet, the site's been updated. The character designs look pretty sharp and similar to the originals. Ryoko and Yukiko are nice. =o

The lolis maids with guns? Not so much =x

kujoe 2008-06-06 14:21

Definitely love the designs. Simple, but clean and sharp.


Originally Posted by Shouta
The lolis maids with guns? Not so much =x

I haven't read the manga, so I'm just wondering. Are there supposed to be gun-tottling loli maids? You make it sound as if they're out of place.

Shouta 2008-06-06 15:24


Originally Posted by kujoe (Post 1637221)
I haven't read the manga, so I'm just wondering. Are there supposed to be gun-tottling loli maids? You make it sound as if they're out of place.

I don't recall in the novels but my skills at imagining characters when reading Japanese text is kind of bad. Undertaker might know better.

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