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Klashikari 2007-12-14 19:10

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - Episode 11 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Episode 11.

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ashlay 2007-12-14 23:25

so, think Hal will be making an appearance this week?

doesn't seem to be much to add to him a mere episode after he did some particularly terrible things.

LightningZERO 2007-12-15 00:19

Wonder when the preview for the next episode will show up :D

LoweGear 2007-12-15 02:42


Originally Posted by LightningZERO (Post 1298961)
Wonder when the preview for the next episode will show up :D

Unfortunately, my source for that is down (DDOS attack... AGAIN). :heh: Will have to wait for the 2chan source to come into the picture for today's imagedump. :heh:

LoweGear 2007-12-15 04:36

Episode 11 picture dump courtesy of Homeless:

Spoiler for Lotsa stuff:

mikyu 2007-12-15 05:28

that looks interesting ... I hope we will find out more about tieria.

dreamless 2007-12-15 05:37


Originally Posted by LoweGear (Post 1299149)
Episode 11 picture dump courtesy of Homeless:

Is this real or fake? :confused::eyespin::twitch:

Shiroth 2007-12-15 05:40

Pride: Spoiler tags please for the images.

LoweGear 2007-12-15 05:58


Originally Posted by dreamless (Post 1299201)
Is this real or fake? :confused::eyespin::twitch:

:eyebrow: Whatever could you mean? They're screenshots taken directly from the episode.

LightningZERO 2007-12-15 06:07

Sounds like an awesome episode, can't wait!

Deathkillz 2007-12-15 06:37


EXEs 2007-12-15 06:38

Shame we's gotta wait till Monday/Tuesday for english subs eh?

Vallen Chaos Valiant 2007-12-15 06:47

It looks like, from the pictures supplied, we got the REAL reason why Hallelujah exists. I won't know until the subs, but it appears it wasn't experiments that drove Allelujah crazy.:heh:

Spoiler for hypothesis:

If my theory is right, then it makes sense for Hallelujah to claim that he does all the dirty work for Allelujah's sake. Allelujah couldn't take responsibility, and one has to wonder if he is really the "good twin" at all.:heh:

OMG_Zerg_Rush 2007-12-15 06:51

dreamless 2007-12-15 08:22


Originally Posted by LoweGear (Post 1299225)
:eyebrow: Whatever could you mean? They're screenshots taken directly from the episode.

well, just think the drawing style a bit weird (the reason maybe answered by Deathkillz spoiler post), and that scene looks a very surprising situation :p

Vallen Chaos Valiant 2007-12-15 09:01

Just finished the raws... I am not sure, even now, if what happened to the research faculty classified as a "good" or "bad" act.

Spoiler for episode spoiler:

All that psychic screams reminds me of the classic quote:
I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. :eyespin::twitch:

brightman 2007-12-15 09:45


Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant (Post 1299353)
Spoiler for episode spoiler:

No, but they ARE the Celestial Beings, whose entire premise is "two wrongs make a right". So Allelujah, in attacking the facility, was only upholding CB's ideal.

kari-no-sugata 2007-12-15 10:24

A very interesting episode.

I would have probably given this ep a 10 if not for the later half feeling a bit rushed (the actual events feel a bit too isolated and easy) and some other things. However, the human drama was definitely 10/10.

Meanwhile, there's a certain feeling of people closing in on CB in some ways - Graham gets word of HRL's attack on CB and feels confident that it showed it is actually possible to confront and defeat CB, and the scientists are getting closer to understanding how the Gundams operate and why there's only 4. And Saji's sister has noticed that CB has been recruiting scientists to help develop technology - might not be possible to find actual evidence of CB's true intent, but by covering their historical actions, maybe a lot could be discovered.

On the other hand, I feel that CB might have come out of the conflict strengthened internally - by the end of the episode at least. Tieria seems to appreciate what Allelujah went through, for example.

I enjoyed Allelujah's conversations with himself. (Was it supposed to be irony that someone walked in on him this time? "It's a miss-understanding!") It was also interesting seem him at the end of the ep when about to fire on the facility. Allelujah wanted to "save" them (rescue them somehow) but Hallelujah points out that it's unrealistic and that the pity Allelujah feels for the children is not something the children themselves would understand - and ditto for the female pilot they felt.

I particularly liked the bit when you see "flashbacks" to Allelujah/Hallelujah's past but then they're talking "live" and suddenly it's not Hallelujah pointing a gun at some kid but Allelujah and Hallelujah facing each other.

Anyway, next week looks like the plot finally kicks into the main event (for the first 26 eps), when events really start to move to Azadistan. Looks like Setsuna goes there, and in this ep, Alejandro's companion suggests that Marina go visit the construction site herself - which Miss not-smiling-so-much-anymore suggests would make a good opportunity for assassination. Drum roll...

PS Allelujah reveals at the end of the ep that he's just turned 20, so Sumeragi lets him have a drink... (Given that she previously invited Tieria to drinks, does this mean we can say for certain that he's over 20 - or at least that Sumeragi thinks he is?)

Wen 2007-12-15 10:48

A very good episode. Some interesting Allelujah stuffs...Yay for Setsuna next episode (I'm praying for more development on him).

LightningZERO 2007-12-15 11:05

Another perfect episode for me

I have to laugh at Tieria's reaction in this episode. He's actually blaming Sumeragi for causing him to reveal Nadleh. Tieria is back to his old self again :heh:

Allelujah is definitely an interesting character. It seems that Hallelujah is the split personality that appears to do whatever necessary to ensure his (their) survival and does all the dirty works. I enjoy seeing both personality interacting, and Hallelujah laughing at Allelujah, criticizing him for pretending to be kind while using Hallelujah as an excuse to do all the cruel things...I want to know more about Al and Hal! :D

There's a space colony?Wow...I though the 3 nations are still building it?

Kyrios destroying the Super Soldier research facility is an amazing scene. Allelujah screaming and the Kyrios just looks badass. I feel sorry for all the poor kids, but I guess there's no way for them to live except being used as machine...but I doubt this is the last of the research though

I kinda forget Setsuna is the main character now. Glad to see the following episodes will involve him. Let's hope he will get more line!

And happy birthday to Allelujah!

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