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gravitation 2003-11-09 13:56

The official "my first fanart/sketch/drawing thread ^__^
Well lately i have noticed alot of ppl posting there first sketches so i thought maybe we could have a thread for this where ppl just post there first sketches and ppl comment. If people dont like this idea just ask the mods to delete this thread ^__^. Well i hope this goes well and try not to get off topic too im such a hypecrit! ^____^

1stStrike 2003-11-09 13:59

ah i like that idea. i'll get another drawing or two done today and post em here ;P

1stStrike 2003-11-09 17:00

EDIT: Was just too bad looking. Removed.

gravitation 2003-11-09 17:09

with practice ya will be good in no time ^__^ that person looks really happy lol, im gonna try doing an anime drawing one day, even tho i can just about do stick men:heh:

1stStrike 2003-11-09 18:18

Ok, this one is the best of the bunch I think. Although the cheeks are a bit fat. And I made mistakes again so I had to errase a few times :>

fenrihr 2003-11-09 22:29

practice is everything.... and good start....

dot|hack 2003-11-10 00:52

This is one of my first try's. copy.jpg

Mizu Shinobi 2003-11-10 01:32

im tempted to put some o my stuff up but i dont have a scaner or well i dont know how to use my printer scaner combo thingy....

ShiftRxVII 2003-11-10 02:42

you might have to enlarge the pic a bit...i saved it as 1000 x 1375, but browser might resize it or wutever

gj looking at it

p.s. dun ask me who the hell that is...cuz i dun have a clue myself, just draw...a pen, a piece of paper, and a hand are all u need ^^

fenrihr 2003-11-10 03:13

drawing in blue... hmm.... anycase it looks good.

and outlining w/ a marker.... i probably wouldn't do it myself, but to each his own. (and the hands look too small)

Messenjari 2003-11-10 05:09

hehe Be afraid of some of these :heh: These are my first Anime Drawings
*i started sometime last year*

Also if u guess who they are u get a cookie :D

1st Anime Drawing:

2nd Anime Drawing:

3rd Anime Drawing:

These was a break of 2-3 weeks between each one: First was just to try drawing, 2nd was cause it was cool and fun :p then the third was for a Project in school :eyebrow:

Plz dont point out what i did wrong in any of them cause i already know :p

fenrihr 2003-11-10 05:42

well i dunno where my first one is... so this one will have to do...

that one's the first i can find... i didn't trace it... but i was looking.

and i was drawing in school. hence the graph paper.

Asura 2003-11-10 06:06


Originally Posted by Messenjari

Also if u guess who they are u get a cookie

1st Anime Drawing:

2nd Anime Drawing:

3rd Anime Drawing:

1. Princess Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo
2. Goury from Slayers
3. Heero Yui from Gundam Wing

Do I get a cookie?

Saru-kun 2003-11-10 09:50

Umm, Did Gravibeans really mean the first pic you ever drew? Or did he really mean your first fan-art submission to these forums??

sh1n0b1 2003-11-10 10:36

well here's my first one......didn't draw the hands n feet cuz i sucked at those....oh yea i didn't draw clothes as well :naughty:

Wandering_Youth 2003-11-10 10:56

This was the very first anime picture that I drew. I was trying for a portrait look.

fenrihr 2003-11-10 11:01

i dunno. i just posted the earliest i could find....

but i've noticed lately a few people posting 'my first fanart' threads up... maybe that kind of thing....

gravitation 2003-11-10 13:12

lol nah it doesnt really have to be your first just close to one of your first or anything im not bothered. Anyway some very nice work so far for your first or nearly first time ^___^ i like the Heero pic ^___^
sh1n0b1 lol tis a bit revealing but its kool:)
Wandering_Youth i like that pic its very nice indeed
fenrihr that pic is pretty kool, shame it was on graph paper but it still looks darn rite kool:)
dot|hack i like that pic coz the guy looks kool ^___^
sorry if i didnt comment on everything but they are all nice :D

Messenjari 2003-11-10 16:40

*Hands Asura a Hand Full of Cookies* Great Job Asura :D hope it wasnt too Difficult :heh:

Wandering_Youth: :eek: WOW thats ur First Anime Drawing Its So Clean and Well Done Keep it up ;)

Asura 2003-11-10 17:02

only a handful? I thought I'm getting the whole jar.. :heh:

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