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solidified 2007-12-17 18:49

Your travel wishes
If your like me who loves to travel, then write down the places where you'd love to travel to and visit. Also write down why you wanna go there.

This is my list:

- Japan: It doesnt matter where in Japan, I'd like to visit there for varies reasons. The food, sight seeings, games/manga, also that giant amusement park I saw in the Amazing Race. (forgot whats it called)

- Athens, Greece: I really like Greek Mythology and I wanna go and look at the monuments and whatnot.

- London, England: Ah, my future home (maybe). I really wanna try and make a British solider move (u know, the ones that guard the Queen's palace).

- Switzerland: For sking of course!

- Antartica: just for fun- haha

Right now im underaged and dont have much money, but when Im older and settled, i'll travelling alot ^^.

TinyRedLeaf 2007-12-17 19:19

I'm probably much older, but I still don't have a lot of money.

I don't have immediate travel plans at the moment, but I am thinking of visiting London again. It would be the first time in nearly eight years. Thanks to Facebook, I've got back in touch with various friends from university, so it would be great to meet them again. And revisit some places I suppose.

Actually, the big "plan" would be to fly from Singapore to London, London to New York, New York to Vancouver, Vancouver to Singapore via Tokyo perhaps.

It's nice to dream............... :(

Kristen 2007-12-17 20:38

Not many places anymore, since my family and I went on many vacations.

1. Deep South - I've always wanted to go to Tennessee/Alabama/New Orleans for a vacation. Lots of music and stuff.

2. Alaska - Love the cold, can't get much colder than here.

3. European Trip - One of my extended vacations I wish. Visit London and England for a few days, then Paris and France, followed by Scandavia. Probably not Italy, because I've never really been interested in it.

4. Japan - The second of my extended vacations. Probably once I get established in life and have learned the language, I'll go there for a few months, visiting varying places.

5. Antarctica - I cannot live without penguins!

LionsMane 2007-12-17 21:38

Greece: It doesn't matter where I just want to return to a country that I had so much fun visiting before. I'd also like to test out my Greek since I've been studying the language.

Japan: Hopefully sometime soon I'll make it to Japan. I love the culture and food.

Southern France: I hear that Southern France is beautiful but unfortunatetly I've never been(only been around Northern France). I would love to go to Marseilles or something.

Israel: I would love to go for historical study.

Egypt: To see the pyrmaids and sphinx.

A_Dios_Le_Pido 2007-12-17 21:45

I know this isn't very pacific. But I would like to go anywhere in the world just to see other cultures. So if I ever have opportunties to go out of the country, I will take it. But I am thinking about studying spanish abroad in Spain when I go to college.

mist2123 2007-12-17 21:47

Japan: we already know the reasons
Antarctica: I hope i find Atlantis there XD
Moon: Let mine helium- 3
China: I wana see if china is similar to china town
Middle east: I'll try to hunt osama bin laden and get my money

to bad all of this are just dreams

Terrestrial Dream 2007-12-17 22:17

Japan- I want to go to Akihabara for all the electronic there, it would be quite interesting to see. Maybe Osaka, for Osaka Castle but I heard that it was built by Hideyoshi, so maybe.

North Korea- I am not joking around, before I die one of my wish is to go to North Korea. Just to because I think it's shame that for any Korean people to not be able to to go into either North or South. And I really want to spit on monument of Kim Il Sung and maybe give Kim Jong Ill a punch or two.

China- I really like to go to Shanghai, as I heard it's a nice place to go, and I already went to Beijing and Hong Kong. So going to Shanghai would be interesting.

Europe- Probably Western Europe, especially Normandy beach, since it's historical site for World War II and I would like to pay respect for those soldiers. Maybe Netherlands, because we all know something is legal there that is illegal in lot of place :uhoh:.

BANANABANANA 2007-12-17 22:40

i want to go to every country in the world! ^_^ not like it's happenin tho XD

but maybe at least visit every continent sometime in the future. nothing specific - there's a whole lot to see in a single country, if i start narrowing it down, i'll probably end up living in a trailer all my life trying to make it around the world :P

mist2123 2007-12-17 22:44


Originally Posted by BANANABANANA (Post 1302841)
i want to go to every country in the world! ^_^ not like it's happenin tho XD

it could if scientist could advance human cloning:heh: that can be use commonly in everyday life.

RWBladewing 2007-12-17 23:05

Only place I'd really like to go is Japan, for obvious reasons. I'm fairly interested in other cultures since I, for the most part, dislike the culture of my own country, but I'm not much of a traveler sadly. I also imagine I'll be going to Canada again in the future, though since I live half an hour from the border that doesn't really feel like traveling to me.

Spectacular_Insanity 2007-12-17 23:40

Japan: Reasons obvious enough.

France: Namely Paris. I just want to buy a baguette.

Spain: I've been there once, and I want to go again. It's handy that I'm more-or-less fluent in Spanish.

Italy: Mainly Rome, to see the Vatican (where Latin is still spoken) and all the famous sites that are there, i.e. the Coliseum.

Zaris 2007-12-18 00:11

I've spent a year traveling east Asia so I'm happy to say I'd like to settle down, make some money, and get my life stabalized. If I do choose to travel, it wouldn't be in the immediate future, unless it was work-related. Regardless, these are the places I'd want to go.

China - Haven't been to Hong Kong yet, and I'd love to go see it. Plus, Shanghai is always a blast to visit. I love everything about the city, the food, the culture, the flash rains. But it's only good when it's actually sunny. I'd like to send my parents there (honestly, they want to move there when they retire!).
Japan - What's not to love? lol
Germany - Home of Porsche, the best sport car manufacturer in the world. Would like to go during the summer when it's not cold or snowing and visit Stuttgart, the Autobahn, and other historical sites that made them such a contender with the world 60 years ago.
Pacific Ocean - I thought maybe it would be nice to go on a cruise, but maybe when I have a girl I'm serious with. Cruises are romantic vacations in my opinion, not something you can just go on a whim.
Lake Tahoe - the lake that's along the border of California and Nevada. The best wintertime resort because I love to snowboard.
Las Vegas - another local area that I can go road trippin' to. The thought of cruising down the Strip at 14 miles per hour (show off speed) in my Porsche Boxster gets me excited. I don't gamble nor do I crave all-you-can-eat buffets. I'd only go with friends who enjoy that stuff and keep them in check or flaunt my automobile. = o

anti-random 2007-12-18 01:28

I can see that Japan will be on most people's list unless they live in Japan.
Anyway places I most like to visit would be:
1. France
2. US
3. Japan
4. Germany
5. Switzerland
6. UAE
7. Egypt

The Chaos 2007-12-18 01:53

1) Japan Everyone The Reason ..
2) Italy I Want To see It When I were A Little Girl...
3) Malaysia Very Beautiful Country ...I been there Ones ..I want To go Back There..

Dxon 2007-12-18 02:16

1) Japan Everyone wants to go there! :D
2) France Been there before but the sights are beautiful in the south. :D
3) Switzerland Snow and stuff. Wanna go snowboarding there. :)

ioynerien 2007-12-18 08:19

Japan - I visited it last year, loved it, want to go back as soon as possible
Ethiopia - for cultural and historical reasons (think Lalibella) + few tourists
Costa Rica - ecotourism
Oceania - want to visit this continent
Middle East - cultural and historical reasons
Cuba - the culture, the climate, the people

TinyRedLeaf 2007-12-19 10:54

Well, since we're all in a hopeful mood (must be the time of the year - good tidings to one and all :D), I might as well list some of my dream vacations too.

Egypt: To see the Great Pyramids.

Peru: To see Machu Picchu.

Jordan: To see the ancient wall city of Petra.

Tanzania: To climb Mount Kilimanjaro while I still can.

Cambodia: To see Angkor Wat.

The Silk Road: I'd like to see Dunhuang at least.

The Trans-Siberian Railway: It'll be cool to ride the train from Vladivostock to St. Petersburg.

The Pacific Ocean: To sail the open seas in my own private yacht. (Yeah Santa, you heard me.)

Easter Island: To see the enduring monuments to large-scale environmental devastation.

Antartica: Nearly forgot about it, until the other posters here brought it up. Yeah, penguins are cool.

The Moon: If I live long enough, why not? I want to "see the world" from outer space.

C.A. 2007-12-19 10:59

Japan - I've always told my friends that I will never return if I go there.

Taiwan - I just love it there.

The Cosmos - I've always wanted to be out there.

ioynerien 2007-12-19 18:04


Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf (Post 1304804)
Tanzania: To climb Mount Kilimanjaro while I still can.

I can also highly recommend the Ngorongoro Crater, a must-see. ;)

Gin 2009-09-08 06:49

If you could go any where in the world
Where would you go?
My mom told me today that she is worried that I don't seem to be taking school very seriously, so she wants me to take next semester off to travel abroad. Her thoughts are that hopefully I will find something I like to do whilst traveling and be able to concentrate on a career path :eyespin:
The only places I can think of right now are London (been there before, it was really fun), Paris (have some family there, maybe visit Hellychan :heh: ), or some place in Japan.
Any input would be appreciated.

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