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Zu Ra 2007-12-26 18:21

Name your Best and Worst moments in Bleach

Thread Credits : Kankel


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* Best Bleach Moment (Anime) : Mine would be ep 154 for the obvious reason . The anime only flashabck between Rukia and Kaien was sweet

* Best Bleach Moment (Manga) :

Spoiler for Manga:

* Worst Bleach Moment (Anime) : Mod Souls interupting IlForte Renji fight

* Worst Bleach Moment (Manga) :

Spoiler for MANGA:

Kankel 2007-12-26 18:31

Oh! Thanks Geta Boshi for making the thread :)
Now my best and worst moments... Man I gotta think this out thoroughly, I came up with the idea for this thread but I still don't know mine.:heh: well I'll post them soon enough.Now lets see.

Kankel 2007-12-26 18:39

* Worst Bleach Moment (Anime) : Mod Souls interupting IlForte Renji fight

* Worst Bleach Moment (Manga) :

Spoiler for MANGA:

Well I do agree with you on the worst moments thats for sure those are mine as well ;)

kissthestick 2007-12-26 22:21

* Best Bleach Moment (Anime) : Seing the 1st Grimmjaw vs Ichigo fight godly animated

* Best Bleach Moment (Manga) :

* Worst Bleach Moment (Anime) : Espada meeting being horribly animated, talk about bad timing,lol

* Worst Bleach Moment (Manga) :

Amirali 2007-12-26 22:44

Best bleach moment (Anime): Dordonni's dancing, stylish entrance and heroic demise. Normally in Bleach, a character is judged cool according to how strong he is. Dordonni on the other hand, was weak, goofy........and still won me over with a lot of class and balls. May his soul dance in peace. Special mention for the Ikakku bankai fight as being the best animated of the year.

Best Bleach moment (Manga) (spoiler) :
Spoiler for manga:

Worst Bleach moment(anime):
The horrible arc where Matsumoto goes shopping, saves a snotty brat from the self-duplicating arrancar, and acts likes a complete ditz. Bad animation, cliched plot, poor character portrayal, annoying dialogue, inconsistencies..........this one hits all the notes on the bad filler checklist.

Worst Bleach moment(manga):
Spoiler for manga:

Jays 2007-12-27 01:17

Best Anime Moment:Tie between Edorado & Ikkaku and (first fight) Grimmjow & Ichigo. I don't know what to say, no fillerish parts, suberp animation, better than the stuff from the movies. Done magnificently to the bone - kinda hurt a bit though, it reminded me of how much I enjoyed watching Bleach in the Soul Society arc.

Best Manga Moment:
Spoiler for spoiler:

Worst Anime Moment:The constant fillers put into the Arrancar arc, they were all bad, horribly bad. I know this isn't one moment, but a lot of them, but still, it just ruined it. I think the culminative moment had to be when they had that stupidly crappy duplicating hollow.

Worst Manga Moment:
Spoiler for spoiler:

Hir0 2007-12-27 07:20

Best Anime Moment: After Ichigo got bankai and saved rukia beating down 3 Vice Captains in no time.

Best Manga Moment:

Worst Anime Moment: Hanataro and Co. Making cakes? seriously, wtf XD

Worst Manga Moment:

hachihachi 2007-12-27 11:14

best moment: byakuya injured in a major way after ichigo and aizen. thought that aristocrat was cold-blooded until then. cant decide between this and the nell moment when she drool over don panini.

worst moment: bount fight when ichigo first walked inside that mansion. i dozed off during the fight.

King Lycan 2007-12-27 13:56

Spoiler for Manga:

Ichy 2007-12-27 14:18

Best in Manga: Nell
Best in Anime: Ichigos first time Bankai

Worst in Manga: Entire Mexico Arc ecluding Nell and
Spoiler for Spoiler:

Worst in Anime: Bouto Arc. Filler Characters still there after their arc -.-

Kankel 2007-12-27 14:46

Ok my best bleach moments are:
* In anime: The whole Ichigo vs. Dordonii fight, especially Nell :)
* In manga:
Spoiler for best manga moment:

RWBladewing 2007-12-27 18:18

Don't watch the anime so I'll just name manga only.

Spoiler for Best:

Spoiler for Worst:

BleachOD 2008-01-02 09:16

Best Anime Moment
Spoiler for ....:

Worst Anime Moment
Spoiler for Eww...:

Best Manga Moment
Spoiler for ...:

Spoiler for ...:

Scep 2008-01-02 10:31

Best anime moment: I'm afraid to say that for the anime i dont really have the huge surprises storyline wise because i have read the manga, so for me basically any moment where the animation quality is high. Eg. Grimm v Ichi fight, ikkaku fight. Special mention to the moment when the main team stepped into HM leaving the mod souls behind 8)

Worst anime moment: Any scene with mod souls.

Best manga moment:
Spoiler for manga:

Worst manga moment:
Spoiler for manga:

The Chaos 2008-01-02 10:43

Best Moment In Anime ----> Ichigo Vs Grimmjow
moment In anime ----> When The Gang(you Know Who) Want To Do The Cake Ep ...I hate it That Ep
I Don't Have Anything For The Manga... :)

WONDERMIKE 2008-01-02 12:07

Best Bleach Moment (Anime) : Keigo's sis :love: i thought of shaving my head after seeing Ikkaku's impact on her :heh:

Best Bleach Moment (Manga) :

Spoiler for Manga:

Worst Bleach Moment (Anime) : Shinji/Hiyori sticking their fingers in you know where... urks

Worst Bleach Moment (Manga) :

Spoiler for MANGA:

wingdarkness 2008-01-02 21:51

Best anime moment: Ikkaku's release, Uuru kicking that Arrancar's a$$ until she get's thrashed, Grimmjow punching the shonen $hit outta Ichigo in the best animated episode in the series, Ichigo's full monster hollow form during his inner-battle, and Shinji vs. Grimmjow to that cool Shinji BGM (Watched that scene a hundred times it's soooo good)...

Honerable mention: Yumichika baking pastries for a fata$$ hollow that wanted to chain choked his mom because she wouldn't eat the cake he taught them to make...Her explanantion still makes my eyes water with laffter to this day..."Everytime I see cake I think of him..." xD

Worse anime moment: How the Bounto Arc just turned into $hit once they got to SS...I had defended that arc so much and I felt ashamed of that because they ended it with such a lack creative thought...I still don't know what Kariya's followers actually thought they could accomplish once they got to SS because they were so outclassed it made the arc's climax meaningless...

Rukia's power being similiar to Hits (One ice-power is ENUFF!)...

The horrible animation quality of the intro espada episode...Grimmjow's jawbone during Aizen's ownage was OWNED....

The lack of crazy Hollichigo (It will be hard if we never see him again :( )...Fug-mask form just can't replace that guy...

Mr Hat and Clogs 2008-01-02 23:24

Anime: Episodes 139-140, there is just much win in those two eps, Grim vs Ichy, Shinji vs Grim, Uli & Ori, Luppi vs all, and Urahara! Oh and Wonderwice trying to play grabass with Urahara's hat was funny.

Spoiler for manga:

Anime: Prolly the arc with Matsumoto, such a shame.
Spoiler for manga:

edit: So so very very sorry about the spoilers, just completely missed it when i typed it. sorry.

Hir0 2008-01-03 03:39

can you at least Spoiler Tag ur manga parts?


Teh2ndrunner 2008-01-08 17:19

Ha , I've nt seen the whole series so far but I know the comedy scenes are definitely some of the best , esp ep 52 when the mini lieutenant takes the piss out of the bald guy. The best bits are the clashes of comedy and serious fighting ( although the early 'play' fighting with Ichigo is awesome). All in all the ironic moments.

The worst parts - fillers with absolutely no meaning! Example being the parts with the 3 mod souls pre Bounto arc! Waste of time! The bounto arc itself is pretty poor also ...

Don't read the manga so no comment there.

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