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Guido 2007-12-29 16:47

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

Surely, this was an unexpected surprise. This is the continuation sequel to Yes! Pretty Cure 5! Originally, I have had thought that if TOEI ever decided to come up with another Pretty Cure title, in order to keep milking their cash cow, they'll be setting it up in another universe, non-related to the current series.

Basically, it happens that in the sequel to Pretty Cure 5 another Pretty Cure will be added to the team, thus increasing the number to '6' Cures, as I am speculating when Yes! Pretty Cure 5 is airing.

I really wonder how the writers are going to keep all the current team to stay together.

Currently in Pretty Cure 5, Karen and Komachi are in 3rd year of junior-high while Nozomi and Rin still deal with the 2nd junior-high grade, and Urara started her freshman year in junior-high.

When Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! starts broadcast the storyline will be moved onto the next school year, thus Karen and Komachi will have graduated junior-high and enter their freshman year as high-schoolers, while Nozomi and Rin and Urara will be still in junior-high.

Date: February 3rd, 2008. Sundays, 08:30 a.m. (Tokyo time)
Studio: TOEI

Yuko Sanpei as Nozomi Yumehara / Cure Dream
Junko Takeuchi as Rin Natsuki / Cure Rouge
Mariya Ise as Urara Kasugano / Cure Lemonade
Ai Nagano as Komachi Akimoto / Cure Mint
Ai Maeda as Karen Minatsuki / Cure Aqua
Takeshi Kusao as Coco
Miyu Irino as Nuts

According to a TOEI spokesperson, the GoGo in the title is a parody reference to the title of Mach Go Go Go (a.k.a. Speed Racer).

Guido 2008-02-03 11:41

I apologize for the double post, but since no discussion has arisen due to the lack of fansubbers for the first YPC5! series it was only natural.

And it aired! The first episode has aired, and I watched the pics at 2chan. Looks like this series will be promising.

I'm treating you all with the pics for the opening sequence.

Guido 2012-10-18 01:10

I'm a completist after all.
Seriously, it couldn't happen!

The day came that I finally stepped into this ghost thread, that opened almost five years ago, and which no one else bothered to leave a single post.

As of today, I began to watch Yes! Pretty Cure 5 sequel, Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GOGO.

This is the last Pretty Cure title left behind from the first seven shows that I restricted myself from ever starting, because first I wanted to conclude Yes! Pretty Cure 5; this same circumstance happened to me over six years ago when I finally got the chance to start Futari Wa Pretty Cure Max Heart but only after being done with Futari Wa Pretty Cure, classic and first series in the franchise.

Just like happened to the protagonists in Max Heart, for GOGO Nozomi and friends got new power-up: items, upgrades, and all brand-new, Pretty Cure uniforms.

The heading at the top of this post says it all. I became a completist after all desiring to finish all pending Pretty Cure series from the past before moving on with the more recent ones that aired after HeartCatch.

The reason why I chose to follow GOGO revolved around two characters of my particular interest:
1) Syrup, who like Coco and Nuts, is a magical character (a duck-sparrow) capable of transforming into the shape of a boy in his middle teens. Moreover, my interest in Syrup is more particular than the rest of all characters combined because he is voiced, nonetheless, by Paku Romi.

2) Milky Rose is the brand-new Pretty Cure debuting in YPC5's sequel and who will appear later in an earlier episode. Her introduction increases the overall team of Cures from five to six.

Now, onto the bad news.
The bad news is that I will have to endure another round of Nozomi's sugary but moronic naivety along with Coco's unbearable "Co-Co" sound and voice in his mascot form.

However, the good news is that both CureCom and Doremi have been releasing subs during the time lapse I was waiting for sub releases plus finishing the last batch of episodes to Yes! Pretty Cure 5 from Zalis.
That means that unlike YPC5 it won't take both that very long and that long for me to be over with this sequel.

This particular Pretty Cure series to me leaves a curiosity note, that's because this is the very first Pretty Cure show that I began very long after it's original datetime broadcast ended in Japan; I started the other six series when they were still getting broadcasted in Japan.

Since, this thread remained absolutely desolate and inactive the day it was opened, then I'll come to it to leave only three and just three posts.

This one is the first one which I left my impressions for the start of this series.
For my second post I will leave a review and synopsis for the film which got released during the time GOGO was airing.

Then, in my final post I'll leave my comments for this show's last episode and conclusions about what will be my feelings overall towards this series once I get to finale.

Just a comment to the MODS: since subs have already been released a time ago, and this show ended almost four years ago, then it would be safe to move this thread to the Older Series section.

gsilver 2012-10-18 06:28

I started watching Pretty Cure with Heartcatch, and I've slowly been going through it. Admittedly, sequel seasons have been low priority for me, and I haven't finished either Fresh or the original Precure 5.

Gogo has had a high barrier to entry, without all of the original series being subbed until a few days ago. Still, I've got a long ways to go before starting it.

Von Himmel 2012-10-18 07:14

I thought there was going to be another sequel :heh: Speaking about the subs... have they finished subbing all of the episodes?

Liddo-kun 2012-10-18 07:44

Didn't notice there's a thread for GoGo already. :)

Well, I pretty much liked the prequel of this anime, so I'm inclined to finish GoGo as well.
Currently on episode 27, and enjoying it so far.

Just a little trivia: The first villain they encounter.. Scorp is voiced by Koyasu Takehito (same person who voiced Zechs Marquise in Gundam Wing).

EDIT: Perhaps this thread should be in Older Series section of Animesuki?

SaintessHeart 2012-10-18 08:19

I always tell myself not to watch Pretty Cure anymore because I am neither a kid nor a lolicon.

But I just have to.......*succumbs to temptation*

RRW 2012-10-18 09:36


Originally Posted by SaintessHeart (Post 4401947)
I always tell myself not to watch Pretty Cure anymore because I am neither a kid nor a lolicon.

But I just have to.......*succumbs to temptation*

SaintessHeart, you cheap liar

SaintessHeart 2012-10-19 21:16


Originally Posted by RRW (Post 4402039)
SaintessHeart, you cheap liar

I swear I started out with Heartcatch because of my goddess Mizuki Nana. Then I realise that it is such a cute show so I watched every other season onwards......

It is the show that is cute! Not the girls!

Liddo-kun 2012-10-22 18:48

It's been subbed up to episode 29 now. :)

elorse211 2012-10-24 03:28

so cure!!!!

Guido 2012-10-28 21:28

Seen in the second episode, and now I'm speculating why this particular Pretty Cure series either went overlooked or bashed at its time.

Yikes!! The sequel is worse than the first YPC5. I mean there's a lot more of insane Coco-sounds, and the voice of that furball got upgraded to new levels of annoying psychosis.

Just as worse, the Cures in this sequel got even more preachy lashing out at the bad guys not only with force, but with all her moral speeches about treasuring friendship and giving it all out without resignation.
Gosh, can't they just shut up? or restrain themselves from preaching unnecessary stuff?

Sure, this is a show meant by TOEI to earn them money with the marketing and sales of the toys and products, but there are limits as to how much preaching and morality tales are crammed and splattered on the audiences.

Liddo-kun 2012-10-29 09:29

Adding some more to this thread. :)
The article is for Smile Precure movie.

But there is a short mention of ..


The fifth Precure movie, Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday, came the closest to topping the box office before, but reached #2 instead.

Guido 2012-11-04 19:16

I'll be giving posts, as long as there's some discussion going on.

Bunbee returns to the battlefield in the sequel's third episode, however, his form did not receive any power-ups or upgrades save that he can now use Hoshina monsters.

Although he explains how he survived the bottomless fall after getting blasted by Kawarino in YPC5 (how dumb not to realize, until falling down that he can fly), he never explains exactly how and when he got hired by Eternal.

And, looks like from the second up to the sixth episode each one of the Cures separately are going to awaken new power attacks.

Guido 2012-12-16 15:57

GoGo's ninth episode to me is worth mentioning.

The basic outline is to celebrate the re-opening of the Natt's House Coco, Nuts, the girls, and Syrup bought a fashion cake. Before they start to cut the cake into equal pieces each one of them went down to retrieve items such as utensils, plates, and music CDs.

When they return upstairs to start feasting with the cake the latter was gone. Then, Komachi dons a cap and cowl a la Sherlock Holmes style and begins an investigation checking up for all of the eight suspects' alibis in order to single out possible culprits.

Things take a bad turn as seven of the members, except for Nozomi, start accusing each other of eating the cake with trolling fashion. That's until Bunbee himself arrives to take advantage of a potential split-up within the Cure ranks to defeat them. However, all the present note he sports cream on the side below his right lip, suggesting that Bunbee is the cake-eating culprit.

The girls transform into Pretty Cure imperially pissed off mode and then hilarity ensues.

Basically, this episode to me was worth enjoyable because it broke from a standard trope: Bunbee did not use a monster of the week like all villains do when engaging the Pretty Cure, and comically he got blasted off a la Team Rocket style pretty much ending a very brief fight.

The second standard broken in this episode is that the Pretty Cure for a change did not deliver their so overworked, clichéd, and exhausted preaching about the power of bonds and friendship; the girls didn't take themselves seriously as magical-girl heroines but more as spoiled, pampered, little princesses objecting with justification that their cake got eaten and making a comical ruckus about it.

Honestly, we need more of this type of episodes when and where the Cures do not take that seriously their role as magical heroines. They need to be given a break from time to time.

Guido 2013-02-04 00:45

Since starting GoGo, I've been watching one episode per week.

Right now, episodes 15 and 16 deserve my praise, because in those two consecutive episodes the Pretty Cure managed to defeat their enemies with just half of its team members present relying on their brains to triumph instead of their full numbers.

The aforementioned strategy tells a whole new dimension about the PreCure that sometimes they're strong enough to rely on themselves in very sticky situation.

I know that this wasn't possible in the first three shows which have the legend "Futari Wa" along with the Pretty Cure titles since the teams back then consist only of a Pretty Cure duo and couldn't possibly transform without the other.

Definitely, this strategy never happened at all in the GoGo prequel, but it was thanks to GoGo introducing this device that it was followed from time to time in subsequent sequels: Fresh, HeartCatch, etc.

So, right now I'm done with one-third of this entire series altogether.

Guido 2013-02-17 13:01

I apologize for the multiple posts, but they won't be frequent as I'm only interested at posting in here whenever a particular episode feels memorable.

I found out that both Syrup and Urara make up for such a nice chemistry together after watching the eighteenth episode to GoGo. This particular one packed such a nice drama not only giving an insight for things to come in future between Urara X Syrup, but also exploring as well Urara's childhood past and the reason that made on her such an impact to take on becoming a singing idol and actress; she wants to put a smile on everyones' faces the same way her mom did, hence, she's following the same path her late mother did.

Guido 2013-09-22 10:52

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - The Movie: Happy Birthday in the Land of Sweets!
Konnichiwa minna-san!

Holding true to my promise, I came to deliver my review for the GoGo film.

To be honest, since this film got released during the time that the GoGo series was running I did not expect anything from it.

After recently watched it, I have to say it is a vast improvement to the whole GoGo series at certain points. The movie itself unexpectedly delivers some good drama, but the irony of all is that the drama comes only when (mainly) Nozomi finds herself in a despairing circumstance or some other characters deliver a very emotive dialogue for saving or reconciliation. On the other hand, when everyone is seen onscreen eating sweets happily, the film remains on the downhill until things get either serious or gloomy.

Furthermore, the villain in this movie, in my opinion, is good. Mushiban practically avoided the clichéd tropes that villains from previous Pretty Cure films before this one pull out:
1. Mushiban never transforms into a giant monster.
2. Mushiban engages Cure Dream in a one against one final match; bothing using fleurets.

The final match sort of was satisfying, since it only involved Cure Dream against Mushiban in a sword duel, and his sword clearly had Star Wars influence design all over it.
As well, that Cure Dream in Starlight form doesn't destroy Mushiban, but she somehow manages to appeal to his heart moments before she successfully purifies him, granting the latter a peaceful rest.

Moreover, the most appealing drama moment in the whole film to me was when Cure Dream actually kissed brainwashed Coco (human form) on the lips.:eyespin:
Whoa, I mean she actually did it, and particularly since this is a movie aimed directly towards little children, but I'm glad she did so.:D

Overall, a satisfying release that attempts to be better than its TV series counterpart, and at times delivers some good stuff.

BTW, excluding the introduction and both OP & ED, the movie runs for a net time of 69 minutes.

ACTL_33 2013-09-27 21:12

I still have to say in the case of the YPC5GG season -- ED2 > all others in the Precure franchise. I'll spare the details as to why, but if this doesn't give anyone extremely positive vibes, then I don't know what will.

Guido 2014-04-17 20:26

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo. Conclusion to the Yes! Era
Finally, my friends, today I concluded YPC5 GoGo for good. Can't you believe I finished all the Pretty Cure seasons that preceded HeartCatch? But, to me is true now that I fulfilled that milestone.

My thoughts for GoGo are terrible and it sucks; now I do understand why nobody mind at all attempting to release fansubs for this particular season when it was running in Japan six years ago.
The plot is too generic and cliched. Some potential developments between characters were wasted and never came to fruition. It was just all this vibe between "Everyone let's go to the Cure Rose Garden" vs "It doesn't have value at all".

For Eternal, IMO, they won the Cure Razzie Awards as being the least developed, most one-dimensional and wooden villains in the franchise. The last boss, the Director, is the least likeable of all final bosses to me. He practically spent most of his time onscreen obsessing about Flora while sitting on his wheelchair, and when he did spring into action in the last two episodes he's just as uninteresting and monotone like the rest of his underlings were; he wasn't redeemed as he was just pure evil. Moreover, it sucked that Pretty Cure with their last attack attempted to pull out any feelings of mercy and compassion out of the director, because he was just too plain evil to be redeemed.

Leaving aside that guy, the rest of the characters acted as expected they would from the previous season but growing more annoying and idiotic; honestly, I'm one of those holding the belief that actions speak louder than words. The Yes Pretty Cure got too much on my nerves with their lecturing yapping. But, that only got outperformed between Coco's voice and Nozomi's utter stupidity. Gosh!

Thankfully, this was the last I saw of the two of them, since I do not plan to watch the All Stars films, that's for sure.

Ok. Setting aside the very bad impressions this sequel left upon me, I'm glad that I waited the least out of any other past season before HeartCatch, since by the time I finished the YPC5 prequel Doremi had released subs for the first 28 episodes to GoGo at the time, and I immediately started the sequel right after finishing YPC5.
It only took me about three months of waiting from September to December 2013 to watch the remainder episode fansubs from Doremi. Add that waiting period plus the time that took me to finish this season from beginning to end, and the total yields that took me exactly 18 months (1 year and a half) to conclude all of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo.

My overall score for this season is disastrous 30%

To me the whole Yes! era is finally over, and summin up the times that took me to finish the two Yes! seasons it took me about 86 months: 7 years and 2 months.

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