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sempai 2008-01-03 17:38

A good reason to use xvid or divx more
MKV has always been a crap shoot for me. I prefer the safety of hard coded subtitles. But Sony just gave us a reason to use Xvid or divx. The PS3 now has Divx compatibility. Which oddly enough means xvid compatibility. So I now have the joy of watching my anime on my 42" plasma screen in 1080p. So I went out an bought a 4 gig thumbrive just so I could transfer shows. It is so great. Sitting on my couch and enjoying my large screen tv with surround sound. Everything plays smoothly. The only problem some fansubbers insist on MKV. So I will have to start transcoding those. Boooooo

So for all those fansubbers out there. Its a big reason to use Divx. I know hardsubs may be more difficult. But you know for my anime events I run I could have all my anime transcoded and be gauranteed to work. And it will only cost me $400 per room I use. Wooooooo Hoooo.

Unearthly 2008-01-03 17:54

The PS3 supports H.264 in MP4. Why would you transcode to Divx when you could just remux (assuming hard subtitles) or re-encode the H.264 with hard subtitles? I see no reason to use Divx/Xvid here.

Nicholi 2008-01-03 17:55

DivX is out, H.264 is in.

juggen 2008-01-03 17:56

u know, the video will still look like crap on a big screen, it don't magically turn into HD.
If u were smart enough, you'd buy a cable and connect your PC to your TV and watch HD-releases on it instead, which are H264/Mkv 99% of the time.

martino 2008-01-03 17:56


Originally Posted by Unearthly (Post 1326105)
The PS3 supports H.264 in MP4. Why would you transcode to Divx when you could just remux (assuming hard subtitles) or re-encode the H.264 with hard subtitles? I see no reason to use Divx/Xvid here.

Actually you need one more step in most cases. If the H.264 stream was encoded with no --level flag set it will just use unrestricted AFAIK and the PS3 plays only up to level 4.1 or 4.2 (not exactly sure now). All that needs to be done is to hexmod the value in the raw stream to 4.1/4.2 to make it work. Pretty dumb eh, but that's Sony (and M$ too maybe?) for ya. ;_;

More precisely 0167640033 (or some other >29 value) to 0167640029.

Edit: But yeah, you're totally right on that. Or at least I'm thinking the same way...

ScR3WiEuS 2008-01-03 18:01

jesus guys... this is obviously a troll. don't take it seriously.

juggen 2008-01-03 18:43

or n00b. ^^

cyth 2008-01-03 19:20


Originally Posted by juggen (Post 1326157)
or n00b. ^^

You obviously haven't trolled enough in your life. <.<

False Dawn 2008-01-03 20:00


Originally Posted by sempai (Post 1326091)
<snipped for trolling>

Solution: sell PS3, buy a PC->TV cable, wire it up, download .mkv anime series, play.



juggen 2008-01-03 21:26


Originally Posted by Toua (Post 1326195)
You obviously haven't trolled enough in your life. <.<

No I haven't, lol. :P

himefansub 2008-01-03 21:31

I love divx & xvid because it simple, eat less cpu, something half as much as h.264. and it play in many new DVD and Blu-ray player.
h.264 code may take half the file size for the same Quality. For some people that don't matter because they have a 200GB, 500GB and 1TB drive.
if you download a lot of video then h.264 is good for saving space.

juggen 2008-01-03 21:43

hmm... an avi/xvid encode eats ~3% of my CPU and mkv/h264 ~7%.

CelesAurivern 2008-01-03 22:51


Originally Posted by sempai (Post 1326091)
I prefer the safety of hard coded subtitles.

Softsubs are better because they cannot be uploaded to youtube and the like. :D

Access 2008-01-04 00:07

Don't all these new TVs still have VGA/computer inputs? I have one from 2 yrs ago and mine has one, they still seem pretty standard. Why is it even necessary to play it on the PS3 when you could just play it on the same computer that downloaded it, transfering it over the PS3 seems like a lot of work with no real gain. That is how I have been watching stuff on the flat-screen TV for the last 2 years without any real problems other than aspect ratio correction that can be easily fixed in WMP Classic or in ffdshow.

sempai 2008-01-04 02:33

Lets see lots of responses. I don't know what would I be trolling for? Noob... oh yeah I have a htpc built specifically for hooking up to VGA outputs. I even have a network storage device so I don't have to transfer files to the dedicated HTPC. But htpc has a big flaw. I don't like having the keyboard and all that to use it. Not quite technical savy enough to get LIRC working. And too cheap to buy a $200 remote control.

So anyways in my entertainment center I have this hunk of plastic that I will not throw away because for some reason I like playing video games. And you know what? Now that hunk of plastic that was mainly for playing video games and sometimes running linux... oh yeah it also makes a really cool audio player. And btw it has a bluray DVD player that is not an add on option. And it does not support M$. OH yeah has anyone ever noticed the complete lack of anime related video games on the M$ box?

Now I have yet another reason to use it. It plays my videos. I have yet to get an mp4 working in there. And as far as I know the .h264s have not worked either. MKV for sure does not work. I don't care whether people up load anime to youtube. Anyone who watches it there needs a better way. And since I do not speak Japanese it does not bother me if the subtitles are on automatically. The only people that really get a benefit from not having hard coded sub are AMV people. Not one so I don't care about that either.

Oh yeah the noob thing... hmm am I a noob? Where were you in 2000? Thats when I first got a cable modem and started downloading anime. I have gone through more video types in my time. And some how the AVI has stayed around. Go figure. Waiting for .h264 to push divx and xvid out. But I can say the AVI is better than FLI which was the first video file I ever saw.

edogawaconan 2008-01-04 04:01

supporting ONE freaking gaming-console-that-tries-to-act-as-entertainment-center doesn't look like a good reason to me.

Milvus 2008-01-04 07:57

A $200 remote control ?? Are you kidding ? I bought a 30€ ATI Remote Wonder years ago, and it work perfectly. I suggest you search a little more for a remote control fitting your needs.

Access 2008-01-04 09:09

Yeah $29.99 for the remote if you want one. It should be a moot point. Talk about a straw man. It can play back any file you can download, and with WMP Classic you get instant jump-forward and jump-back support right from the remote; even if I was a leecher who thought the world revolved around me, getting playback on the PS3 would be a non-issue.

Sylf 2008-01-04 11:37

Let's bring back anti x.264. Don't bother with some crap that some fansubbers claiming to play h.264 on their PS3. XviD is the way of the future!

Ashyukun 2008-01-04 15:27


Originally Posted by Sylf (Post 1326999)
Don't bother with some crap that some fansubbers claiming to play h.264 on their PS3. XviD is the way of the future!

That hex editing is an interesting idea, I'll have to give it a shot... unfortunately when it comes to playing h.264 fansubs back on the 360/PS3 it's usually not the video itself that is the problem it's the soft-subs in the matroska container.

As much as I like using one of the HD consoles to watch anime, I don't really consider it worth fighting trying to get h.264 encodes that will play on them until MS/Sony get around enabling mp4 subtitle support. Then it will be worth arguing in my book that the encodes released should be compatible with them, since it shouldn't be too hard to put out a release that would play on essentially everything.

At the moment I'd prefer more groups learn what Title Safe means and position subs/titles/karaoke appropriately- I only know of one group that actively pays attention to it (there may be more). As someone who watches most of his fansubs on an older projection set with a lot of overscan, even 'legacy' DivX files have to be messed with because of subtitles getting cut off due to being well out of Title Safe.

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