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flammie 2004-01-28 01:31

xp internet connection firewall ports/services?
So I got a new computer with windows xp, and I didn't bother enabling internet connection firewall. Of course, the next day my machine rooted and gets iroffer installed on it by someone called "User_Invalid" from #amd on (animecha)

So was just wondering what ports and stuff I need to open on xp's internet connection firewall to be able to accept/send dcc transfers over irc, run bittorrent, and all that fun stuff.

Vulkar 2004-01-28 19:12

let's see, at least for IRC:

tutorial for MIRC is here
You'll probably need:

Identd= Port 113
and DCC = 4000, 4001, 59 and whatever others you need.

Not sure what you need for bittorrent though. When I started using it on XP it seemed to work alright for me.

flammie 2004-01-29 00:55

Thanks for the info!

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