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cloudzerr0 2004-01-28 15:46

Fullmetal Alchemist - Merchandise (Figurines, Artbooks, OSTs, etc.)
Thread dedicated to FMA related merchandise - including... art books, figurines, suits of armour, games, manga, plushies, CDs, OSTs, DVDs, etc., or if you know where you can find such items, then please post here.

For music related items, please check the following sites:
If you can read Japanese, then you can also try:

Please Note: This thread is for official merchandise only, no bootlegs or cheap illegal imitations!

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does any body know if there selling the Full alchemist pendent in any anime stores other than the official Square-enix site.

Sakura-chan 2004-01-28 17:34

Are you really willing to spend more than 100$ dollars on that pendent? :heh: But, I guess no, that's way expensive + FMA is not THAT popular at US yet.

Raiden_d 2004-01-28 19:13

actually the pendant is not that cool i would prefer a watch like le one they give for been a national alchemist

cloudzerr0 2004-01-28 22:25

actually i would
i would love to get it and more than likely i will

Asakura_Y0h 2004-01-28 23:13

wow... that pendant does look quite cool and so does all the other merchandise sold... unfortunately, my country's currency ain't doing too well so if I were to buy it... it would cost me half a months pay.... sniff sniff...

DarknessTear 2004-01-28 23:58

Sadly I would SOOOO buy that.

Leo_Otaku 2004-01-29 00:59

WOw that stuff roxors!! I would rather have a silver watch tho :heh: in my dreams

Forsaken102 2004-01-29 04:41

Nah, it looks more like a pewter watch in the show. And, the design's not nearly so delicate.

At any rate, I would sooo buy that pendant, too- it's beau'iful!!

ripkurl 2004-01-29 08:30

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]the pendent looks like some medic pendent.. i think it'll be more cool if they had the emblem for the state alchemists..

Leo_Otaku 2004-01-29 18:04


Originally Posted by Forsaken102
Nah, it looks more like a pewter watch in the show. And, the design's not nearly so delicate.

At any rate, I would sooo buy that pendant, too- it's beau'iful!!

I swear they say it is silver :( buuu LOL I would buy the pendant if I could see it in r/l before I buy it.

Asakura_Y0h 2004-01-29 21:51


Originally Posted by Leo_Otaku
I swear they say it is silver :( buuu LOL I would buy the pendant if I could see it in r/l before I buy it.

I'd buy it if I had the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$............... sigh..... but I need to save up for some other things in life... work hard first... luxuries later but soon...

Leo_Otaku 2004-01-30 01:06

I'm saving up for Japan this summer so I hope to get some goodies that I couldn't get before. I know anime goodies are addictive :heh: they need to give me some medication so I won't spend so much...but yet it is so cool ^-^"

Asakura_Y0h 2004-01-30 01:27

wow.... going to japan... i wanna go too... but I think i'll need to have quite a fair bit of cash at hand to go as welll because I know I'll be tempted to spend like crazy too .... not to mention be mad with travelling around the scenic sites.....

Leo_Otaku 2004-01-30 01:42

I went with my evil school 3 years ago and they were a pain >.< I had like 5 minutes in Gamers to grab what I wanted...only 5 0_0 man that was ANNOYING. I will put you in my suitcase LOL and then we can raid their anime goodies >.<

Asakura_Y0h 2004-01-30 02:33

its nice of you to offer me the spot but I highly doubt I'd fit.... what kind of a school programme was that when you went with your school? must have been some nice trip even though you didn't get to shop much

Fujiwarano SaI 2004-01-30 08:37

*sigh* I wish I could go to Japan. . . .

I think that pendant is awesome. . . My school offers a jewelry class where you get to make pendants, so maby I'll just make one. . . next yr. . . . damn. . . that'll mean I actually have to go to school. . . .

Sakura-chan 2004-01-30 08:57

*sigh* How come you people are rich and I'm not? I want that pendant too~~ And to go to Japan~~ *sigh*
If there are going jewelry making classes at highschool, I'm so going take it. :upset: I want that pendant~

Vulkar 2004-01-30 11:01

I must say I would much prefer the alchemist watch over the pendent, but can someone tell what these things are. Apparently they're for sale the Square Enix shop...what are they from and what are they?

Leo_Otaku 2004-01-30 20:04

I went with an exchange group to Ujie for 2 weeks and so people from Ujie come here for 2 weeks. It was just through the skool but we had to fundraise our asses off while the Ujie kids got it payed for from the city government :(

Yeah the trip was lots of fun even tho the teachers should have been eaten by godzilla :heh: They were worried about me getting lost or mugged. They were mean we had to pay for 2 teachers (who were like 30..bunch of %$^&*) to come. But the money came from our fundraised money and they never helped once >.< When I was at Gamers they were telling me nothing was up ass how did I spend 200+ dollars on stuff if there is nothing up there :frustrated: But this year I'm getting loads of goods. And bringing empty suit cases LOL. But I have to work lots at my job so far I have enogh for the trip but spending money is what I need now 2,000+ is my goal :) well 200,000 yen LOL

Back on topic ^-^ I wonder if they do make those watches..even if they r pewter LOL.

Asakura_Y0h 2004-01-30 20:44

Sakura-Chan... its not that they are rich... its the currency exchange.... where I am now.... its 25 yen per RM1.... What in the world can you buy with 25 yen?????????? nothing.... that's like a dollar to dollar equivalent to 25 cents....

By the way Vulkar... that thing is cute... I saw some pictures on a website... I think it was some PS2 promotion... so I'm sure that its from a game... I just don't know which one...

Want a pewter watch? can get something similar over here....quite pricy... anyone heard of Selangor Pewter?

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