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Kaioshin Sama 2008-01-14 14:03

La-Mulana is a homebrew freeware game made by GR3 Project that they designed to look like an old MSX computer game. The MSX was pretty much the Famicom's main competition in Japan during the days of the 8-Bit consoles and much of La-Mulana revolves around the main character Lemeza Kosugi using his MSX computer to explore the ruins of La-Mulana in search of an ancient treasure.

The game is primarily puzzle-platformer and trap based as while you do have a whip (Yeah your character is basically Indiana Jones) and their are monsters to fight, most of them don't do very much damage and the main danger is in getting knocked into pits, spikes and other traps, or off the screen. Along the way you will find a ton of items, some extremely handy, some not so much, as well as MSX Roms to plug into your MSX computer that can produce various effects, or none at all. The game is tricky this way. It's generally advisable not to try to get ahead of yourself and to focus on one puzzle at a time, lest you trigger a trap that makes things harder for you later on.

Since the game is perfectly free to play I thought I'd post a link to Aeon-Genesis Translation Patch where one can also find a download link for the game if they are interested in trying it. I should warn that the games difficulty is tricky. Not neccesarily hard, but tricky in that there are a lot of traps and unexpected events that if a player is unprepared or has not practiced a certain function for, will spell certain death. There are walkthroughs though if one get's stuck.

Anyway I would recommend trying out this game as I've had fun with it so far.

ginseng 2008-02-08 00:22

It's a great game. Probably the best freeware game ever seen on any platform, and I severely doubt it will be contested for a long time. Anyone who ever liked Maze of Galious, Castlevania, or Metroid, or some similar game will feel right at home.

Some of the puzzles are pretty much Notpr0n-level in difficulty. You can lose stuff by screwing up. Good luck solving it on your own.

I wish I hadn't looked up so many of the puzzle answers.

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