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chibi Jiraiya plushy 2004-01-28 18:43

Gensou Maden Saiyuki
I've seen it and loved it GOjyo is my fave character how about you?

ElvenPath 2004-01-29 05:26

Gensou Maden Saiyuki is licensed.

-> DVD & Licensed

Thread moved

theprophecy247 2004-03-17 17:19

Can any one tell me how many episodes Saiyuki contains?


THE ELF-SAMA 2004-03-17 17:33

I guess there are 26 epis but we only have 12 released by fanssubers

takuan 2004-03-17 19:09

I believe the Saiyuki TV has 50 episodes total. I'm not sure about the OVAs though.

oDin01 2004-03-17 21:27

50 episodes being released on 12 DVD's from ADV.

mirichan 2004-03-17 23:40


Originally Posted by theprophecy247
Can any one tell me how many episodes Saiyuki contains? thanks

GensouMaden Saiyuki is 50 episodes...

Saiyuki Reload is 25 episodes (only 11 have been subbed presently) and should be finished shortly (in their Japanese run) but a new series has already been announced, that will be continuing the saga so Reload does not equate END for Saiyuki.

Wolfsbane68 2004-03-18 03:26

I wish the fansubbers skipped the fillers and went straight on to the Kami-sama arc. I want to hear Sanzo snarling

strider_hiryu 2004-03-24 04:05

the subs come out so far apart that I've forgotten waht episode i'm on...can anyone tell me what episode 11 was? i dont want to dl it just to find out i've already watched it thx

LArSON 2004-03-29 00:47

how many episodes gensou maden saiyuki has? 40 or 50? (animenfo sais 50 but i'm not really sure)

oDin01 2004-03-29 07:27


Originally Posted by LArSON
how many episodes gensou maden saiyuki has? 40 or 50? (animenfo sais 50 but i'm not really sure)

It's 50 episodes long.

KidGusto 2004-05-17 16:36

Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, Saiyuki Gunlock, Gensou Maden Saiyuki?
I was lucky enough to watch a bit of Saiyuki Reload before it got licensed but what I want to know is how many eps are there in the whole series? I found out there was a previous Saiyuki thats already licensed and supposedly on DVD already but while i was looking around I hear about another Saiyuki series called Gunlock and Gensou Maden Saiyuki which I found out was being subbed and its up to episode 44. Are all these Saiyuki's part of the same series? Where the hell do I start?

Griffith 2004-05-17 18:03

I believe the order is as follows: Saiyuki (also called Gensou Maden Saiyuki), Saiyuki The Movie - Requiem, Saiyuki Reload, then Saiyuki Reload Gunlock.

oDin01 2004-05-17 18:32

Saiyuki is 50 episodes long. Saiyuki Reload is 25 episodes and Gunlock Reload looks like it will eventually be 25 episodes also.

hamiko_san 2004-11-27 21:30

Let's Talk "Saiyuki:Requiem"
10 things more, you never know.

Lady_D 2004-11-29 06:15

Hey, I love anything Saiyuki! Mmmm,Mmmm, good!

Wolfsbane68 2004-11-30 12:00

Goku's eyecolor changed? It's a joke, right?

donna8157 2004-11-30 17:16

Is "Saiyuki" (the first one) a good series to watch?

jalana 2004-11-30 17:20

I enjoyed the series. All three series are a continuation of the main plot, which was, in a nutshell, to get to the West to stop the demons from going crazy. Of course, being men, they couldn't stop to ask for questions, which is why they took 101 episodes (original: 50, Reload: 25, Gunlock: 26) to get to the West, even with a Jeep. :/

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