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Nenkitsune 2008-01-28 01:17

Do your parents watch anime?
Just a question. i'm curious to know if anyone else has parents that watch anime either with them or on their own.

My mom watches anything I watch really. I let her watch Nana, then showed here where she can watch it, and she finished the entire series a few days before me. Now she's watching Minami-ke Okawari (we watched the first season already) I think she might watch Zetsubou Sensei after i told her what it was about. I should re-download Lovely Complex. She'd probably like that one.

Vexx 2008-01-28 01:45

Technically.... I *am* a parent who watches with my wife, sons, and their girlfriends and random other people. There are a few parents in my adult education japanese classes who also watch anime.

I say "good for your mom!" ... :)

Wirbelwind8 2008-01-28 02:01

My dad watches anime and its mainly the reason why I do too. I wouldn't be a fan of anime if it wasn't for him. My mom watches it whenever we are watching cuz their's nothing for her to do. Although her favorite show right now is Naruto, she can' stop watching that one. Every time the episode ends she'd go "GAWD DAMMIT THATS IT?! WHERES THE FIGHTING?"

solomon 2008-01-28 02:05

My mom being initiated into the stuff in the 80s, likes the kind of stuff that was big in the 90s. Namely dark, heavy, action packed, high budget glossy stuff like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll and perfect blue. Her most recent addiction was Stand Alone Complex on Adult Swim and she enjoyed the telecast of Wolf's Rain as well.

Her first anime was Astro Boy back in 66 though.

Darklord_bg 2008-01-28 02:13

God, you guys are so lucky.

My mom doesn't like anything that has sci-fi/fantasy themes or any degree of unrealism at all and she thinks animated movies are just for kids.

My father does not watch any movies or TV series, he only watches politics and sports.

I have tried to explain to them many times that anime is not exclusively for kids and to describe scenarios from my favorite shows, and I'm always met with a blank look saying "how can you watch something so infantile".

I am 100% sure that no matter what I do I will never change their view on the subject. I guess that it's natural, since I live in a country where anime and any sort of animation is considered ONLY for kids.

Alexandrite 2008-01-28 03:01

My dad doesn't, but my mom has sat down and watched a few series with me, and she seems to enjoy most of them. She watched the Air movie with me when I got it for Christmas and has since bought the series and proclaimed it her favorite. I'm so proud of her. :D

Nenkitsune 2008-01-28 03:02

My mom saw Laputa:castle in the sky in the thearter if i remember correct. I my being half japanese is being lucky. She got me into anime in the first place hahaha. She used to watch Tenchi all the time, and watched Mononoke Hime whenever it was on TV. I think if she could, she'd buy all of Miyazaki's films (we have most of them haha).

OH. she had a school diary with some friends from highschool (i think)
Her friend drew a gundam in it, and it looked freaking PERFECT. My mom is amazing at drawing. Give her a picture, and she'll make a perfect copy. She also does some really nice drawings when she wants.

KholdStare 2008-01-28 03:08

The only anime my mom's watched was Grave of the Fireflies and she actually liked it. I'm pretty sure she's not going to like any of the contemporary stuff though. ;)

Nenkitsune 2008-01-28 03:11

I think my mom likes slice of life type shows, but since she likes miyazaki stuff, she might like something along the lines of Shigofumi or Ghost Hound (actually, I bet she would like Ghost Hound)

Spectacular_Insanity 2008-01-28 03:42

You guys are very lucky. My mom tolerates my watching anime, but our tastes in movies and TV greatly differ in almost all aspects. Same goes for my dad.

I like action-intensive shows or where there's at least a lot of melodrama, my mom likes chick flicks. I can't see to get my mom out of the mindset that "Anime = cartoons and cartoon = for kids." Oh well. Her loss.

EXEs 2008-01-28 04:15

My parents, watching anime? Are you mocking me? Of course they don't. Hell, when I said "Hey mom, there's Death Note on tonight.", and she said "DEATH note? Nonono!!!! It will make you psycho!!! Do not watch such shows!!!". My family's a bit nuts, btw.

Nenkitsune 2008-01-28 04:32

wow...that sucks XP
i remember watching adult swim and the disclamer that people younger than 14 shouldn't watch, and my grandmom said "what are you watching! you shouldn't watch that!" and i'm like "uhh, i'm 17, i can watch whatever i want..." (of course, that was 2 years ago, i'm 19 now haha)

my grandmom is a psycho control freak. I'm glad i moved away from that wretched state. anyways, I wonder how much my mom will actually watch haha.

Lanner Falcon 2008-01-28 06:10


Unfortunately, they have no real interest.

solomon 2008-01-28 06:20

Well it depends on your folks but the sad fact of the matter is, even if theres a chance you can show them that anime isnt a bunch of juvenile pornographic drivle, you gotta be careful in what you show them. Ghibli is always good, Kon and Oshii are for more heady arthouse peeps. Tv series are another thing though, I find that comparatively a small sliver of a fraction of contemporary anime tv shows would ever go over well with my mom.

Besides being animated, some anime just have these quirks that we eventually get used to that regular people would just be bewildered by. My mom would never sit down and look at something like Mai-Hime or Negima for example.


Originally Posted by Nenkitsune (Post 1366611)
wow...that sucks XP
i remember watching adult swim and the disclamer that people younger than 14 shouldn't watch, and my grandmom said "what are you watching! you shouldn't watch that!" and i'm like "uhh, i'm 17, i can watch whatever i want..." (of course, that was 2 years ago, i'm 19 now haha)

my grandmom is a psycho control freak. I'm glad i moved away from that wretched state. anyways, I wonder how much my mom will actually watch haha.

I like how adult swim changed it from originally being adults only to only kids under 14. They're finally being honest about their audience, hahaha.

The Chaos 2008-01-28 06:46

Just For Note.....My Parent Think Any One Watch Anime Is Kid....
That Mean They Are Not Watching Any Anime...:(
Btw....They Still Think I'm Kid...Even If I'm 19

SeijiSensei 2008-01-28 08:41

Like Vexx, I'm a parent who watches anime with his daughter, but I actually watch a lot more than she does. (Lately we've been watching Shion no Ou together.)

I will just reiterate the point I've made in other discussions like this one. I often hear complaints about how parents don't like the shows you offer to share with them. Perhaps that's because your tastes in anime and your parents' taste in entertainment just don't align very well. I never read how someone tried shows like Bartender, Hataraki Man, or Mononoke, all of which were made for mature audiences. I'd also recommend shows with a broad appeal like Seirei no Moribito or Nodame Cantabile. Perhaps you don't recommend shows like this because you don't know they exist. Browse my signature for examples of shows that appealed to this 58-year-old parent.

SolarNova 2008-01-28 08:49

My dad original got me into anime when i walked into the front room around 10-11 pm and he was watching an anime on sci fi channel, i started watching.. and he let me which was suprising considering these were considered adult 18+ blood gore bad language etc ..the lot....

This was when i was like 13 ( im 20 now ), i saw that one anime and i cant remember what its was but i was hooked.
2 months later sci fi in there infinite wizdom stoped the 3 hour thursday night anime time and i stoped watching anime for many years till a good fast downloader came out and i got back into it... but alass dad is no longer interested nor is my sis or my mum ..owell ..their loss

Seditary 2008-01-28 09:24

No they don't.

Thankfully my mother doesn't really mind what I watch, but my stepfather took every opportunity possible to comment on my childishness etc because of my tastes. (still does btw whenever I see him)

One of the reasons I left as soon as I could.

Risaa 2008-01-28 09:39

Absolutely not. Frankly my parents are too busy and take no interest whatsoever in what my sibling or I do on our spare time. :heh: I've gotten my sister into it a little bit, but our tastes differ so we never end up watching anything together.

Kristen 2008-01-28 09:41

Well, they have watched anime, but not as a series. My dad had to sit through the Pokemon Movie when I was 11. Well for him, more like sleep through it. And my mom probably saw a few of the Pokemon episodes I was watching on TV. :p

Why in the world did I like that show?

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