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Pellissier 2008-01-29 04:58

Character Discussion - Jun
The purpose of this thread is to provide a place to discuss all things Jun related. Isurugi Jun is Noe's brother, often referred as Number 4 (of his basketball team).
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EXEs 2008-01-30 05:18

Kickass older brother, why else would Noe behave so cutesy around him?

Pellissier 2008-01-30 05:25

Jun is the key preventing us, for now, from understanding more of the possible developments of the series. His interest for Noe seems to be more of that of a simple brother, though I can see him being very complicated as well. He do knows Hiromi, after all, though we don't know exactly how and why.

OT: The more I look at him (particularly at the pic above) the more he reminds me of Roy Mustang (FMA). Now considering that also Maes Hughes' voice is in the cast (Shinichiro's father), would that be a coincidence or an Easter Egg?

felix 2008-01-30 06:16

He does look like him. But I only sense a slight resemblance.

As for the character. I don't particularly like him, maybe it's his attitude or I've just seen that pattern too many time, I just don't like him the most out of all the characters.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA 2008-01-30 06:37

Number 4 seem to have hidden agenda.

I don't like him.

EXEs 2008-01-30 08:17

Awww, c'mon people, show him some love! Even though it appears he's a bit of a siscon, I'm sure his character isn't as bad as you guys describe it. He's the mature, responsible, silent, good big brother, what's there to hate.

felix 2008-01-30 08:20

@ EXEs ~ Let's just say, I don't see those characteristics complementing each other...

Deathkillz 2008-01-30 12:42

This dude (ooh so he is called Jun XD)...he seems nice on the surface but I bet he hasa dark side for drama's sakes. And because we know how this series like to throw dark sides into the mix, there is a high chance he is a whack-o :eyespin:

billbrown 2008-01-31 00:03

Well, Jun is the final cog in getting the machine running. Noe, Hiromi and Shin will react according to his actions.

Discovering Jun's angle will be an interesting experience. He's obviously a bit attracted to his sister(perhaps they aren't blood related?), but his request at the end of episode four throws that for a intriguing loop. What's he trying to set up here? Noe certainly doesn't need his help to put moves on Shin, so I don't see her requesting it.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA 2008-01-31 00:39


Originally Posted by EXEs (Post 1370684)
Awww, c'mon people, show him some love! Even though it appears he's a bit of a siscon, I'm sure his character isn't as bad as you guys describe it. He's the mature, responsible, silent, good big brother, what's there to hate.

Sorry,it's hard to show him love when he has the same smirking look on his face as Roy Mustang.

He seems to me the kind of guy with big sister complex(i have experience in this).I don't think he would "hand"over Noe that easily to Shin.Him asking Shin for that favour clearly surprises me but at the same time i sense something malicious from him.

If he really love Noe other than what he should,he may try to bring them together first and then pull some strings behind their back which left Noe disappointed and sad.Then he will come to her and play the "big brother is here" act and comfort her.Then Noe will think he is the best and yeah happy ending for him.He owns Noe forever.

I might speculate too far,but this is the kind of impression Number 4 is giving me right now

Irenicus 2008-01-31 01:50


Originally Posted by Chinatsu-no-miya (Post 1372180)
I might speculate too far,but this is the kind of impression Number 4 is giving me right now

Ouch, that's harsh. >_<

Me, I like him. He riles up Shinichiro by that attitude of his. It's fun for me to watch that scene at the end of episode 4; I'd like to see that more.

I'd hate him if he starts dating Hiromi though. :heh:

Shiroth 2008-01-31 08:34

This thread should be titled Character Discussion - Jun (Number 4)

It had to be done.

Pellissier 2008-01-31 08:45


Originally Posted by Shiroth (Post 1372664)
This thread should be titled Character Discussion - Jun (Number 4)

It had to be done.

It's not that I haven't thought about it. It depends on where the anime is headed, if in the next couple episodes he'll still constantly be addressed as number 4, I'll change the title. Otherwise it'll stay as it is.
Anyway, once someone enters the thread, it is well specified above who we're talking about, I think :)

Kaoru Chujo 2008-02-07 00:26

I don't dislike Jun, but he does seem weird. His angry reaction to grandma and Noe talking about tears was striking. The little hitch when he was doing up Noe's helmet looked like he wanted to caress her throat. His cavalier and domineering manner is interesting. His easy agreement to trade Noe for Hiromi (in a sense) made it seem as if he didn't care about other people that much. Except for Noe.

In any case, it will certainly be interesting to learn more about him, as I guess we will in ep6. In the preview, it looks as if he is caressing Hiromi's hair, much to her shock.

w00tness 2008-02-07 11:14

Jun and Hiromi are in similar cirmcumstances. Both like someone, both feel that they should not like them, and both lie to themselves about their own feelings. The result is Hiromi saying that she loves number 4 when she doesnt even know him, and Jun asking Shin to go out with his sister (he probably convinced himself that "this is for the best, would make her happy, etc"). Parallels can be drawn to Aiko, where she decides to get closer to Shin through Nobuse. There was a point in the past when Aiko was content to just be closer to Shin, and not expect Shin to return her feelings (the episode where she talks about understanding why Hiromi wanted to be Noe's friend). Granted, it appears now that Aiko isnt happy being best buddies anymore, and wants to get closer still (possibly because she feels that she has hope now that Shin told her that Hiromi told him that she likes Jun), but before that, she was willing to "just get closer". Perhaps in the past, she decided that the best she could do was just to get closer to Shin, and so she hooked up with Nobuse even though she doesnt like him, because "it was for the best".

I like Hiromi, Aiko, Jun and especially Shins mom because they seem very human to me, with good points and flaws that do not seem unnatural. I dont really like Noe because shes just weird, and Shin because he's too dense (well, harem male leads tend to have to be dense, or else there wont be a story), and everyone else seems to be minor characters.

Hmm seems like I didnt cover too much Jun in a thread for Jun, but meh, that little bit is my 2 cents.

sapphire-pyro 2008-02-10 07:29

I love Jun! xD For me, he's the most good-looking guy in this series *_* Squeeee!

I love Jun's cool and evil side xD And his hair!!!! It's somewhat similar to Firo's (fom baccano) OMG!!! xD And then his eyes and hair color are resemble Roy from FMA. Double the love xD Firo + Roy = WIN! xD Hehe (only in looks though, personality's too different ^^;)

Oh I like male characters with sis complexes xD And Jun's one of them xD Sibling love FTW! xD Jun and Noe rock so much, I don't care much if it becomes incest. I like them as individuals, as siblings, and even as partners xD

I think it has been clearly hinted in some episodes that he may like her romantically. I just wish he won't be the perverted type ;_; I will change my mind about him if he has indeed become a perverted bastard ;_;

Because of the possibility that he'll turn into a not-so-likable character, I am afraid and excited at the same time on seeing episode 7 *_x

But so far, Jun's freakin' lovable! YAY! xD

w00tness 2008-02-11 17:21

lovable? O_O
he's selfish and doesnt care about anyone or if he hurts anyone as long as he gets what he wants (happiness for Noe)

though granted, that part of him is lovable.

Shiroth 2008-02-11 20:48

I must say, after episode 06 i have a lot more respect for Jun, and just don't see him as a woman user. How he looks after Noe in his own strange way, i really do love that.

Darklightz 2008-02-12 13:53

There's something I don't like the way about the guy. The way he just casually "haggled" to make Shin go out with Noe, to the way he asked Hiromi out in such an emotionless manner with his creepy smile.

What I"m curious is what he will do if Shin decides not to go out with Noe after all.

Atheuz 2008-02-13 15:17

Giant douchebag.

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