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NoSanninWa 2008-01-30 15:16

Favorite scene in Claymore
There have been many types of experiences in Claymore: sad times, exciting battles, survival against the odds, meeting new friends. If there is a scene in the show or manga that really meant something to you, feel free to post about it here. Please remember to explain why it was important to you, or else this thread could quickly become pointless and be destroyed.

Just a few ground rules:
  1. If your favorite scene was in the manga always use spoiler tags. Use a title for the spoiler tags that says if it as in the US version, or from the Japanese version that Viz has not yet published. Don't spoil those who only read licensed manga.
  2. If your favorite scene was not in the manga, then don't use spoiler tags or else people will have a hard time figuring out if they should click on spoiler tags.
  3. Explain why that scene was important to you or else I might just delete your post. No simple answers are allowed.

Fenrir_valindri 2008-01-30 15:57

Spoiler for Manga Spoiler Volume 11+:

For stuff that was in the anime:

When Ophelia was hunting Clare down, I truly felt Clare's fear during this entire Scene, it was the first time we really saw Clare's more primal emotions come out since her hybridization.

The reintroduction of Irene was also a big one for me, seeing a character I was certain was dead again truly suprised me, and I did not feel it was cheap as is the case with most anime.

Valduran 2008-01-30 18:18

In the Anime:

Galatea taking care of 'problem-child-Clare'.

Riful's comments on Clare/Galatea/Jean's battle with Duff. And her scolding of Duff.

Ophelia's introduction and 'game'. I was like "This bitch is my kind of psycho" when I saw that. :D ... :uhoh:

I also liked the conclusion of her first battle with Clare too. When Clare permanently lost her arm and then her hand, was probably one of the most lasting impressions a scene in anime has ever made on me(Second only to the unmentionable Teresa scene of course). Over the course of that episode(including later scenes with Clare and Irene) was probably when my sympathy for Clare finally cemented.

Miria's first sparring match with Clare. (Probably one of my favorite fights in the anime...maybe the fact that it is like the only fight in the entire series that is fully animated gives it bonus points? :D)

The bandit's attempted rape of Teresa, Clare attacking him and Teresa defending her, the tears from silver eyes, etc... That was probably when I realised I was going to love Claymore.

In the manga: None so far really...the anime did all my favorite scenes alot better :(

Although there have been quite a few really cool moments in the post-anime manga chapters, manga just doesn't make quite the same impression on me as anime.

Although I think this is worth mentioning:

Spoiler for Helen:

That's probably my favorite Helen moment. ^^

Spectacular_Insanity 2008-01-30 20:33


Raki's determination to stay with Clare forever, even if it meant dying when Clare went over her limits in the holy city was the first emotional moment of the series and really got me permanently attached to Claymore.

I have to say Teresa's scenes all were great. The attempted rape, the comment about Clare being like a pet, and her beating down the other 4 members of the top 5 (at the same time, mind you), all were great scenes. However, Teresa's scene with Clare where Teresa actually breaks down and sheds tears was probably the most emotional scene for me. I was crying too... manly tears of course.

The scenes with Clare + Raki vs. Ophelia were truly terrifying and I seriously was worried that someone I liked was going to die... again. I also liked the part when the AB twisted Ophelia's nack around. Her quip then was quite amusing, even though Ophelia ended up living.

Clare, Jeane, and Galatea's fight scene was fantastic, and I liked how Clare made a friend and finally got some damn respect.

The scene with Rigald losing an arm and looking down as his stump and having no reaction because he just couldn't believe it. Superb. Again, Clare finally got some damn respect.

Jeane sacrificing her life to save Raki and Clare's. She threw herself into Clare as she almost killed Raki and Priscilla together and synced her youki with Clare's, restoring her but killing Jeane. I cried. Jeane was probably my favorite Claymore other than Teresa. I didn't want her to die. T_T

Devilz911 2008-01-30 22:11

Spoiler for Jap. Manga:

Anima 2008-01-31 01:32

1. Ophelia's pre-awakening scenes. Her introduction, The fighting of the single-digit AB, the cat-and-mouse catch up. I like the fact that she is so obsessed with fighting ABs to the point where she get involved in a stupid single-sided argument ignoring a tough AB standing in front of her. Being so confident that she is gonna kill and rip each AB and the amusement (that's actually my favorite) she shows when she knew that Clare was using yoki flow detection to block her attacks.

2. Ophelia's post-awakening. The part when she discovers she's awakened. I felt sorry for her. I just love Ophelia :D

3. Teresa taking on the top 4 claymores all by herself without being scratched. That was epic. 'nuff said.

4. Rigardo's recalling memories of a fun battle and getting serious against Clare. Mainly the BGM of that scene makes me like it more :D

Spoiler for Manga:

@NoSanninWa: Teresa's death scene was intense but I would never call it a favorite since it killed my favorite char in Claymore. :mad:

NoSanninWa 2008-01-31 02:14


Originally Posted by Anima (Post 1372273)
@NoSanninWa: Teresa's death scene was intense but I would never call it a favorite since it killed my favorite char in Claymore. :mad:

No? Maybe I really should remove that rule. I might have made an unwarated assumption. Let's discover the truth together, after all that is what discussion is all about. Overmoderation is a sin I should not commit.

My favorite scene in Claymore was Theresa's death. It was powerful and moving. Sure it was painful, but that meant it was important to me. Right there I knew that I was never going to stop reading a title if it could make me care so much.

koffy 2008-01-31 10:52

1. The first scene in Rabona, its reminded me the most for medieval time so I like it very much.
2. Slashers episodes. Nice scenery, nice fight. Aware of Clare is a weakling but even not as much.
3. Probably Witch's Maw my fav scene. Galatea appears again and show how cool is she^^, recognized Dauf is a big crying baby and saw a cool fight. My fav moment when Clare realize how to use her quick sword and its surprise Riful.
4. Invasion of Pieta: fight against Rigardo. I like the moment when Clare is running in slowmo :) and that was an arm lol^^ and then Rigardo just looking his stump.
5. The 7ghost appears(I belief things quickly :uhoh:)and improved a lot.
6. Riful collecting allie, Miria's team save the weaklings^^.

I like all of the Teresa scenes, especially the meeting with Clare and beating the former top Claymores. Same here, I never liked Teresa's death scene:(

Valerian Mengsk 2008-01-31 11:17

Wow koffy, that's most of the manga!

Hehe, I'm right there with you. The list of my favorite scenes nearly match all the scenes in the manga.

ergon 2008-02-01 05:14

Spoiler for jap manga:

Anima 2008-02-01 05:44

Ergon, all of those scenes were in the anime so the spoiler is kinda extra. ;)

And it seems many people like Ophelia despite her cruelty. Yagi must have put a spell in Ophelia scenes! :D

Zsych 2008-02-01 07:03

@Anima: Regaring the Rafaela spoiler and your pet theory... in my own case, the problem with that is not that its uncool, but that there really isn't any set up for it. Out of the blue things happening often doesn't seem good. I think Irene was enough in that area... or maybe Raki returning a Claymore... :)

As much as I hated Raki, especially towards the end of the anime... In the manga he seems quite decent. I especially liked when Isley slashed his sword towards him and Raki didn't even bat an eye... even if you see that often for strong, or would be strong characters in fantasy, it was still pretty nice.

Anima 2008-02-01 08:51


Originally Posted by Zsych (Post 1374320)
@Anima: Regaring the Rafaela spoiler and your pet theory... in my own case, the problem with that is not that its uncool, but that there really isn't any set up for it. Out of the blue things happening often doesn't seem good. I think Irene was enough in that area... or maybe Raki returning a Claymore... :)

I don't think that my theory is out of the blue. I compared incidents and found similarities between them. Of course I could be completely wrong (hence it's a theory) but I believe there is some possibility to it being true unless of course someone counter my thoughts with facts from the manga that I couldn't comprehend or Yagi just telling us explicitly that Luciela is dead.

Sindra 2008-02-01 23:46

Im actually quite surprised that no one has mentioned the part where Teresa goes beserk and kills the whole band of bandits after they raided the whole town. That scene in particular had a huge impact for me, I loved when she told them that she was going to kill them for they are lower than Yoma =). and of course the scene where she breaks down in tears after she realizes that she was being the one comforted by Chibi-Clare.

aurr 2008-02-02 05:35

How Clare suprises her comrades at Slasher part. She get's up, and evades AB's attaks, sending Miria in awe.
Oh, and then the Ophelia vs. Clare and Clare. vs. Priccy at the end. Aaaaand Clare vs. Gald and Sid, basikally most of the fights.

CitizenGeek 2008-02-02 05:44

It has to be Clare's fight against Riful's minion (can't remember his name, think it began with a 'd'?)!

Anima 2008-02-02 09:21


Originally Posted by CitizenGeek (Post 1375918)
It has to be Clare's fight against Riful's minion (can't remember his name, think it began with a 'd'?)!

It's Dauf/Duff.

Mikke 2008-02-02 13:13

Ummmm.... I'd vote for the flying octopus scene, lol :heh: it was emphisezed both in the manga and anime likewise.... As slowly teresa's consciousness discipated and only three words remained, which claire later on heard every time she placed her palm on her upper chest... "Kill that *itch!"

Anima 2008-02-03 18:18


Originally Posted by Bikerider (Post 1378592)
My favourite scene is and will always be the NEXT one in the NEXT chapter.

I hope we get a flash back so your certainty would be ruined :p j/k

I'd add:
Spoiler for Ch 77:

yezhanquan 2008-02-05 09:36

For me, it's the scene where Deneve regenerated her arm. Her expression screams "murder" and yet, she later got a hole through the gut =X.

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