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Dxon 2008-02-05 13:11

Best Anti-Virus?? Free and pay!
Which of the existing anti-viruses are the best?

Please sum up a few of free and pay. ;)

Thank you.

I'm just trying to make a clear list. ^_^

The list:
|Free anti-virus|

1. Avast Free
2. Antivir Classic
3. AVG Free
|Pay-up anti-virus|
1. NOD32
2. Kaspersky

Kazuma77 2008-02-05 13:14

AVG Free :p oh and payed is Nod32 ( at least for me )

xris 2008-02-05 14:10

I suggest you have a search of this forum and read the many threads on this topic. You are not the first to ask the question and you will not be the last.

arcadeplayer987 2008-02-05 15:48

AVAST is the best free, I saw a comparison review and is better than AVG. I install it after NOD32 and he found alot of virus

Ledgem 2008-02-05 16:10

I don't put too much stock into anti-virus software these days. I use it on my Windows systems either to alert me to when there's a problem, since an infection is usually followed by AV software acting strangely, or to block minor problems. Once you're infected it's a big pain not only to clean out the virus, but to ensure that your system isn't compromised.

I run Windows through a virtual machine on this computer, and yesterday I infected it with a trojan virus (I was taking risks and I was in a rush with what I was doing). I figured I'd try to remove the virus - the virus scanner found the virus core and removed it, but I had to use Spybot S&D to remove other aspects of the virus. I ended up reverting the virtual machine to a former saved state before it was infected (something you can't do with a non-virtual machine, unfortunately) and was done with it. When you're using your system for important business you can't risk it. That said, a good firewall and smart computing practices are more valuable than virus scanners at this time.

Nutcracker262000 2008-02-06 03:06

Pay: Kaspersky and F-Secure, since they have the best detection rates.

Free: AVG

On a personal note though I think using a virtual machine to just simply avoid the hassle of an antivirus program, though you need a good amount of ram :heh:

Vmware player virtual program that I'll recommend if you have an image of the OS you want to use

Potatochobit 2008-02-06 03:16

for 2007 version norton internet protection SUCKS do not get it

mcafee total protection was very good

this is from personal experience, I have both and still use them on different computers

I cant say if norton 2008 was fixed, but I'm not ready to experience that garbage again, anti virus messing up is one of the WORST head aches to deal with

kujoe 2008-02-06 04:01

With regard to free AV programs, I went from AVG to Avast, and finally to AntiVir. I found AntiVir to be the lightest, and various reports and tests did indicate that it surpasses other free offerings in terms of detection ability.

Of course, that was a few years ago. I don't know what kind of improvements have been made (if any) by others since then. AVG always felt kind of clunky to me, whereas Avast was too heavy for my tastes. Maybe the latest versions have improved, but I'm not that curious to find out for myself at the moment. The one downside to AntiVir in my opinion, is the way it updates definitions. It can take some time, and one of its components (avnotify.exe) fires up an ad about the product itself every time it updates. You'll have to disable it by establishing a rule within the local security policy to prevent it from opening itself.

As for the alternatives you'd have to pay for, I've heard good things about NOD32 and Kaspersky.

Dxon 2008-02-06 13:14

I had Antivir free before and now I have AVG.
I went from bad to worse. You see. YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL ON AVG FREE!! You can't make any exceptions (so it's asking the same damn thing 10,000 times a day while it's not a virus...). You can't edit or make new schedules. The Resident scanner sucks.. And the only thing good is the Fast Scanner..
At least.. Fast? It's faster than Antivir. But that's all..
I think I'll go for Avast now.. Let's try that one. :P
I had Norton Internet security 2006 once. I remember it sucked. It sucked up lots of RAM and kept asking the same shit over and over just like AVG free..
So yeah..
Avast for now. ^_^

Ledgem 2008-02-06 19:00


Originally Posted by Nutcracker262000 (Post 1383455)
On a personal note though I think using a virtual machine to just simply avoid the hassle of an antivirus program, though you need a good amount of ram :heh:

Vmware player virtual program that I'll recommend if you have an image of the OS you want to use

As of almost one year ago I run Mac OS X. I don't recommend running everything through virtual machines unless you're very paranoid. I was just pointing out how it's troublesome even for an experienced computer user to clean Windows, and that virus scanners are much better as prevention tools than as cleaning tools.

Once a system is infected, it's very difficult to fully clean it out, and you can't just rely on the virus scanner to remove all parts of the virus (if it's even possible to do). Use the virus scanner as a form of prevention, definitely get a firewall, and exercise good computing practices.

SeedFreedom 2008-02-07 07:18

Hmmm... i've been looking into finding a VMware program. I cant seem to find a soure for it anywhere. Can someone please direct me(or PM me) as to where i could go to acquire one.

wnmnkh 2008-02-07 13:32

Actually discussion about best Anti-Virus is quite useless since those programs' performances always change all the time.

But usually Kaspersky is top.

hobbes_fan 2008-02-08 01:05

Kapersky and Nod32 are tops but not free
Of the Freebies
it's avast and AVG

What is "best" anyway, there's 3 ways to combat viruses. The *nix way which requires logging in as root while the most secure, can be inconvenient (see all the bitching about Vista UAC, imagine the outrage has they gone to this system). Then there's active protection like on access scanners which I think is the next best way as it prevents the viruses from entering and installing in the first place. Then there's the scan and remove method, which IMO is the worst way, becase by then the damage has possibly been done. I don't trust a system with a keylogger infection even if the AV successfuly removes it.

Depending on which theory you subscribe to one AV solution will suck against others. I subscribe to theory 2. That's why I prefer Avast over AVG. Nearly all testing I've seen shows that the on access scanner of Avast is better than AVG's. AVG is better at removal though, but I'd prefer to just nuke the system depending on the threat, I ghost my HDD monthly anyway. Of my 3pcs 1 doesn't come into contact with the other PC's. It only ever connects to my bank and MS for updates. Keyloggers/trojans no mucking about, adware etc I can live with removing them.

And then that's not even factoring the biggest problem of all - the USER. Turning off certain services, not using a firewall, not updating definitions, not running a full scan at boot once a month or so. It's user stupidity that causes most infections

Claies 2008-02-08 02:18

Avast and AVG both top the free list. As a paid solution, NOD32 is relatively very bulletproof.

arcadeplayer987 2008-02-08 14:56

Kaspersky is 1 year free now

Kaioshin Sama 2008-02-08 16:54

I was using AVG, but now I use Avast as AVG was wrecking havoc with Steam and other such clients for a while. My computer also runs faster now, whereas it was starting to lag uncontrollably before.

amjzz 2008-07-28 16:32

In your opinion, which antivirus is the best?.
*I dont know if this was posted before, i searched and didnt found anything, if its a repeated topic or talk about this is not allowed just close/delete please.*

Like the topic title your opinion, which is the best antivirus?

Personally i think that the seems like a good and safe antivirus.

And...i know its not an antivirus but it works like one:

The Deepfreeze is useful if want to download anything because once you restart it will delete everything you installed/downloaded/did when turned on the computer...and the best thing is that dont need updates or check a file...just restart/turn off the PC will delete all.

Vexx 2008-07-29 02:00

AVG got in trouble recently with the "lords and security gods of the internet" for some uncivil and poorly implemented network behavior. They pulled the change back out after much fun was made of them and tomatoes thrown. It hurt their credibility with security warlocks.

Avast does a reasonably good job and hasn't been the butt of anger and jokes like AVG. As usual, opinions are time-dependent and this opinion could change next week if something blows up.

ZoomZoom 2008-07-29 02:07

If I were you I personally wouldn't get AVG, I used it once and all it did was 'cause problems and if you're not to computer savvy to begin with it's more than likely not a great choice for you, I may be wrong though.

Phantom-Takaya 2008-07-29 13:36

I'll voice the same thing as some people have already. The programs will change and so will their reliability. It's just a matter of time for someone to come up with a virus or trojan that would confuse the anti-viruses and affect them in the process.

That said, I've leaned towards Kaspersky, with NOD32 at a close second. McAfee's not bad, though not the best. Norton's just way too invasive.

As for free, I'd say Avast, but when I ran a comparison to the top free anti-virus and top bought anti-virus, the anti-virus you buy won. Maybe it's because the revenue helps keep the software in better shape. I don't know.

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