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Skyfall 2008-02-07 13:41

Spice and Wolf - General Character Discussion
The purpose of this thread is to provide a place to discuss things related to all Spice and Wolf characters who are not fortunate enough to have a thread of their own.
To keep the discussion enjoyable for all Spice and Wolf fans, please follow the guidelines below and stay on-topic!
Note: Please don't use this for the specific episode / chapter / game talk, there are other threads for that.

Thread Guidelines
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  • Be polite to your fellow forum members.
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  • Have fun, but post intelligently.
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tebahpla 2008-02-13 00:53


oh SHI~~ this thread is actually for CHARACTER discussion.

serenade_beta 2008-02-13 01:15

Since the first arc is finished:

Spoiler for ep6 (other character thoughts):

Masanori Ota 2008-02-13 01:20

Not to derail the topic too far, but regarding beta's comment, if SaW gets a new intro then I support his guess that certain characters will not appear within the next six episodes. If it doesn't get a new OP, I still kinda support his theory since the second novel of SaW doesn't have much in common with the first. Still, take that with a grain of salt. Chloe is meant to replace a couple characters, I hear, not just one. She may make an appearance later for some inexplicable (or perhaps thoroughly explained) reason.

serenade_beta 2008-03-26 00:34

And now that it is over, more simple character thoughts:

Spoiler for ep8-13:

This thread gets requested, made, and we get three actual posts. (-_-) :heh:

kitsunisan 2012-03-05 20:39

Ok, I'm bumping a 4 year old thread because I'm new to the forums and to S&W and want to get some activity going.
Season 2, last arc, was the barmaid given a name? I did like her, she seems too good a character to not appear again, shame she most likely won't.
Anyone who's read the novels, does Weiz appear again? I liked his and Holo's bantering in episode 7 of the first season.

Redeyes260 2012-04-08 14:52

If anything I think they might (along with a few other characters) come back in the last novel where..
Spoiler for Book ending:

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