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Bando 2004-01-31 01:47

Hey, does anyone know the ending to the Full Metal Panic Novels? (NOT the mangas!)


Xaros 2004-01-31 07:01

what is the difference of the manga and the novels ?????
i thout tha en circle of manga makes a novel

Bando 2004-02-01 16:00

Really? I thought that the novels were the original stories of Full Metal Panic, and then they made mangas based on those novels.

Well, does anyone know the ending to the novels OR the manga then? =)
(I already know what happens at the end of the anime, which I think did not conclude everythig like the novels and mangas did).

I)ark-I)eath 2004-02-01 19:23

the english manga is still at manga 2 so i donno either -_-

srb 2004-02-04 03:07

Are the novels even translated to English?

zalas 2004-02-06 15:43


Originally Posted by srb
Are the novels even translated to English?

Nope, I believe they were serialized in Dragon.

fatemegami 2004-02-06 18:36

As far as what I know (PLEASE correct me if I'm totally off...), the novel is the original (like Bando mentioned), and that the anime so far only covered up to the first 3 volumes of the novel... (fumoffu is from small plots that fall in between) and I think the novel has 6 (or more) volumes...

Xaros 2004-02-18 07:20

ok about 5 hours reading in the net found waht is going on
if anyone like i can give the link in pm
kj 1980 pls go there also to be sure that guy dosen't says whatever comes into mind pm if you want to know the link or you could add anyting in there

DarkHonour 2008-08-08 01:05

The ending is not out yet.

I'm currently reading Semaru Nick of Time, which is rumoured to be the 2nd last book in the FMP main series. (This book was publised in February 2008)

omegaknighx 2008-08-11 11:06

can someone give me links or torrents to to the fmp novels after Continuing On My Own?

LeoXiao 2008-08-11 12:53

I think that the available translations stopped in the middle of burning one man force, so after that it's all just summarization.

Yu Ominae 2008-08-16 21:50


Originally Posted by zalas (Post 91717)
Nope, I believe they were serialized in Dragon.

TOKYOPOP's doing the English translation for North America. Right now, 3 are out.

DarkHonour 2008-10-15 12:38

For those who can read Chinese, I think the Taiwanese versions are the most updated of all.

debbielj 2008-10-19 21:27

Novel 4 is to be released by Tokyo Pop this dec.

Scarlett_Rain55 2008-10-25 08:38

This novel thing is so confusing...

UltimateKane99 2008-11-06 10:27

Eh, a couple of people are going to be translating the novels. Don't worry, we'll be out shortly.

HunterSeeker 2008-11-07 06:45


Originally Posted by DarkHonour (Post 1989775)
For those who can read Chinese, I think the Taiwanese versions are the most updated of all.

Uh, no. They've just released COMO for some times ago.

xCrystalx 2009-07-12 12:42

Can anybody pm me the links or torrents of the translated novels please?

Catscross 2009-07-29 08:53

where can you read the FMP novel? i mean,, i saw ppl say they read the novel from here,, but.. it's like so many posts... i can't search each of them.. and that thingy has no more of it, says that Tokyo pop has limited it.... so.. is there any place that I can read the novel?? not manga, but novel? or like.. download??????

velvet nightmare 2009-07-29 14:30

what's the point of this thread when all this information is already asked weekly in the current novel discussion thread:

-where can i get translated novels
-how far has tokyopop translated
-when's the next novel coming out

etc etc

the fmp forum really needs someone to update a FAQ or something

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