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radiantdreamer 2008-03-17 02:01

Elf Girl by Radiant
Thought I'd share my latest work with everyone here.

Find out how it's done on my blog!

Daniel E. 2008-03-17 03:24

You know, if you had posted that in the Kairin thread, everyone would have bought it in a heart beat. :p

It's an amazing piece of work, btw! :)

Also, be sure to check the sig rules. You are breaking them big time with that sig you have right now.

Cyz 2008-03-17 03:48

Very nice. She looks like Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War

radiantdreamer 2008-03-17 10:41

Thanks. I'll fix the sig when I get time.
I don't think that my drawing would qualify as a Kairin fan art though - Kairin has a much more "Belldandy" air about her, and she has very different hair. Mine is as Cyz pointed out, much more Deedlit-like.

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