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Crystal_Method 2008-03-29 11:11

Deadman Wonderland

Spoiler for summary:

This is a pretty new manga that has proven itself worthy of it's own thread with the most recent chapter that has been released, read and you'll find out. Any of you interested in stuff like Gantz, Battle Royale, and other psychological screwers will love this series. Here's a link to manga update's page.

Don't let the shounen genre scare you away. The only reason why it is labeled as a shounen is because it's serialized by Shonen Ace. If anything, it has much more of a seinen feel to it. Of course it does consist of a few shounen elements, but that doesn't hinder the story any bit.

Anyway, on with the discussion... (If you read the most recent chapter you can look in the spoiler)
Spoiler for manga:

Skane 2008-03-29 14:39

I got introduced to this manga from this blog article, and I'm very, VERY happy that I did. :D

Good gravy! This manga is overflowing with psycho-moe! This is probably one of the rare few occasions where I will actually say I get orgasmic just from reading it. :love: I'm simply loving the insanity being portrayed.

About Ch0011's "twist", well... I kinda predicted/expected it early on. :heh: The Elfen Lied parallels kinda ruined the "reveal" for me, I guess. :p

Takami was also delicious... I look forward to her future appearances. :)


Irenicus 2008-03-29 19:48

The Eureka Seven art attracted me (well, the manga adaptation of E7 was made by these same people...) -- lol @ the new Anemone, as unhinged and mysterious as ever -- and I found it to be an exciting and very promising manga overall. Lots of mystery, lots of action, and lots of fun.

One caveat though: I sincerely, desperately, absolutely hate these stories where the conspirators are so powerful and omnipotent that the heroes keep suffering and suffering and suffering until they finally managed to deliver justice -- or in some cases not even that. The premise of this manga seems to be based on exactly that. It's really, really, -really- depressingly annoying.

I think I'll enjoy the manga in detail and forget about the big picture for my own peace of mind.

Crystal_Method 2008-03-29 20:19

To be honest I didn't notice that this was a creation of the makers of Eureka 7 (probably because I never read the manga nor watched the anime). Though I always here good things about it and some bad, but more of the good. So it's nice to know we have some insurance of possibly how good the manga will be.

I agree with you that the conspirators are much more powerful than the protagonists, but only politically and financially. Also they aren't omnipotent, or at least I hope they aren't. I don't think they can match up to the freakish powers of the deadmen, but then again can't be too sure what they got up their sleeves either.

Kaijin 2008-03-30 18:38

Looks interesting. The storyline has potential and I love the art... Will definitely be checking this out.

D a m i e n 2008-03-31 10:44

the running man (movie not the steven king book) meets Eureka7. 9 months later deadman in wonderland was born.
the first few chapter appealed me when they got released, i enjoyed the survival games the total amorality of the prison, but the ring tournament with the apparition of superpower completely shut my interrest.
Cheesy dialogue/scene, wimpy maincharacter, typical shonenish "i will win doing the less possible damage to my opponent"...
i think it had potential but it just headed for the easy shonen goodigood way.

Westlo 2008-03-31 11:20

I've read the first ten chapters and enjoyed it so far, I hope it stays good.. I'll get around to catching up soon.

Blue_Mercy 2008-04-10 23:22


Originally Posted by Westlo (Post 1501099)
I've read the first ten chapters and enjoyed it so far, I hope it stays good.. I'll get around to catching up soon.


sapphire-pyro 2008-04-11 09:03

I LOVE THIS MANGA!!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!! xD

I want more Crow too . . .he's adorable :)

Irenicus 2008-05-02 06:10

A'ight, Chapter 12 is out for a bit now, so it's time for some good old necromancy with this chapter of blood feud, yandere fanservice, and premature hair loss.

The story changes its focus a bit this time with the introduction of -- finally! I can't say how happy I am with this -- allies who, like our hero, seem to, god knows why, dislike the idea of a bloody nightmarish gladiatorial lifestyle. And they even saved the day! ...until someone dangerous shows up.

The excitement is still as high as ever, though Ganta still doesn't have a clue that his beloved savior/best-friend-4-ever Weird Girl Whatshername is the real crazy one. And, as usual, his comrade the Normal Guy With A Sister got beat up again. I swear with all the beatings he's been through it must've been one real hard life. :heh:

This manga is shaping up to be one epic bloody mess.

Chrono Helix 2008-11-24 04:50

I was reading this, seemed mildly interesting... then chapter 9 came. I want to see more of her!

BlackNhite 2008-11-25 21:08

If there's one thing I have to give this manga, it's props for having the most badass characters. You can't get much better than Senji-kun!

ellifeedn 2009-04-05 16:38

This is certainly one twisted series on par with the likes of Elfen Lied and Hellsing. I'm hoooked :p.
Spoiler for chapter 21:

Now waiting for chapter 22, which the raw came out a week ago.

balmung5000 2009-04-06 00:22

this manga is one of my fav
def in my top 3
its insane, bloody, and terrific artwork
anyone who hasnt checked this out def
needs to read this one

ellifeedn 2009-04-07 23:43

I've been wondering about the destruction of Tokyo. What if it was not natural? What if it was man-made, and the "man" in question has already been introduced?

Dragon TY 2009-04-10 21:09

That place is fill with crazy nutjobs.

-Sho- 2009-08-25 03:57

Ow surprising that there is few viewer for this manga who is very great ^^

Don't trust anyone , everyone are liar lol
Poor Ganta , everybody want to kill him .
Gotta like Minatsuki , she's damn sick XD cute too ^^
Senji is a badass :)

Seems that chapters takes so long to be released .

SquirrelLuvsPnut 2009-09-07 11:06

Anybody take a look at the raws for chapter 26 yet?
Spoiler for spoiler:

ellifeedn 2009-09-07 16:36

^ Where did you find that one? The only raw that I know of that's after chapter 21 (where snoopy stopped) was chapter 25.

SquirrelLuvsPnut 2009-09-07 19:39

The deadman wonderland community at livejournal.

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