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4Tran 2008-04-04 15:21

Macross Music Videos
This thread is for discussion of Anime Music Videos or MADs involving clips or characters from the anime series Macross (this includes parodies as well). Of course, this isn't restricted to Macross Frontier, you can obviously post AMV from the previous series of the franchise as well.
If you have any links to or comments about such AMVs, please feel free to post them here!

If it helps, you can use the YouTube bbcode.
[youtube]value[/youtube] (the "value" is taken from the "v=" bit of YouTube URLs)
In addition, if you are going to post a video that contains spoilerish parts, then please use properly marked spoiler tags. To add them: highlight your spoiler and click the button found
on the "Quick Reply" and "Reply to Thread" forms.
Make sure that you include a title for the spoiler!

Please use the Report button if you see any spoilers.

Westlo 2008-04-04 15:30

An oldie but still one of my favs, Information High AMV by Maboroshi Studios (my fav amv maker back in the day along with Kevin Caldwell) contains spoilers for Macross Plus of course.

Sun-Ku 2008-04-05 06:54

Information High is great and gets never old. In Fact Information High is the only music i have in my playlist for 8! Years.

deffusse 2008-04-05 07:10

Ifo_high;) , absolute classic song, and one of the best songs ever..., nice amv

Onizuka-GTO 2008-04-05 17:33



pinoy78 2008-04-05 19:38

Most inventive eyecatch I've seen in a while. THX for the link.

Onizuka-GTO 2008-04-05 22:58

some great Macross AMV

Onizuka-GTO 2008-04-07 12:58

holy crap!!

you have watch this Fan made intro for Macross Frontier!

It's all hand drawn!! its deculture!

And this one is with another Mayaa sakamoto song, (Aquarion 2nd Op)

Westlo 2008-04-07 13:04

Damn that was pretty tight, I like Triangler but Don't Be Late is just an awesome intro song for a series like this.

Cadorna 2008-04-12 10:56

the fan made was really good

Onizuka-GTO 2008-04-14 12:49

not exactly a music video, but a mix of the nyan nyan eye catcher, with Ranka rendition.

its cute!


Light Yagami 2008-04-16 18:39

I liked the last one.
Thanks for sharing

Goodbye (^^)v

Jin and Toanic 2008-04-19 21:06

Hatsune Miku Nyan Nyan~

Kaioshin Sama 2008-04-24 18:33

A weird crossover between the Macross series and the classic NES game.

Onizuka-GTO 2008-04-24 23:33

heh. that was weird video, kaoishin, but i like it.

made me remember VFX-2, i loved the intro song as well as the animation.

i remember playing this game only briefly, but the intro is pure win all the mecha porn. get free indeed.

oh and something i never really knew until now, since i only played with the Japanese version, the main hero is Captain Aegis Focker

yeah, either he is a descendant of Roy Focker or a relative im not sure, but VFX-2 is set in 2050-2051 so i think he'll still be alive in 2059.


crasis 2008-04-26 21:51

Okay, so this isn't a music video, but it absolutely made my day:


Kronnang_Dunn 2008-04-29 06:51


Originally Posted by crasis (Post 1561504)
Okay, so this isn't a music video, but it absolutely made my day:


Best DVD ad... EVER!!!! DECULTURE!!!!

Btw... I just made a Macross Frontier AMV... Hope u like it...

Onizuka-GTO 2008-05-01 02:40

Don't be late! Sagittarius 9:00PM!

Won't miss it for the Galaxy, Gorgeous! :D

Jin and Toanic 2008-05-03 01:53

Violin rendition of Triangler.

Onizuka-GTO 2008-05-03 04:04

Violin Screamer rocks. i love his rendition of Bokursno's Uninstalled as well.

But here is one of Don't be later (short version)


Nice Music video here :)

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