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shangtsail 2008-04-08 08:24

Has anyone tried them? I like the setting a lot.

Innocent Grey Official Site:

Mazryonh 2008-04-08 18:20

Are you asking for info or have you already played the game? Because if you've played Cartagra, I'd like to know a thing or two about its story.

And yes, I believe that's how the title is supposed to be romanized, as "Cartagra." Is "Kasumihime" Innocent Grey's first game? It doesn't sound like an alternate name for their other games, such as "Pianissimo" or their upcoming "Kara No Shoujo" (is that supposed to mean "The Empty Girl" or "The Girl of Emptiness"?).

After Hiro Suzuhira quit illustrating at Navel, it was a while before I found another eroge artist who caught my eye as much as she and Carnelian of Orbit-Soft did. I think Miki Sugina of Innocent Grey is doing a good job at that though. Cartagra's colour palette and character designs have stayed with me for a long time, even though, not knowing Japanese, I can't understand the story.

In short, did you play the game? If so, what did you think of it?

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