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Pellissier 2008-04-13 12:25

Hayate no Gotoku! - Favourite Character(s) Poll - Final Chance!
Welcome to the Hayate no Gotoku - Favourite Character(s) Poll , the place when you can adorn you favourite characters and support them expressing all of your love! This is the second and last chance to vote characters from the first season of Hayate no Gotoku. You can see the first poll we ran here:

Hayate no Gotoku - Favourite Character(s) Poll

Spoiler for Poll #1 Results (Top 10):

You can vote for multiple characters all at once in this poll. Your vote is final once you click on the "vote now" tab. You won't be able to comeback and vote a second time for another character. Choose wisely!

The poll is public which means the votes will be visible to everyone!

Thread Rules
  • No campaigning for votes.

    Any post with "Vote forÖ/Do not vote for..." verbiage will be deleted. Discuss why you do or donít like characters without campaigning for votes.

  • Do not insult or harass other members for their choices.
    Please remember: this is for fun. Do not take it so seriously that you end up in an argument with another forum member because they express a fondness for a character you loathe. Discussion and good spirited banter is always welcome, but harassing people wonít be tolerated.

  • Have fun, but post intelligently.
    Itís great to have fun, but please try your best to add substance to what you post and make your thoughts interesting for the generation of fans that will follow after youíre long gone and on to watching some other series.

OceanBlue 2008-04-13 14:31

Nagi - I might not have voted for her had it not been for episode 52.
Hayate - Amusing main character. Utilized the absent fourth wall very well.
Hinagiku - Hinagiku.
Ayumu - Normal girl. Episode 52 also helps her.
Saki - Clumsy maid.
Sakuya - I also found her amusing. She's borderline though.

-Breakthrough- 2008-04-13 16:09

Hayate - He's always been a favorite of mine as a male lead.

Hina - Cool, calm, yet so adorable at the same time, she always turns me on.

Maria - Nagi's onee-sama figure and hayate's true love interest, a kind woman who's always looking out for both of them.

Nagi - loli otaku and gamer, do want.

Sakuya - I've always been a fan of her's. She's rather loud at first glance, but in the end, has a soft heart.

Isumi - She's too adorable...

Saki - Meganeko maid moe~ turns me on too.

Wataru - The kid had his funny moments.

S_K 2008-04-13 16:44

Hayate- An indebt butler :heh:
Nagi- hikikomori
Maria- cute and lovely maid
Saki- clumsy maid wearing glasses
Wataru- boy who tries hrad to win Isumi's love :heh:
Isumi- adorable giel who always gets lost
Sakuya- her gags are funny at times
Hinagiku- (dont know what to say)
Ayumu- the only average and normal person in this story
Narrator- none of this would be possible without him :heh:
Himegami- very mysterious! cant go wrong with bananas?

Personally i like all the characters in this series, can't wait to see more in the 2nd season!

Eps~ 2008-04-13 17:07

Nagi - spoiled princess who runs the show
Maria - wondering if she really fancies hayate :D
Hinagiku - speachless
Saki - gotta love her clumsiness
Sakuya - always made me laugh with her fan-smacking
Risa - imo the funniest of the 'trio'
Yukiji - a funny drunkard
Klaus - gotta like that ol' fart
Himegami - i like mysterious characters

LeaD36 2008-04-13 17:19


iīll be pretty alone with izumi + miki but w/e^^

Echoes 2008-04-13 18:31

Ah, I feel as passionately about these characters now as I did when I voted in the first poll, if not more. And on closer inspection, it dawned on me that I had chosen the exact same characters I did back then. My perception of them may be different, but they're all still my favorites, and no one has managed to top them, it would seem. Some of them I've grown to like even more. So, without further ado:

(This post might be filled with fanboyism and otakuish love for the characters, you have been warned!)
  • Nagi. Nagi is all-around great. I usually don't like spoiled brats, but I'm more than happy to make an exception in this case. Nagi is incredibly cute, and though she often acts selfish, she has a kind heart. The chemistry between her and Hayate is great, and the show would not be close to the same without her. My favorite hikikomori, she's simply lovely.
  • Hayate. Now this is a male lead. He tackles anything life throws at him and then some, he makes it through any situation and does not let life's troubles get to him. God knows he's had his fair share of them. His devotion and loyalty to Nagi makes him admirable and likable. He's easy to relate to, and I can actually understand why the girls fall for him, unlike many other harem leads. A gem he is, that Hayate. Did I mention he's hilarious?
  • Maria. A kind, responsible and adorable maid. Really now, what more could you possibly ask?
  • Hinagiku. The Queen of moe. The undefeated champion of moeness, she's simply moe. It's probably her middle name. I have to admit, at the beginning of the series I failed to see why everyone was head over heels for her (even though I still liked her), but now I fully understand. Oh, how ignorant I was. Her fear of heights is still adorable, and she knows how to kick ass when she needs to. A truly great and versatile character. She's smart and beautiful, too.
  • Isumi. I loved Isumi from the get-go. Her absurdly bad sense of direction and her gentle voice are incredibly moe. Like Hinagiku, she has the ability to be much more than a moe-blob. Being able to drive out evil spirits could always come in handy! There's something about that Isumi, she's not easily forgotten.
  • The Narrator. He adds that extra hilariousness to push the show from great to amazing. His antics and commentaries are hilarious, he really gives the show an extra edge and makes sure we're never bored, for even a second.

Traece 2008-04-13 23:59

Hayate: Who can't love Hayate? All the main female characters are pretty much in love with him. He's done pretty much every job there is to do. Quite frankly, he's just an all around awesome character.
Maria: She's a great person, as well as quite pretty. She really deserves more of a story in this series, as even though she's had her moments and has her moments I feel like it'd be nice to see some of her past.
Hinagiku: Easily Hayate's best love interest. I mean... She's pretty much had a romantic moment with Hayate every time they've been together. Even when they're fighting in tournaments, there's still romance. Falling from a tree? Romance! You get the idea. Then with herself, she's your normal girl and has her normal things. Cute, dependable, responsible, afraid of heights, and innocent. Plus, she's one of the few girls I have seen do a really cute 'thinking about him and being embarassed even though she's alone' moment, in her bed cuddling the gift she got from him no less.
The Narrator: Ah the narrator... His voice adds a lovely tone to the series. His omniscient existence livens up the series greatly, and adds yet another comedic aspect that just comes out of nowhere. I think since the beginning of the world of plays and drama, the headless actor has always been the most intriguing thing. Plus, he's one of the only narrators I have seen that makes a physical appearance in the series he narrates for.

Carnivorepanda 2008-04-14 01:32

*Hayate = he's an awesome main character, and he can be moe. XDDD
*Maria = I simply love her. =D She's really nice and cares for both Hayate and Nagi.
*Klaus = He's funny... XDDDD
*Tama = Another character that never fails to make me laugh. he and Klaus are a perfect duo. XDDD
*Himegami = He's awesome. Loves Bananas. Mysterious. Period.
*Ten no Koe = Best narrator evarr~ XDDD

serenade_beta 2008-04-14 01:38

Sanzenin Nagi - Nice tsundere; hikikomori otaku :heh:

Ayasaki Hayate - Awesome character with the worst luck ever. Crossdressing Hayate is disturbingly cute too.

Katsura Hinagiku - The ever so popular Hinagiku. Don't like her as much as her fanboys, but great character too.

Nishizawa Ayumu - Normal is good. Most favorite character, to be precise. More than Hinagiku. *dodges everything thrown*

Segawa Izumi - Energetic, cute, yay~ Best of that trio.

Ten no Koe (Narrator) - Hilarious existence

Minorou 2008-04-14 15:59

Of course, the top people in my list include Hina & Hayate; after all, who can't like them? ;) There's already enough reasons already posted here for these two. So, I'll talk about two other favorites less-discussed.

I wonder why I'm the only one who voted for Kuzuha Kirika so far. Well, I guess I shouldn't say that; it's only a few days since the poll started. Regardless, she's a good antagonist/villain with some golden moments. Kirika & Shion make a hilarious duo that I'm surprised didn't get as much attention as I had thought. On top of that, Shion's incredibly cute, which can do nothing but help gain my vote. I don't know, maybe I am the only one who enjoyed those scenes. Unlikely, I think. :)

Forgive me if my post sounds a little fragmented; I'm very sleepy at the moment. X)

DragoonKain3 2008-04-14 19:00

My top 3 was a no brainer

Hinagiku - she has enough moe power to easily go toe-to-toe with a lot of characters who fall on the childhood friends archetype, which for me is saying a LOT

Hayate - easily one of the best harem male leads ever

Maria - there is a reason why she's the only female in the series Hayate has been shown to be romantically attracted to

Now considering that it's 20 choices, and I usually pick ~1/4 in such polls, I feel the need to pick 2 more characters. Which to be fair, is pretty tough, since for me there isn't a clear choice for the rest of the group. But I think I'll go with...

Ayumu - it's tough being the only average girl when the rest of the main cast are literally extraordinary people

Wataru - the Hayate in the making. Just hope he handles his harem as well as Hayate does (and me being me, I'm still hoping that he won't break his engagement ever lol)

dave1992 2008-04-15 08:48

1. Hinagiku
Nothing to say, no reason not to vote her
2. Sakuya
Cute, and kind, easy reason
3. Risa
I believe not much would vote for her, she's cool after all

SeedFreedom 2008-04-16 09:36

So want to vote right now, but i'm only half way through the show. I'll vote when i'm actually done.Ffor now, if i did vote it would be Hinagiku, Maria and Isumi

The Chaos 2008-04-18 23:03

I Voted For
  • Hina-Chan
  • Maria-San
  • Hayate
  • Nagi
  • Sakuya
  • Saki
  • Izumi
  • Himegami
And Other ...The Two Butler Forget Their Names >.<

Fudce 2008-04-27 15:10

Ayumu: Beautiful, never gives up, honest, and has a healthy appetite. She's the only girl to have openly admitted her feelings towards Hayate.

Also voted for Hinagiku, Sakuya and Izumi, but Ayumu is easily my favorite.

2H-Dragon 2008-04-27 15:27

Nagi, Hayate, Maria and Hingaku. Only characters I cared about. I can't really remember the other names. I fail for foregetting to vote for Saginomiya Isumi though. :(

minhtam1638 2008-04-28 10:40

I voted for whoever is in International Saimoe or was moe in my opinion enough to probably do well in ISML. I forgot to check off Maria's box, though, so my bloop on that one.

Yonaka-Mikuzuki 2008-05-04 17:37

Nishizawa Ayumu- I loved her bubbly personality and how she from the beginning immediately showed how she loved Hayate from the start. It was so adorable and her hairstlyle of pigtails was very cute.
Tachibana Wataru- It was sad that he didn't get such a high popularity. I thought his "love" for Isumi was so cute in a one-sided kind of way. He was a young kid with the cocky attitude which I thought was something I liked in pretty much lots of animes (boys with cocky) because it was so common. And just his height....^^
Asakaze Risa-She was the funny character always trying to ruin/interrupt subjects with her opinions and thoughts which was very funny. I remember one of the first episodes was when the three "idiots" first introduced themselves to Hayate and she had said her name was a famous Japanese singer, I got a small chuckle out of that

pineapple1 2008-09-29 00:11

HAYATE- "ojousama...." seriously man, i hate it whenever he says this..maybe because i really dont like him together with nagi :frustrated: he should be together with hina or maria :D..oh well he's still cool for me only whenever he saves others not nagi
HINA- cool as always..prob more manly than the bonding between her and hayate!! heights FTW :D
MARIA- most attractive female in the anime! although she doesnt really look like 17 hehe..i want mroe action between hayate and her!! and roaches FTW :D
NAGI- stubborn, spoiled brat, couch potato, dont really like her no offence :p
AYUMU- like her more than nagi..very normal girl xD creme puffs!!
ISUMI- "where am i?":confused:

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