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PiePants 2004-02-02 21:06

FMA ep 3...giant dog wtf?
I thought that the dog with the auto-mail leg was small. In virtually every episode it is small, but at the end of ep 3 there's a dog next to Winry(AF-F calls her Winly...I'm confused about that too) that's huge. What's that?

Forsaken102 2004-02-02 22:22


Originally Posted by PiePants
I thought that the dog with the auto-mail leg was small. In virtually every episode it is small, but at the end of ep 3 there's a dog next to Winry(AF-F calls her Winly...I'm confused about that too) that's huge. What's that?

The dog grown up.

At the end of ep 3, the two return from several years (or maybe not years, but a very long time abroad) with their alchemy teacher. They return to attempt to resurrect their mother, but they fail. They then burn their house and leave. By that time, the dog has grown up from the puppy it was in the beginning.

That's my opinion. That, or it could just be a proportions mistake from the animators; who knows.

As for Winry/Winly, it can be sometimes hard to tell the exact pronunciation/spelling of a name from a foreign language with their specific accents; whether you understand the language or not. Names are common with the language; for example, it would be easy to mistake "Enily" with "Emily" if you were unfamiliar with English names.

Since the Japanese tongue is a rather foreign language, and most languages' individual accents have very similar pronunciations. For example, it is fairly difficult to tell the difference of "m" and "n" in English speach, because it's the same noise made with the lips for the "m" and the tongue for the "n". Then in Spanish, it is very, very easy to mix up "b" and "v"... in fact, their pronounciations are so similar, that when speaking the name of the letter, "V" is reffered to as "uv" (prounounced "Oobay"). In similar cases, different letters and sounds, such as "r" and "l" would be fairly easy to mix up by speach alone.

Basically, it would take a native speaker of that language to definitively tell the sounds apart, and even then it's difficult (how many times have you been asked to spell YOUR name?). However, most fansubbers have only acquired Japanese as a second language in either their spare time, or specifically for fansubbing.

Oops... I rambled too long. Hope you can make out what I'm trying to say.

Ookla The Mok 2004-02-03 03:35

Winry's name is clearly spelled in romaji in the manga. Just check the character introductions page at the beginning of volume 3+.

ShinDragon 2004-02-03 05:10

At the beginning Ed, Al was at the ages of 6,5 .......
but when they tried to do the human transmutation, they were at the ages of 11,10.

That's a 5 years gap right there, and a very long time for the dog, too.

Master Ran 2004-02-03 09:03

They probably hired a Stand-In dog :twitch: :twitch:

Master Ran

Mcdonalds 2004-02-03 13:02

if you check ep 17, the dog is small, so i think that its a mistake by the animators (unless the dog in ep 3 isn't the dog in ep 17 although they look awfully alike).

ShinDragon 2004-02-03 22:12

In of ep 3 & Ep 17..... it should be the same size.
In ep 3. the Dog was in front, that's why it looks hug. (Camera Angle)

The Dog's not small.... or rather Auntie Pinako is just too short & small.

LordNasuke 2004-02-03 22:27

ok you see it really rather simple. In ep 3 the clothing company big dog used FMA to advertise there clothing line. For one episode they were alowed to place there dog in the real dogs place for a rather hefty price might i add. So it was an advertisement, very simple to see.

Cort 2004-02-04 00:12

In that episode the grandma comes up to Winry's shoulders, in ep 17 the grandma comes up to Winry's...not even her waist. So...the dog could be the same size, and Winry was just small at that time, as opposed to being big now. Still just a little bit of bad animation, but not a big deal imo.

Demon-Dragon 2004-02-04 15:55

Shin Dragon is right. It's just the perspective. The dog is closest to the "camera". It kind of looks like Winry has her hand on the dog's shoulder but she's really touching a tree. Take a closer look.

Mcdonalds 2004-02-04 16:02

hahaha, you're right as well. Sorry for misleading people then for my earlier statement which i retract. I didn't actually pause the scene and take a closer look but now i'm convinced. I should have realised as well as the dog isn't next to winry in the scene about 1 second before where it is clear that the dog is on its own

PiePants 2004-02-05 04:13

Holy crap you are right. Blast my fettid eyes. Now there's only the matter of the Naruto question I have which I probably asked before....*searches the histories*

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