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Aoie_Emesai 2008-04-20 01:01

The Forbidden Kingdom - Jet Li & Jackie Chan ^^
Yup Jet Li and Jackie Chan in the same movie, that's why I went to watch it. It was out last Thursday but I only say it today.

Spoiler for my thoughts on it(Spoilers Inside):

Royal_Devil 2008-04-20 01:46

I know there was a white guy but I at least liked that he could only fight well against fodder instead of taking on the Jade Emperor himself by the end.

And Chan and Jet's fight was everything I could have hoped it would be

-KarumA- 2008-04-20 03:41

white boy gets the girl i guess?
why did they have to put him in... =<

Spectacular_Insanity 2008-04-20 04:00

I thought Jet Li was retired? In any case, if it has Jackie Chan in it, it's a given that I will watch it. He's still my favorite non-Hollywood actor. :D

Gundampilotspaz 2008-04-20 04:30

The movie was better than I had thought it would be. The story lagged a bit in the middle but the fight scenes carried it though. It factored in the feel good little guy triumphs cliche which was poorly written and didn't transition well into the rest of the film. It felt like more of an 80's movie than a movie made in 2008.

Being a mythology geek, I liked the way they factored in the Monkey King. They changed the way the legend goes but I still like seeing them use the established mythology as opposed to just making up crap.

Aoie_Emesai 2008-04-20 13:24


Originally Posted by -KarumA- (Post 1547039)
white boy gets the girl i guess?
why did they have to put him in... =<

Hahaha ^^,

Well... if you like the typical comedy that Jackie Chan does this movie is all for you and you get the added factor of laughing at some of Jet Li's comedy too ^^

The Chaos 2008-04-20 13:41

lol..I Been Witting To See This Movie Long Time Ago...I Hope It Good ^.^
Jet Li & Jackie in one Movie :D

AnimeFangirl 2008-04-20 13:51

No matter how horrible/terrible/awful/abysmally bad this movie turns out to be, I owe it to the fan in me to watch it as soon as possible. It's obligatory.

Ledgem 2008-04-20 19:04

I saw it with my girlfriend yesterday. We don't see many movies, and when we do we usually go for Korean ones. This had the feel of a regular martial arts flick, but there was a lot more humor than one would expect from a movie of this genre (compared with movies like Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The One). I had mixed feelings about a martial arts flick with a Caucasian teen as the lead, but it turned out to be a good mix - it was certainly the vector for a lot of humor. The guy doesn't turn into a kick-ass kung fu master, but he ends up fighting well and I was content with that.

I went in with high expectations, and my only disappointment was that it wasn't a bit longer. Great setting, great characters, great fights... and I still can't get over the fact that they used both white/silver and black eyeliner on the female villain. I'm a sucker for eye makeup; such a combination would look pretty warped on ordinary people, I'm sure, but I found that to be a very interesting combination. (Don't go to see it based on that alone, of course.)

ApostleOfGod 2008-04-20 19:35

This movie is going to be SICK. Jokes.

Kang Seung Jae 2008-04-20 19:38

The Jet Li - Jackie Chan fights.

The only reason I would see the otherwise crappy movie.

Claude 2008-04-20 21:00


Originally Posted by Kang Seung Jae (Post 1548740)
The Jet Li - Jackie Chan fights.

The only reason I would see the otherwise crappy movie.

That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm a fan of both of them but this movie didn't look that great.

nanafan 2008-04-20 22:00

i would kinda want to see this movie.

Aoie_Emesai 2008-04-20 22:47


Originally Posted by nanafan (Post 1549003)
i would kinda want to see this movie.

If you like comedy, then it's all good ^^

Tommy 2008-04-21 00:59

I enjoyed the movie. The Chan vs Li fight was really good, not the best I've seen or anything but still really good and the other fights weren't bad either. When theirs no action Jackie carries this movie with his humor and Li even gets some laughs in here and there.

The story was nothing too exciting, just a predictable plot with nothing original really. You can definitely tell they were playing it safe with the script and bloodless action scenes since this is the first time these two world renowned martial artists have starred in a film together.

It was worth the price of admission to me, being a huge fan of both actors and I definitely recommend seeing it.

As an added bonus I've included a link to one of the greatest Jackie Chan one on one fight scenes ever. If only Chan and Li did a movie 20+ years ago...

Goshin 2008-04-21 01:02

lol saw it on saturday. like others have mentioned story was kinda wack.

Spoiler for my thoughts spoilers:

Kana Futayo 2008-04-21 01:36

I'm planning to watch this movie this saturday.
What's the time length of it?

Aoie_Emesai 2008-04-21 01:37


Originally Posted by Kravius (Post 1549400)
I'm planning to watch this movie this saturday.
What's the time length of it?

1 Hour and 47mins.

update - Humm... I remembering reading it for 1hr 47mins, W/e it's 1hr 53min to be exact. You're not gonna die from 6 wasted minutes (but watching "The Comeback")

Kana Futayo 2008-04-21 01:41


Originally Posted by Aoie_Emesai (Post 1549402)
1 Hour and 47mins.

Thanks for the info :)

ESC 2008-04-21 02:57

It was a good movie,
Jackie Chan & Jet Li = awesome

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