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MidnightDreamer 2004-02-03 02:54

Sister Princess Repure
Hey guys, sorry if this has been posted before, but I ran a search and found nothing under Sister Princess Repure. Anyways, throughtout the 13 episodes, there are certain ones that have someone singing a certain tunes, the girls voice has this hypnotic effect on you, it's a really light voice, very unique. I'm just wondering if someone could tell me which group she belongs too, and where I could download that music. I've been stumped on where to find it for a month or so now, glad I found this forum... So thanks in advanced...

bluemist 2004-02-03 03:15

Apparently the singer is Ritsuko Okazaki, who also sang the melodramatic tunes of Fruits Basket and Princess Tutu.

Sadly, I am also unable to find any of those character songs. I spent ONE YEAR trying to find it but it seems no one has it. Anyone who knows where to find it?

ElvenPath 2004-02-03 05:17

Sure, it's available here.


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