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Pellissier 2008-04-24 14:17

Soul Eater - Episode 3 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Soul Eater, Episode 3.

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The Chaos 2008-04-24 14:29

Lol...First Post In The Forum...Witting This Ep..^.^

xris 2008-04-24 15:15


Originally Posted by Tendou88 (Post 1556848)
snip, snip, snip

Soul Eater is MFI :eyebrow:

Originally Posted by xris (Post 1294964)
While this series has not yet been licensed it is produced by MFI, therefore we won't be listing fansubs here on AnimeSuki. See Removal of Media Factory Inc. Works for details.

Since it is "restricted", the following posts are no longer allowed in this thread.
  • Asking where you can find Soul Eater downloads or torrents.
  • Asking for help downloading Soul Eater.
  • Asking for playback help for Soul Eater episodes.
These rules applies to fansubs (in English or any other language) and raws alike.

You still are allowed to discuss the anime, that has not changed but please remember to limit the discussion to the story.

Zoe 2008-04-24 15:29

^ That should probably be added to future episode threads.

In case anybody missed it in the other thread, the late show didn't change any of the content of episode three aside from the next preview.

Zu Ra 2008-04-24 15:39

I still havnt watched it yet the wait feels like ages

Tempest35 2008-04-24 16:20

Only because the Soul Eater world is so cool. :D I love the 'partner' system in the story - makes the relationship between weapon and weilder all the more cooler and more dramatic.

GuidoHunter_Toki 2008-04-24 16:37

I greatly admire the style of animation in this show. I also admire how well choreographed the fight scenes are; they're so fluid. Same goes for the movements of the characters.

Zu Ra 2008-04-24 17:14

Now I can finally get to watching the show ^o^ The new character featured in teaser in ep 2 peaked my interest levels

Ashlotte 2008-04-24 18:45

Yay for subforums...

<3 Liz.

Thought tsubaki has it tough...Poor Liz has to deal with not only one but two idiots. :heh:

Kisuke06 2008-04-24 18:55

Another great episode. BONES is doing an outstanding job as usual.

Death the Kidd > ALL.

cicido 2008-04-24 19:02

I foresee death the kidd's fangirl raving this episode.:D

Jerseykid 2008-04-24 19:32

woo, "the story will now begin"! Maka is still my favorite, I hope there is a little bit a romance thrown in when it's all said and done.

w00tness 2008-04-24 21:18


Maka is still #1, just for being Maka.

Thompson sisters are <3. I like how they didnt need Kidd till the end because they could use each other.

DtK, as I expected, made me facepalm. At least he was kinda funny though. B*S doesnt even have that much D:

wktk for next ep

starry_sky45 2008-04-24 21:57

I absolutely love Death. He's so hilarious, another great episode! :D

Advent 2008-04-24 23:30

Kidd and his symmetry is soo funny!!

Boduar 2008-04-24 23:58

I think the best part of the entire episode were the 2 sisters fighting the mummies using each other + transforming to avoid attacks. Might be because im immune to death the kidds symmetry problems due to manga reading.

Nvis 2008-04-25 00:29


Originally Posted by Advent (Post 1557925)
Kidd and his symmetry is soo funny!!

I loved how he embraced that "Kyu" pokemon/ball thing, then pwned it because it had an extra eyelash. :heh:

Kidd's got the best intro.

RyougaElliot 2008-04-25 00:36

Another splendid intro episode.

Kidd's quirks are some of my favorites, and his relationship with the sisters is refreshing.

FlareKnight 2008-04-25 00:48

Hmm something about the humour surrounding Kidd didn't quite reach me. Something about a guy that will actually let himself be killed because his opponent is symmetrical. Wouldn't say he didn't have his moments, but something didn't quite align for me. Found Black Star easier to like for some reason.

Still the sisters were excellent :). Seems handy that they could rely on each other in a fight for when Kidd....has to step out. Few shots then they can switch to get out of a jam.

Everyone has problems to deal with of course. Maka and Tsubaki are left while Soul and Black Star go on their run. The friendship between those guys just seems like a source of headaches for the girls.

Conan-san 2008-04-25 04:19

I can't be the only one who was thinking Megatron when the Gun Sisters were going solo.

Also, love for the VA choice for D.T.K.

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