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NoSanninWa 2008-04-24 14:23

Soul Eater - Voice Actor Appreciation & Discussion
The purpose of this thread is to discuss, critique and idolize the Voice Actor cast of Soul Eater. Please remember that the discussion should center on their performances as professional voice actors and not on the show content (which can be discussed in the various Episode threads). Please remember this simple rule when critiquing a VA's performance or reading another forum member's critique:
  • - Don't take it personally.
    In other words, youíre free to disagree with another personís opinion, but donít flame them if they offer a well written and well thought out analysis that differs from your own opinion. Keep it civil.

  • - Voice Actors are humans.
    Yes, itís true. Theyíre human. Therefore, donít just indiscriminately rip them and their work apart as if theyíre inorganic objects. You donít have to praise them non-stop, but be thoughtful in your criticism.
This thread might duplicate some discussion in the Episode threads, but it can also serve to demystify various VA roles, disseminate VA information (VA Bios, VA photos, etc) and provide cast information of various types as well as discussion about performances.

Zu Ra 2008-04-24 15:38

Rikiya Koyama ( Seiyu : Shinigami Sama )

Rikiya Koyama

* Date of Birth : 1963-12-18

*Hometown : Kyoto, Japan

* Blood Type : O

* Hieght : 1.72m (5' 6)

* Weight : 65kg (143 lb)

* Website : Blog

* Koyama graduated from Ritsumeikan University, where he read law, in 1986, and entered Toho Gakuen College and majored in drama. After graduation, he joined the Haiyuza Theatre Company in 1988. His first production with the company was "The Idiot", in which he played the role of a servant. He came to the attention of the public when he was selected at an audition to play the role of Sebastian in "Twelfth Night" directed by Michael Pennington.

* Koyama has appeared in many plays, including "The Merchant of Venice" staged October and November 2005. He played the role of Antonio. The play was performed in the UK, the Netherlands, Romania, and Japan and received a favorable reception.

* Koyama also played in Japanese TV dramas which dealt with social problems, such as "The School Will Change When the Headmaster Changes" and "Unjust Accusation".

* He also does an attractive dubbing for the voice of the pediatrician, Dr. Doug Ross (George Clooney) in the American TV drama "ER", which has been broadcast in Japan since 1996 by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). This dubbing made him leap to fame in Japan. Since then, he has dubbed all the roles played by George Clooney in films after "Peacemaker" and has also played leading characters in many major plays

* Anime Roles :

Spoiler for Savin Space:

* OVA Roles :

Spoiler for Savin Space:

* Movies :

Spoiler for Savin Space:

* Dubbing Roles :


- Finding Nemo (Crush)

- 24 (Jack Bauer)

- ER (Doug Ross)

- The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Boromir)

- The Matrix series (Neo)

aurr 2008-04-26 12:22

I was watching the new ep 2, when i heard Kidz VA. OMG! Tamaki from Host club AND Light yagami! :love: Oh i know i'm gonna like this. XD

Westlo 2008-04-26 12:29

I didn't know if it was possible for Rikiya Koyama to be any cooler... than I read he's the japanese Jack Bauer... too awesome.

SeedFreedom 2008-04-26 16:17

Am i the only person that likes Maka's voice? Its a little raspy, but i think it gives it a nice flare to the character.

The person who plays Shinigami is also very good. Hes able to bring out a lot of humor in his character.

Shiroth 2008-04-26 17:58

Narumi Takahira may quite possibly have the best voice i have ever heard. Damn perfect for that lovely Patty.

Sunsh 2008-04-27 10:03

Heh, when I first heard Patty's voice I thought her VA was Minagawa Junko (Akira from Aria), but it turned out that something was different.

No complaint, though. Still damn sexy.

KiNA 2008-04-28 01:01

Patty? Sexy? Do not compute >_<

Liz maybe, Medousa maybe.. Blair oh HELL YES .. but Patty? not once in hell!

She's very adorable tho *o*

DJ_RockmanX 2008-04-28 01:35


Originally Posted by SeedFreedom (Post 1561113)
Am i the only person that likes Maka's voice? Its a little raspy, but i think it gives it a nice flare to the character.

Don't worry, I like her too. Plus her seiyuu is quite the cutie:

Medousa 2008-04-28 06:25

Mmh ... Patty's voice is SO adorable~<3 It fit the caracter really well! xD

I also liked Death Scythe voice. :D (Am I the only one that likes this character? Hehe ... ) It sound really like him.=O

Maka's Voice Actor is quite inexpressive, but I like her voice, and yes, she's cute.

Vexx 2008-04-28 17:57

Count another one for liking the spin that Maka's VA puts on her voice. Obviously everyone has their own internal feeling about a character's voice when reading a manga. I think her and Soul's VA are my favorite combos to listen to at the moment.

Shinigami's VA - reading of the character is hilarious.

The Thompson Sisters - haven't quite decided yet. I don't think the VAs are doing badly, it may be more of a case of the edit cuts of them switching emotions.

Khaos 2008-05-03 03:11

Patty's laugh is made of sugar and win, I love it!

White Manju Bun 2008-05-03 12:29


Originally Posted by Medousa (Post 1564464)
Mmh ... Patty's voice is SO adorable~<3 It fit the caracter really well! xD

Her voice is adorable, I just love how she says "gomen ne~~" Uber cute.

I actually really like Maka's voice, I think it fits her character espc when she's fighting. Soul's voice was the one that threw me when I first heard it, its not that I didnt like it, but it being low and kinda deep, it did quite fit but I like it now that Ive heard it.

Shinigami-sama's seiyuu is awesome since he emphasises different parts of words when he talks :heh: Totally fits the character.

Guardian Enzo 2008-05-03 18:09

I really like Maka's voice, too - it sounds very natural to me. It's Death the Kid and Soul that sorta put me off, seiyuu wise...

Zoe 2008-05-05 21:18

Spoiler for Episode 5:

Niu 2008-05-05 23:13

Dr.Stein sounds fairly normal so far....
I have to listen to his laughter when he enters his evil maniacal scientist mode to judge. Dr.Stein does not shine in normalcy.

vspirit 2008-05-07 11:39


Originally Posted by SeedFreedom (Post 1561113)
Am i the only person that likes Maka's voice? Its a little raspy, but i think it gives it a nice flare to the character.

Haha...more like, am I the only one who doesn't like her voice acting? Yes, this means her voice isn't the problem with me. Her acting is. It doesn't sit well with me at all. This has never happened with me when it comes to Japanese VAs. Well not to this degree anyway.

Damn...Did Uchiyama's voice break or WHAT?! It sounds great, really great, but damn if it isn't a far cry from when he did Roxas. I like the way it sounds now, though. Smooth yet with a bit of a husky quality. It broke well. He's gonna be voicing more GAR characters from now on, I'd reckon.

Niu 2008-05-12 23:08

Ugh at Dr.Stein's voice.
He sounds too normal, and his "hera hera" sounds got removed too.
I was expecting something far more insane... but this just disappointing.
I am now seriously worried about Medusa.

Ellaya_dw 2008-05-13 01:20


Originally Posted by Niu (Post 1590430)
I am now seriously worried about Medusa.

Houko Kuwashima as Medusa
I think there's nothing to worry about. There was a kawaii/kowai character in Bamboo Blade, who was voiced by Houko Kuwashima. So I think she'll be a great Medusa.

Westlo 2008-05-13 01:24

Houko Kuwashima is one of the best VAs around at the moment and has a massive range, she has played 2 characters in Gundam SEED and Macross Frontier.

Look at her range... Clare sounds nothing like Tomoyo Sakagami who sounds nothing like Shuurei Kou and it goes on. With her talents Medusa could be one of the highlights of her career....

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