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Ultima_Rasengan05 2008-04-30 01:57

Mario Kart Wii
Surprised that there isn't a thread about this yet...well here goes...

Anyone got this game?
Its really fun and the online is way better than Brawl!
Plus finding random people around the world to race doesn't take much time compared to "Brawl with anyone".
There is no lag also with online gameplay.
The graphics may not be much and it seems kinda rushed, but the whole gameplay and feel of the game seems really polished. I really liked how they did the courses and the revamped old console courses (from N64 to Gamecube).

Although, 150cc feels pretty tough to complete...especially since you would find yourself in last place pretty fast with all the spikey and red shells being thrown at you in one time.:heh:

Overall fun game, though Brawl would still be my favorite, I was never really into racing games, so I'll be playing Mario Kart Wii for a while until I get bored.
Friend code in sig if anyone wants to add me.!:)

OMchan 2008-04-30 16:05

I totally agree about the online part. It only takes a few minutes to find other random racers (I have only done Regional, not sure about World Wide) and only a matter of seconds to get the race up and running. And a lag-free race online is definitely a major plus. I don't know if it's gotten better, but Brawl was a nightmare to play online.

I've only played for about 2 hours so I've only played on 50cc and 100cc online but I like this more than Double Dash already (played it for 30 minutes I think before giving up). The only thing I would say I dislike about this game is getting spammed by items, especially when you're in 1st. I know it's part of the game, but nothing is more annoying than getting hit by a red shell, then a blue shell, and then struck by lightning in a matter of 2 seconds. :heh: I guess that's why you always try and build a huge lead just in case..

Overall, I really like this game, but I still think Mario Kart DS is tops. I don't remember much about N64 version and other ones though.

Ultima_Rasengan05 2008-04-30 17:00

Yeah, the weapons and the way how they're laid out feels really unbalanced. I was once in 5th and somehow, I got a blue shell...the same can be said for the CPU's who would get these items even if they're right behind you!
Mario Kart 64's items weren't this unbalanced from what I remembered...same with Double Dash.
Another thing that feels unbalanced is the bikes. They're a nice addition to the Kart racing, but doing Wheelies to get instant boost really sucks when you're up against a bike while using a car on a straight-a-way. The only way to rival this on a Kart is to drift into a red flame, but usually thats not the case on straight courses.:heh:

OMchan 2008-04-30 18:01

Yeah, the CPU's seem to get all the good items. I usually get bananas and fake boxes when I'm 2nd or 3rd. I haven't tried the bike yet though the wheelie boosts do sound pretty cheap. :heh: I plan on doing 100cc once I finish the 50cc cups. 50cc feels really sluggish after you've raced online though.

I tried the Wii Wheel in a couple of 50cc cups, but didn't like it. For me it just feels awkward to physically turn and press B for the drift at the same time. So right now I'm using the nunchuck and remote, which feels a lot more comfortable.

Also, I've never really been a snaker myself (I can do figure 8 on Mario Kart DS lol) but I heard that snaking is possible on Mario Kart Wii?

Ultima_Rasengan05 2008-05-01 06:59

Just out of curiosity, what is "Snaking"??

I've been hearing that Mario kart DS is still the best version of Mario Kart out there, even though Mario Kart Wii was released...I plan on getting Mario Kart DS maybe this week just to see the difference and to see whats everyone talking about that makes Mario Kart Wii fall behind Mario Kart DS in terms of gameplay.

Seems like we're the only ones with this game....weird...:heh:

OMchan 2008-05-01 10:31

Snaking is when you perform drfits across a straight away to get multiple boosts, which helps you go faster. It takes a lot of practice. Here's a "How to Snake Video" on Mario Kart DS.

Many people like Mario Kart DS because they say that it relies more on skill (drift-boosts, snaking) than just using items to race, which I agree. In Mario Kart DS, big leads can be built very easily buy performing drift-boosts well, but someone in 7th or 8th place can catch up very quickly using multiple drift boosts as well. And I just find it fun to perform multiple drift-boosts. :)

Lol, maybe others are just too buys playing Mario Kart Wii to post? :p

~ Lawliet ~ 2008-05-02 19:48

I am enjoying this much more than I expected, and the online is just as you say very much better than that of the online in SSBB.

Evil Rick 2008-05-02 21:01

I like that wheel that comes with the game

_DaViD_ 2008-05-03 10:14

this game is soo awesome online i cant stop playing xD!

OMchan 2008-05-03 11:20

Just played VS mode yesterday with a couple of friends and it was pretty fun. The only problem I have with it is selecting tracks. Is there a way to select more than one track at a time? :confused: I find it kind of annoying to have to select and choose a track every time a race is finished.

Potatochobit 2008-05-06 17:54


you lose points by throwing matches!

I usually let the little kids win if their skills are basic beginners. but I just notice my number score is going down! those negative numbers apply to your total points, I thought it was just for the current match lol!

I love using this steering wheel. jumps and wheelies are so much fun. one of the best driving game ever, and I have played them all.

kk2extreme 2008-09-14 11:06

finally got this game, i cant believe how difficult for me to get this game this late.

Onizuka-GTO 2008-09-14 21:13

how come no one has given out some friend codes?! we need friends! (Well i do anyway)


lets play!



kk2extreme 2008-10-24 01:58

I played online 2day, and I notice something really strange in one of the race, some guy just keep dropping bomb whether there are any item boxes around or not. he/she is definitely cheating, and I end up being one of the last guys bcuz of that. That makes me angry:frustrated:

Narona 2008-11-01 09:03


Originally Posted by Evil Rick (Post 1572486)
I like that wheel that comes with the game

I always used the wheel when I played to it. :) Despite what some people told me at school, that the wheel is crap XD. Great game btw.

Amray 2008-11-01 16:09

I play Mario Kart wii at my friends house. I adore it. I also loved the other Mario Kart games too, especially due to the fact that one can play as Toadette in them!!

I (try and) use the steering wheel that comes with the game just to make it challenging. It is hard to use although it is also fun. If I get enough practise with it I am sure I will master it eventually.

Narona 2008-11-01 16:41


Originally Posted by Amray (Post 2028199)
I play Mario Kart wii at my friends house. I adore it. I also loved the other Mario Kart games too, especially due to the fact that one can play as Toadette in them!!

I (try and) use the steering wheel that comes with the game just to make it challenging. It is hard to use although it is also fun. If I get enough practise with it I am sure I will master it eventually.

Despite my relatively young age, I had the chance to play to Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario Kart at a friend house, and to Double Dash on gamecube.

The only game that I am not fond of is Double Dash... It is not a bad game, it's just that I really prefer the other games.

Did you like Double Dash?

Falcon1991 2008-11-01 17:09

Personally, this game never gets old to me. That is down to the online racing.

I use the gamecube controller as it is more controllable. I've had so many astounding races.

Narona 2008-11-01 17:35

I also had a lot of fun with Mario Kart Wii. Mainly in multiplayer with my sisters. Even my mother tried it and had some fun <3

Some Nintendo Games on Wii are great for the people who wants to play with friends or family.

Scavenger 2008-11-02 06:31

I wish Nintendo could release a patch to remove items from online multiplayer. The Blue shell has thwarted me a lot. This game has frustrated me a lot because there are too many items that affect all players and even the worst players could win because it's ridiculously easy to get a Bullet Bill.

When I played online I always used a bike. It's way faster than a kart and that combined with the steering accuracy of a gamecube controller makes it even better.

It's always funny how bad most players steer. Many people suck at GBA Bowser's Castle 3 while that's one of the easiest tracks in the whole game.

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