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LordNasuke 2004-02-03 20:58

What Im Looking For!!!
ok im looking for somthing with action but also has a lot of story. I watch Naruto, and Full Metal Alchemist, trigun, hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, stuff like that.
So if any one knows anything like that please respond

NoSanninWa 2004-02-03 21:02

  • Condor Hero - Think of the best Hong Kong martial arts movie that you've ever seen. This is strong on characterization and drama with some really kick-ass fights thrown in for good measure. If I was going to liken it to anything in particular I would say that it most resembles "Crouching Tiger, Hiden Dragon."

SomeName 2004-02-04 01:54

There's One Piece if you haven't given it a shot yet. Give it a couple of episodes and you'll be hooked. Great cast of characters, lots of laughs and exciting fights.

LordNasuke 2004-02-04 18:38

yea i just started downloading one piece currently getting eps 1-10 but aside from that ill check out condor heros when i have some time to download it :) but thanks for the suggestions so far

kyosuke 2004-02-04 18:43

Yeah, try One Piece it's pretty good

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