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haruhi_fanboy 2008-05-09 17:47

AMV Comedians - Lewis Black - Halftime '04 part 4, finally released!
Yep, just as the title suggests, part 4 to this "Halftime '04" AMV has been released! And just to make things easier for me as far as explaining the diffrences, between THIS one and the LAST one, here's my video descrption from Youtube, it'll explain everything:


Yep, that's right, I have just completed part 4, and I've uploaded it for all of you to see! So for those of you who were waiting for part 4, well, wait no more, it's finally out!

And for THIS one, (and for all other ones afterward) I used iMovie HD to make it! So yeah, no more WMM movies for me! (much to most of you guys' enjoyment)

Also, (to your most likely enjoyment) there are NO subtitles, NO channel logos, and NO watermarks, ANYWHERE in the video! (And btw, thank you for all those who suggested I get rid of them, I probably wouldn't have done it w/o you! So, thanks!). Also, the VAST majority of the video clips used are very good quality, and NONE of them are absolutely shitty, so you can look forward to THAT as well! Lastly, I took a page out of Rubix89's AMV book for the characters reactions for the laugh tracks, (you see what i'm talking about in the vid) so, that's an added bonus as well!

Well, w/ that said, i'll let you enjoy the video! As always, please rate and leave me a comment letting me know what you thought of it! I think that this is CLEARLY the best one I've done so far, but just let me know to see if YOU thought so! Ok, well, enjoy the AMV, mina-san!

P.S. You'll really like the opening message to this as well! Seriously, you'll get a kick out of it and it DOES explain what "happened" b4 "the making" of this AMV, and why it is the way it is now, so just read that and you'll enjoy it!
Ok, I think that should cover any questions that you may have so w/o further ado, here's the link to it:

So, what did you think? Did I improve at all? LOL XD

haruhi_fanboy 2008-05-12 15:32

Ok, I just uploaded it again! (THIS time on Live Video, so it won't be taken down like the LAST time!) Sorry for taking so long to do this but I had a LOT of stuff going on! The link to it is here:

So check it out (you CAN now because of the fact that it won't be TAKEN DOWN like the other one was) and just let me know, did you like it? And did I improve from the others? And how would you rate it in terms of ALL my videos I did?

escimo 2008-05-12 16:32

First of all... I'd suggest collecting all your work into a single thread. It took some spywork to find the previous parts especially since the latest was taken down from youtube. And in any case I'd take down the poll. Can't really see the point of it.

Can't say that I'd have familiarized myself with AMVs in general but this seemed quite fresh approach. Not entirely sure actually can you call this AMV but none the less funny stuff.

I think technically the 4th part was the best. Source material as far as Lewis Black's comedy is concerned the 3rd part was an absolute killer. 4th not quite as strong. Third part had also couple of good catches concerning anime clips. Fourth felt a bit more consistent though which is always a good thing. The ending in fourth was a bit of a miss imo. Clips didn't match the comedy very well. There were certainly enough tits for them to register a bit more teasing would have worked better for me.

Anyway they gave a couple of very good laughs so we want more. :heh:

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